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How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2019? from the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata

how voice search will impact seo from leading digital marketing agency in kolkata

In the search engine world voice stands as one of the emerging trends, something on which we should eye on.

There’s absolutely no denying that Google algorithms keep on changing however not always we experience major ranking fluctuations in it. Instead those are the Google updates which keep the marketers worried. Writhing is on the wall – voice search will have an impact on SEO and now is the time to pay attention to this emerging trend. The question thus remains – will voice search have an effect on SEO? the answer to this question is a resounding YES. At a very basic level, when someone is searching for something online the search engine surfaces the most relevant links. This how search has been all these years. Now the winds of change are looming large. For the people doing a voice search online through Alexa or Siri digital assistants will notice the change. Instead of bringing a long list of search result the assistant will come up with a short answer usually from a credible news source. Yes, it will give a very clear answer to a clear query. You need to make the most of this. If you are serious to get your business noticed, you need to optimize and follow the pattern of voice search.As the most sought after digital marketing agency in Kolkata here are our suggestions –

#Ensure that your website blogs are written in a natural and conversational tone. This will help in meeting the Q and A pattern of voice search. Also make sure that google has got most t of the details of your business.

#Take it in writing; Blogs will be the pivotal method in making your voice search successful. Remember; voice search is equal to mobile search and portraying a mobile-friendly website is thus more crucial than ever.
#Do your mobile keywords research

Keyword research for mobile site is a bit different from its desktop counterpart. Remember; over 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. Second, mobile searchers typically have different, more urgent needs in mind.

According to Google these are the micro-moments of 4 types:

I-want-to-know moments

I-want-to-go moments

I-want-to-do moments

I-want-to-buy moments

Use this list to compile your keywords. Once you have your own list, move on to work on finding out more valuable mobile queries

#Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is the Google initiative to build a faster version of the mobile Web. This is the new way of building web content for mobile devices. In fact the impressive load time of AMP pages is not just due to the lighter HTML and CSS but it is also due to the fact that AMP content is cached in the cloud and is delivered from the Google-hosted cached version. But there’s a catch. Currently, AMP is mainly for publishers, so if in case you do not have a frequently updated blog or news section on your site, AMP won’t give you a significant seo impact immediately
#Avoid irrelevant cross-links. This means the mobile version of the site should lead to mobile URLs and not to desktop-optimized pages
The bottom line

With mobile-first indexing mobile SEO or voice search in 2019 is not something you can dismiss anymore. Done right, mobile SEO can help you double your organic search traffic. We stand tall as the most preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata and we were feeling certain amount of responsibility to address this issue.

What are your thoughts on mobile search? Which tactics are working best for you?

Building brand? Avoid the common mistakes – Learn from the best digital marketing agency in kolkata

build brand voice from digital marketing agency in kolkata


Your brand represents everything. It represents your aspiration, your desire, your mission, goal and business objective. Your brand in fact acts as the perception, which people have of your services, products and of your business. A well formulated, well thought and well defined brand voice thus helps in building loyal customers, in crafting your identity; it helps in generating leads, makes you stay ahead of your competition and also helps you to stay focused on your business goal and vision. As the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we have been building successful brands online. from our experience we can say, it is therefore the most crucial aspect of your business and you simply cannot afford to make any mistakes when building your brand voice and brand identity.

Read on to figure out the common branding mistakes to prevent your business from suffering.

#mistake 1 – Acting like a clone: Following the established market leaders is highly recommended. But it is also important to make your own brand stand out. Start by analyzing your competitors and assess what’s working for them and what’s not. Try to analyze their gap and create your own brand voice. Don’t be a clone of the leaders. Follow their footsteps but remain original.

#Mistake 2 – Not paying attention to your brand scope: Your brand is just not your website, your logo and tagline. Of course; these are important part of branding but there is more to it. Your brand is your corporate identity and it should speak of you, of your products, your services and more via images, stunning graphics, user centric content and style. So; render a personality which customers recognize and pay attention to all the focus areas.

#Mistake 3 – Not leveraging the digital channels: Yes, with advanced technologies even small business are now able to complete with  the established players. All you need to do is to explore the affordable and scalable digital avenues that typically contribute to building brand awareness.

There is hardly any point of spending on branding if you are not consistent with your branding messages.  In order to build loyal customers you should have consistency between what exactly your  brand says and the way you act. Reputation certainly stands as the primary component of branding and when you lose on that, your business will suffer.

Remember; a well thought out branding plan from leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata acts as the most valuable asset for any business.

Every brand has a story to tell. Your brand too!

Believe it or not; storytelling has become the hottest thing in marketing. Every brand has a story to tell. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a TV show, a deodorant, an automobile or an insurance company — every brand has their own story to tell. Each story also taps into consumers’ most positive emotions while making the consumer feel more connected to the brand. The story on the other hand can be anything that the brand wants to tell. For instance; it can be one of the history and legacies of the brand, it can be based on the brand’s popular marketing platform, or can be based on the brand’s ability to help consumers in telling their own stories.

Experiential marketing leads the way….

Doesn’t really matter if it’s at the sporting event, or at the parking lot, or at the high-visibility city square, relying on a seamless storytelling technique will help you create an authentic brand experience. With this comes all the positive elements of social media-driven storytelling, which can be easily deployed within the experiential environment. Yes; it is all about delivering the brand story beyond participants and into their social circles.

Take advantage of the social networks, mobile phones, online videos, and virtual world. Target your digital audience with interactive Digital marketing.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Smart Digital Marketer – from the leading digital marketing company in kolkata

digital marketing agency in kolkata
The year 2018 was promising for digital marketing, and marketers who
implemented the right strategies witnessed fruitful results. Then, all
good things come to an end sometime or the other with new ideas,
strategies embraced and bad practices abandoned. While non-responsive
sites and extensive guest posting are a big NO in 2019, content
marketing and website speed should be considered seriously this year.
from our experience as the most preferred digital marketing company in
Kolkata we have had the opportunity to work for some of the well known
brands. So, here are 5 New Year’s resolutions for the smart digital
marketer who wants to make his or her mark digitally.

Responsive Sites Should be the Norm

In 2018, a lot had been said and written about the significance of
building a strong online presence and how businesses should optimize
their websites for mobile devices. W e know that how Flash based sites have become obsolete over the years. This implies that trends change with change in user needs;
just like Flash sites which were once preferred due to their
eye-catching colors, engaging animations or flying texts have now
become outdated due to slow page load time.

In 2019, businesses should be looking forward to adaptive or
responsive sites that would open on any device, screen, and with the
perfect resolution. As people would be using their mobile devices more
in 2019, businesses need to make a quick switch to responsive web
design to attract increased mobile traffic. And, online businesses
that are new can’t take the risk of investing solely in desktop

Adding Schema Markup

This year, take a resolution to add schema markup. Though this is not
something new, but schema is a better way to include additional images
or text assets to existing search results. Studies proved that sites
having schema markup are likely to rank better in the SERPs.

Indiscriminate Guest Posting is a Big NO

Have you been writing posts related to customized baby gift products
on a site related to marketing or technology or on a site that is not
credible? If so, refrain from such practices in 2019. This year, guest posting will transform
radically than what it was in 2018.

The major changes will come in terms of placement and quality of a
post. It would be erroneous to infer that guest posting will be dead
in 2019; a well-researched and a well-written guest post on a relevant topic and trustworthy site would help you create a strong brand presence and recognition.
However, writing too many posts on any site – that score low in terms of quality – is definitely a dicey proposition.

Focus on Your Website Speed

As more and more people are using smartphones and tablets to browse
websites, the significance of website load speed has not been taken
that seriously. This is more so when it comes to your customer’s
experience on a handheld device. However, you need to focus more on
different types of websites and their load speed in 2015. For
instance, optimizing your site’s images is comparatively a simple
process and will improve your site’s load speed.

Be a Go-Getter in 2019

Though several businesses embrace things like content marketing and
responsive websites with a smile, but few succeed to implement and
others forget them in no time. So, if you had a lot of brainstorming
sessions about putting plans into action last year but actually did
nothing about it, it’s high time that you be a go- getter in 2019 and
implement website speed optimization, content marketing and responsive
design without any delay.

We as the boutique digital marketing company in Kolkata do hereby
taking the the above resolutions seriously in 2019.

What are your resolutions as a digital marketer in 2019? Please feel free to share


5 major consumer painpoints in the ecommerce industry – From leading branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata Grow

digital marketing agency in kolkata
Growth of eCommerce is hard to deny. eCommerce is growing at a cofounding rate. As per the market research report global eCommerce sales are expected to eclipse $3.5 trillion by 2019. But still it makes sense to say; eCommerce industry is still in its infancy and mass adoption has happened only in the last decade or so. There are a number of areas therefore to improve. As the most preferred branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata we can say from our experience that although these pain points are often overlooked still the fact is hard to deny that consumers are becoming less willing in dealing with eCommerce brands that continue to ignore them.

#5 major consumer pain points

#Too much information required to provide the best deal

It often appears that the online sellers transform themselves into a
mini detective as they bring up the Google search bar and compels the
users to browse websites and blogs for coupons. This includes things
like 10 percent off, 20 percent off, and free shipping. Of course;
these discounts are helpful however this sleuth activity shouldn’t be
necessary. This is annoying for the users. If in case there’s promotion available and if that’s valid then make it automatically available to the consumers

#Common handling and shipping issues

It goes without saying; more than half of the eCommerce customers
experience some issues or other regarding common handling and shipping
issues. Deliveries arriving late, goods arriving damaged and goods not
arriving at all are three most common issues faced by the eCommerce
users. While any of these issues occurring in isolated instance may
not seem like a big deal however they become a big issue when
compounded over a number of interactions. If in case the problem grows
and consumers keep on questioning the shipping and handling aspect, an
inevitable and pivotal shift from eCommerce will become inevitable.

#Lack of interaction

One of the most glaring issues of online shopping is that it’s impossible for the users to feel, touch or interact with the product before making a buying decision. This lack of interaction needs to be taken care of. Possibly this is why many retailers are turning to product demonstration videos, immersive online experiences and generous return policies –

#Extensive Delivery Times

We live in an ‘I want it now’ culture – buyers are conditioned to expect immediacy in their buying decision. Extensive delivery times
are therefore a damper. This is one pain point that needs to be solved to propel the eCommerce industry forward.

#Poor Filtering Options

Yes; poor filtering options is one of the major consumer pain points. This further goes back to the first pain point about how exactly the
users are required to do exhaustive research and provide all their information prior making a purchase.

Of course; the eCommerce industry is thriving and all you have to do is to eliminate the pervasive consumer pain points and provide the much needed solutions. As a boutique branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata we know how to tell your brand story effectively. Afterall; branding is our forte and we are good in building successful brands.

With us businesses get a partner that not only has the technology and tool to help you get where you want to go but also has the domain
expertise to help you chart out the destination as well.


How to Market Your Medical Practice Effectively? learn from the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata



mhealth from digital marketing agency in kolkataWe’ve entered the hyperconnected world of medicine Gain new patients, build your brand and dramatically increase revenues with a strategic approach. As the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata we never get tired of saying,   Medical marketing is not anymore an option but a NECESSITY.

Appropriate marketing technique brings medical service right in front of the target market. Strategies for medical marketing may differ from one to another. This blog post talks about the significance of medical marketing and digital tactics, which may help increase patient numbers.

There’s no escape from the fact; demand for medical practitioners is growing. Certain factors like innovative insurance solutions, new treatments, growing network of hospital systems and popularity of private practices are a few significant factors that have further intensified the demand for medical practitioners.

The process of attracting patients and getting new patients is more challenging than it was ever before. Yes, the present situation has been fostering greater reliance on rather sophisticated and tailored healthcare marketing strategies for the medical practitioners.

How Medical Marketing Can Help?

Gone are the days when the doctors looked down on the concept of healthcare marketing. The days are now history when they believed that their only job was to care for patients and not to market themselves. Yes, it worked pretty well in those days when competition was not fierce however, things are changing now. The correlation between medical marketing and media simply can’t be denied any further.

Medical Practice Marketing
Patients are not interested in seeing the 2nd best doctor. It’s fair to say; nowadays patients are more interested in seeing the most capable experts available. However, the harrowing complication is, it is highly unlikely that patients or even their family members or friends (unless they’re physicians) can evaluate the skill, capabilities and the knowledge of medical practitioners they’re seeing.

Now, this means, patients have to bank on some other means for deciding whom to go. Becoming an industry leader in a particular medical niche thus stands as the most effective way to ensure patients continue to come back. This is exactly where a foolproof, tailored marketing strategy comes into play.

Consumers’ Behavior Has Changed Dramatically. Medical practice marketing Thus Stands as Need of the Hour

With the proliferation of innovative technologies and with the growth of private practices, medical field has become an excessively competitive market. As things stand; it is now more important for doctors to carry out marketing their practice with sheer accuracy.

Healthcare marketing helps in improving customer service: Medical business just like any other business also demands the best customer service and strategic medical marketing clearly helps. With improved customer service, you will be able to attract more patients while retaining your present clientele. With the right mix of medical marketing elements you will have an evolving list of satisfied patients.

Appropriate healthcare marketing strategy brings your services easily to your target market: Let’s not deny; it’s simply not enough to have extensive medical training and a cutting edge clinic, patients play the most crucial factor in delineating the demand. Right marketing technique brings your services easily to your target market. Medical marketing increases the awareness and also spread the word about your fantastic service.

Effective marketing strategies increases ROI: The success of your private practice or your clinic to a great extent depends on your marketing initiative. In today’s competitive business landscape without employing a foolproof, tailored and scalable health marketing strategy, increased ROI will simply not happen.

With this the next pertinent question looms large – what are some of the best ways to promote your medical practice? For successful marketing, you need to be aware of the demographics of your potential clientele, i.e. disease prevalence, age groups and socio-cultural aspects. Once this becomes clear a well crafted marketing plan need to be in place to yield the maximum benefit

Here Are Few Ways to Market Your Medical Practice Effectively

Create your own niche brand – Do your best to create a niche for your practice that sets you apart from other doctors. Create an individual brand identity consisting of a robust mobile friendly website, logo, media coverage about you and your published materials. This is a way to ensure that your practice has its own unique place among others.

Network – Networking activities such as writing in medical columns, in magazines or newspapers, giving speeches in the medical societies will ensure cross channel marketing across a wide area of patients.

Patient satisfaction – Give patients a good feel. This is vital for your practice. Conduct patient satisfaction surveys to measure patient satisfaction level.

These are not sufficient. The changing landscape of medical marketing however calls for a rather scalable, scanable and measurable marketing approach – Online Medical Marketing

Online medical marketing stands as the tested and proven way for doctors and health professionals. The web is customer-driven. According to TeleVox – 51% of patients feel more valued through digital health communications. Time is now to strengthen the relationships with potential patients online in order to ensure that your medical practice is reaching the highest amount of targeted audience.

How Digital Marketing For Your Medical Practice Can Help?

Digital marketing strategies spread online visibility: Employing a strategic healthcare digital marketing approach can spread online visibility, improve patient retention, foster positive online reputation and increase your brand awareness and more.

Digital marketing in healthcare offers a whole gamut of opportunities: Digital outreach has become the most economic and the most effective way for physicians to market their practice. Almost as an immediate step physicians are now moving away from traditional mode of word-of-mouth marketing to digital strategies

Digital marketing helps develop trust and credibility: Yes, for health care practitioners online marketing has become an essential “must have” in their marketing arsenal. In order to cater to the digital decision-makers, physicians need to aim on creating a digital strategy with an umbrella approach.

Digital marketing offers the maximum transparency:It is pertinent to mention here, info-hungry consumers check out patient reviews on the various physician-review websites. Quite ideally therefore; having active profiles on physician review sites such as Healthgrades, Yelp, RateMyMd etc will help build good relationships with patients.

Digital marketing offers that ultimate connection economy: Seth Godin, the online marketing influencer once coined the term “connection economy.” At the core of it lies the significance of creating meaningful and authentic connections within the digital world.

From a medical marketing standpoint, the digital connections you build with patients and other medical organizations tie into a foolproof branding campaign.

Identify a Killer Digital Strategy to Market Your Medical Practice

First things first, there is no one size all formula to market your medical practice. Strategies for marketing your medical practice may differ from one to another. A strategy which may work for one practice might not work for others however there are a few important marketing initiatives a medical practice should have before embarking on any big campaign.

Below are the areas, which should be taken into consideration when marketing your medical practice.

Your logo and your brand: No. you simply don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on market research for creating your logo. All you have to do is to create a professional and memorable appearance. Brand yourself better to help people recognize your symbol and remember your practice.

A robust mobile friendly website: 80% of American users look online when it comes to the point of finding health information. This statistics alone is enough to go for a robust website. Think once, when someone is searching for a medical practitioner online and if you are not found online then your competitor will be!

Search Engine Optimization:Google says, 77% of patients keenly use internet before booking a medical appointment. It is the process of optimizing your website for ranking in the search engines and to get in front of relevant people. Well; there are a number of factors which should be taken into consideration in order to determine the rankings for your website; however the most crucial factors are the on-page optimization and content marketing.

Content Marketing: Needless to say; creating quality content about your industry, expertise and services stand as a tried and tested way of attracting attention of new patients while reminding your long list of happy patients about your continued value. Scalable, quality and rich content creation accomplishes a few goals such as –boosting SEO efforts, allowing you to share relevant content on social media and adding value to your brand name. The content you create therefore should have a clear voice, perspective and coverage areas to cover. Develop niche blog posts, industry specific videos, photos, ebooks, whitepapers, SlideShare presentations, guides and more to share with your audience.

Social Media: Of course, social media can be very effective in spreading the word of mouth about your expertise and healthcare services. Social media networks such as the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn offer the relevant chance in spreading word of mouth referrals to a larger audience. As things stand now, it’s impossible to rule out the significance of social media.

How a skilled digital Marketing Agency Can Help Market Your Medical Practice Better?

Believe it or not; there is no one lines answer to the question “How can I market my medical practice?” however there is always a methodology to follow. This is where expertise comes in. The professional digital agency offers tailored, effective, scalable and measurable digital marketing strategy that works best for your niche medical practice.

They help you operate at the speed of the digital-age: Yes, the world is moving at a record pace and allowing digital marketing to fall on the back burner, or doing it without a strategy will impede you from meeting your potential. Professional marketing initiative allows you operate at the speed of today’s digital-age.

They build and grow your brand: Digital marketing is not a child’s play and only a skilled, expert and professional marketing agency can bring all the advantages of a foolproof digital strategy to the table. Ranging from website development to search engine optimization, from mobile optimization to social media management, from online advertising to comprehensive data analytics, they determine the most appropriate and the most effective way of spending your marketing budget.

They help you grow your practice: Let’s face this; these days’ consumers have many options for their healthcare, and with an effective marketing campaign you can help them make the best decisions. A professional agency will sit with you to come up with innovative and strategic campaigns that create awareness, strengthen relationships and grow your referral base

They offer you the ROI: Utilizing the digital services will offer a higher return on investment than any haphazard internalized alternative.

Get ready to define your brand and create a phenomenal online presence with the right dose of medical marketing services! hire only the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata with a global edge


Reach us for further details



How to keep your sales pipeline full this Christmas? Hear it from the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata


christmas business fom digital marketing agency in kolkata

We are standing at the final quarter of 2018 and if you put your listening ears on I am sure you will be able to hear the Christmas bells jingling. The most lovable person from our childhood days will be back riding his sleigh. YES. It is the Christmas time!Let’s not deny; it’s also the sale time. as the boutique digital marketing agency in kolkata we never get tired of saying that – It’s time to come up with your best deals, offers, promos, colorful flyers, email marketing campaigns and much to make the most of the big revenue pie. Look up and around and you will be pleasantly amused by the offers, deals and marketing strategies of the retail giants across the globe. Yes, businesses are leveraging the holiday season for increasing conversions and in boosting their sales.

DO NOT be left behind!

First things first; create a killer landing page – let’s call it – ‘Christmas landing page’. This is the first bold step which you should be taking right now. Highlight the categories and the products on which you may offer eye popping deals

Hyperlink snippets and products to relevant blog pages in order to increase the user engagement

Create a killer Christmas landing page and start search ad campaigns to get the maximum benefit.

Next step – set up your marketing plan and implement it. While organic almost always provides you with the much required branding initiative however, for generating some quick sale you may consider –

Email marketing: – Create email campaign leading to the Christmas day sale. Send teaser mails at regular intervals for building the momentum and then one final mail right before the sale starts.

Google ads: – As briefed earlier, once you create Christmas landing page start Google paid campaign to garner the maximum impact

Social ads: – Create focused social campaigns on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. These 3 social platforms have gained tsunami of attention because of traffic and visual appeal, which they provide. Create graphical contents and GIFs to target them towards your target.

Content campaign with a 360 degree approach: – Create contents with Christmas theme. Not just lengthy contents but also create short snippets, videos, infographics and more. Promote these using the loyal social media following you have to create a Christmas specific brand image.

Delay not. Remember, the sooner you start your planning, better the results will be.

Here are a few Pre Christmas dates to ponder on for building the momentum.

6th December – Saint Nicholas’ Day – Did you know; this e-commerce date signifies the start of holiday shopping in many countries? Yes, countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium consider this as the official date to start shopping. Chart out your e-commerce marketing strategy and make it relevant to the shoppers looking for gifts

11th December – Green Monday – it was way back in the year 2007, eBay experienced for the first time experienced their busiest online shopping day on 11th December. Since then, the 2nd Monday of the month of December stands as the busiest grossing dates for most of the online stores. The gush in sales on this particular day can actually be accredited to the online shoppers who want to receive their products in time before Christmas. Plan it out to leverage 11th December.

16th – 17th December – This is the last weekend before Christmas. Come up with your deals and promo offers for increasing your marketing campaign efforts to target your hot leads.

24th -26th December – Christmas time – Yes, this is the final big moment you have been waiting for. This is the time when the products you have been selling starts to generate the value for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your e-commerce strategy in place and gear up to sell more on this big date!

Meet the challenges of this ever-evolving connected digital landscape. Leveraging the digital capabilities and the market advantage, we as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata  offer unbeatable and sustainable competitive benefits to a business. We help you in developing end to end digital business strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.

How to avoid common SEO Errors – learn from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata


Let’s get back to the basics – organic search still stands as one of the most important customer acquisition channels. Yes, from our experience as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata, we can say, systematic, strategic and effective SEO can bring in anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of your overall website traffic.

Here’s the warning line – E commerce sites that lose search rankings has the risk of going out of business

BUT doing SEO wrong can hurt more. Here are the 5 common ways e-commerce sites can unintentionally hurt SEO and thus lose their search rankings.

#SEO ERROR 1: Moving platforms without much focus on the SEO factor. Launching a new e-commerce website or let’s say switching to a new platform without focusing on the significant part of the SEO is the most common reasons why rankings and sales go down. Let’s say, you have an ecommerce store and the new site isn’t as SEO friendly as your prior version. Or let’s say when you switched the ecommerce platforms, perhaps you deleted pages and changed URLs without doing redirects – all these can have a negative impact on the ranking and reach.

#SEO ERROR 2:  Errors during restructuring categories may occur and that’s a costly mistake which should be avoided at any cost. Many online merchants continuously optimize their navigational bar for customers. They may remove categories, re-categorize them and merge categories. Doing it in the wrong way may impact the SEO. Before you start deleting categories or pages, ensure that you check Google Analytics for the page and identify how much traffic it receives from organic search engines.

#SEO ERROR 3:  Removing Pages & URLs in a wrong way can impact the ranking. If you simply start deleting the contents in terms of blogs, products, you also have the risk of  Google de-indexing those pages. If you’re deleting pages, categories or CMS pages, then reference the above section on categorization and also make sure that it doesn’t rank for many phrases in Google and doesn’t get much search traffic.

#SEO ERROR 4: Not keeping up with SEO is yet another costly error, which should be avoided. Keep in mind; E commerce websites are in the eternal rat race for space and not building the brand identity online with organic marketing is a serious mistake.

#SEO ERROR 5:  Hurting the UX is yet another mistake. Needless to say, a good UX correlates with better rankings. When it comes to the point of ‘User optimization’ or catering to User Experience it typically refers creating a memorable experience for your users. It’s all about making your website sticky so that your users read your content and take the right actions. Learn how to improve your rankings with UXThe bottom line is simple and straightforward – all the efforts that you may put for UX should help in earning more prominent position on Google.

As one of the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata we know the secret recipe to handle your E commerce solution with the seamless SEO factors in mind. Worry not; we can also help you integrate foolproof, cutting edge and seamless digital strategies for your e-commerce ventures

How to Leverage The Digital Media Beyond Adwords & Other Paid Activities-from the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata



Thanks to globalization and internet – customers nowadays have access to information anytime and anywhere, whenever they need it.

Presenting a pretty packaging and bombarding with ads telling consumers why they need that particular product in life will not lead the brand anywhere to achieve the brand objective. This brings us to the basics –  the significance of digital marketing is hard to deny. As a boutique digital marketing agency in Kolkata we know what it takes to stay relevant in the consumer space

Why digital marketing is so important?

By posting positive feedbacks, comment about your company, brand, services and products you can attract new customers and can thus build long lasting business relationship. But there’s a catch! While happy clients can help you, unhappy  customers on the contrary can harm your business in more than one way.  Search engine optimization and UX are intimately linked due to some elements

As a responsible business owner make sure that you remember  the following points:

Encourage optimal engagement through the digital channels

Acquiring new clients via digital especially the social channels is now the smartest and wisest thing to do.  Consumers are pretty much aware of the advertising ploys and traditional marketing tactics. Although these tactics are still useful however in order to yield the maximum benefit most of the successful brands are using them in collaboration with carefully crafted brand stories.

The buyer persona has changed. Nowadays buyers have that innate desire to feel like they belong to something bigger. Developing brand story that connects with consumers can help brands create that ultimate emotional connection, thus creating brand loyalists.

The more ‘likes’ the better

Under estimating the significance of social media as the inseparable and possibly the most crucial part of digital marketing, is a serious mistake. Your “Facebook” likes  or your  “Twitter” shares or Instagram Followers can help in building the credibility of your brand.  They also help in bringing traffic to your website and are costless. Sticking to a foolproof social media strategy and monitoring the progress are also the key part here. Yes, you may be absolutely surprised with the outcome.

Outshine your competitors

It is through our experience, we have noticed a strange trend in the market. Almost every year the big brands give up traditional advertising methods and typically focus on Google Adwords or Social Media sponsored Ads. This is also the reason why the market gets increasingly competitive and why and how the big players get ahead of little companies. As typically a small player, it’s pretty much understandable that you cannot compete with them however there’s something you too can do.

Here’s a smart tip –

You can try and use the Google Alerts tool for monitoring your competitors. This tool will help you track your competitors products as well as the marketing strategies. Take a critical look at their strategies and improve your own business strategy.

Go beyond the pits and boundaries

Let’s once again touch the base – Digital marketing doesn’t only apply to your website. Still most of the marketers do this mistake. They create a website or an eCommerce store, invest in Google ppc and forget it. While the fact is; in order to make the business stand out from the crowd, you need a real strategy. You need a foolproof method that puts potential customers first and leverage all the available digital tools to acquire them.

From our experience as responsible Digital marketing company in Kolkata – Just like any  other marketing tactic, successful digital marketing also  requires adequate amounts of planning and strategy. It requires you to tell your brand story

Develop a backstory: Yes; this is the first step. Every company created mission and vision and it is equally important to stick to them. As a brand you need to ensure that your company mission and vision embody the values, goals and objectives of your brand. This is the first building block of any great story.

Understand your target audience: In order to create a meaningful brand narrative you need to fully understand the needs and desires of your  target audience.

Find the right content mix: Following the first two steps properly is crucial in determining the best content mix for telling your brand’s tale. Ask a few important questions to yourself

  • Videos are the hot thing right now, but are they useful for your brand?
  • Is a blog necessary?
  • What does the target market really want from you?
  • How best can your target audience be reached?

Although the answer to the above questions varies however one answer, which works across the board is ‘variety’.

It’s absolutely important that you create a whole variety  of content on a variety of platforms. Also; the device for which the content is being produced needs to be considered as well.

Mobile needs to be a focus. Understanding the types of content and the consumption preference is equally critical

Business reputation is important and is something that comes first!

Good reputation of your business is essential. It is only the ‘positive reputation’ which enables the marketers in differentiating their  products and services in a highly competitive market.  So, make sure that you communicate with your customers, stakeholders, potential clients, target audience and in fact everyone whoever interacts with your company via social media, website or e-mail. Answer any doubts, which they may have. Help them to ensure that you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

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Why Should I use or need SEO, SEM and SMO services for my Website or apps? Answers the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata

why hire digital marketing agency in kolkata


The main idea behind a website is to acquire as much footprints as possible. This can be achieved through designing your website with correct tools or just simply paid advertisements. There is hardly any company or business who has not gone digital yet. The Business sector has been bugged by the advent of the internet marketing. The steep competition between businesses have taken a new turn as to get noticed by the optimum traffic. Diverse digital strategies help the marketing professionals to execute their ideas on the internet. One must remember the basic knowledge to get yourself highlighted among the innumerable entities online. As the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata we can vouch that digital tactics of standing out from the crowd consists of the basic usage implementation of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

Search Engine Optimization( SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving facet to the world of web design and marketing. The search engines can recognize your website through an easier framework which would help you reach out more than the paid advertisements for your business. SEO use crawlers that has an extraordinary power to store ideas and quick search the digital space and gather the exact information looked up for.

Station SEO-An improved SEO is considered as the elemental aspect for understanding the value of the information you have provided. It also gathers or account for how much traffic has been generated by tracking the various behaviour of movement on the website. The cumulative effect of the search engine optimization implies that your website will shoot up in searches as more and more footprints takes place at your website.

Content and Code-Another important aspect is the content and coding through which you can implement SEO. Usage of exact or the closest meaning keywords in a search engine will fetch multiple number of search results. Users must be heavily corresponding to your website as you have provided the right keywords to amass your existence at the top rankings on the search engines.

Headlines and Titles-Another importance of implementing SEO is that it provides with exact headlines and titles that has the ability to identify the facts mentioned below.The Usage of such headlines or captions also strictly mark towards the relevant content.During this process one must remember that coding is also involved in it.

Coding your website-Search Engine Crawlers can understand the content of your business put up on the website by the coding done on it. The process of coding enhances the chance of the crawlers to understand what exactly is searched for. Content management system such Drupal and wordpress are developed keeping the search engine optimization(SEO) in mind so that information can be easily fetched.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
The process of attaining footprints to the website by buying advertisements on the search engines is called SEM. Also considered as the Cost-per-Click(CPS) or Pay-per-Click(PPC) way of marketing, search engine marketing are mostly the paid search marketing tool. Once coined as the umbrella term enveloping both the paid search and search engine optimization under one roof, later served as the acronym solely for the paid search activity. SEM  tends to increase the existence of a website in search engine result pages(SERPs) through various paid ads.

Active Delivery– The people will see the advertisement of your product were basically looking for the keywords provided or indicated by you. Suppose someone is looking up for the following search results that you have been shelling money for the PPC, will result your advertisement to appear. The best part is that only when an user click on your advertisement, you pay according to the PPC procedure. So, as a business, the keywords that you provided are searched by active users are payable or the relevant advertisements that your business provided.

Cost per customer procurement– recognized as one of the cost effective medium of marketing, SEM has one of the lowest costs per customer procurement policy.Direct mailing service stands ineffective in comparison with SEM that costs way cheaper than it.Even though the acquisition can differ per customer, it provides a positive image on the capabilities of SEM in comparison with other modes of direct marketing.

Effective mode to expand business- Considered as an extremely compelling way to mature your business from small to medium to large scale business, SEM has acted as an effective mode.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) / Social Media Optimization(SMO)
The usage of social networking websites as a tool for internet marketing can be called Social Media Optimization or Social Media Marketing. SMM yields user friendly content that would enhance a company to glorify the brand on the social network and maximize customer flow. Like SEO, Social Media Marketing is also designed to engage new users to their website. Now one must remember that SMO and SMM can be achieved through two distinctive ways. First, your content can be linked with additional social media links like the share buttons and also providing RSS feeds. Secondly, building up a promotional campaign through status messages, blogging or tweets.

Increased Exposure- It is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and create a knowledge of your existence. As more and more visitors come to your site, or look repeatedly at your company logo, content or other unique details for your profile will help form a strong brand awareness amidst the huge sea of competitors.

Increased visibility–  After the trust is established through the constant marketing of the brand online, the SEO will gain hold through the high-end links for your website and blog. By now you will acquire a good following rate on various social networking sites. This will help you tackle your reputation through the daily social media participation.

Reduces Marketing Expense- It has been pointed out that most of the small sized businesses have reported that SMM  has helped them boost revenue generation. This is due to the decrease in marketing expense. Social networking sites acts as the biggest market place to sell your products through an informal note. It has the ability to reach to a huge number of people with the help of regular posts, news feeds and sharing of information.

We create successful brands. As the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we know how to create brands ans successful band stories.