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Essentials to Boost SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential for the promotion and prosperity of any business in today’s digital era. It is almost impossible to catch up with the market without a properly optimized search engine ranking, given that most people put their faith in them, mostly Google, to find solutions for anything they require. SEO is the knife that helps you cut through the stark competition and establish your brand as a valued, reputable name to your target audience.

But employing the right set of organic SEO strategies is harder than it seems. Many organizations have in-house SEO experts to do the needful for them, others hire professional SEO agencies for the same. In any case, you should be aware of the various hacks and tricks of SEO that would work in your favor. Here are a few of them.

Keyword Infusion

Assuming there are multiple pages on your website or blog site, each page should be associated and infused with a target keyword and the content should be developed around that. A page can have secondary keywords as well but it has to be connected to the primary word or phrase used. It improves your SEO to use the selected keyword in the URL, title and headings of the page, but be careful about the frequency. The appearance of the keywords should look natural and be in flow with the content, and should not jump out as a deliberate attempt to sway traffic.

Engaging, Relevant Content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet…” in an essay written in 1996. The statement continues to be true and will be so in the future as well. Content is the most important aspect of a website and it is necessary that what you put out is accurate, interesting and relevant to your site and gives something of value to your readers. Infusing it with the right keywords and maintaining an appropriate length is also important. The better content you produce and publish the higher is your chance to keep the audience engaged and stay on your website. Remember to regulate and update content regularly – it helps in indicating the freshness appeal and relevancy of the site.

Image Optimization

Having images on your site is not only necessary to give customers a better insight but for SEO as well. Other than making sure the media files on your site are quality content, you can use keywords as file names and fitting text descriptions or alt tags as captions.

Link Building

Outbound links to well-known, reputed and backlinks from similar ones help build brand value and gain the trust of Google. The web crawlers take this as a sign of authenticity and give your site preference while generation search results. Also, remember to bring down any broken links related to your site that might be out there, as it gives off signs of negligence. Since it is impossible to do it manually, take help of the many tools available, like Google’s own Webmaster Tool.

Navigation, Readability, and User-Friendliness

You want your audience to like your site, to put it very simply. Therefore, design it in such a manner that the architecture is easily navigable and customers can find what they want in quick steps; the information you put out should be simple and lucid enough to assist the customers in their site navigation; and finally, it has to have an appealing, approachable look with easy-for-the-eyes formatting. Some common suggestions are prominent banner texts, typography that goes with the site’s vibe, readable font sizes, short paragraphs and subheads, use of bullets, slider, tabs, drop-downs, and so on. In short, the user experience of your site reflects on your rankings, so you got to keep it topnotch.

Mobile Optimization

More and more people are shifting towards mobile browsing and m-commerce, and if you don’t optimize your site to be properly viewed on smartphones, you will be losing out on business. This is particularly of significance for B2B marketers and e-commerce retailers.

Social Media

Undeniable and inevitable, your social media presence has to be tweaked and optimized to go with your SEO solutions. Content, promotional campaigns, paid adverts and farther audience reach – the benefits for social media optimization are multi-dimensional. Moreover, around half the number of social media users are reported to have purchased a product or service after seeing it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The Not-to-do’s

• Designing SEO solutions is not a piece of cake and there are always some territories which are better left untrodden.

• Do not engage in black hat SEO techniques. Google will notice you eventually and blacklist your website, resulting in a crash of traffic.

• No need to overstuff your content with keywords – it sends out wrong signals.

• Avoid backlinks with any and all websites that approach just for the sake of building links. Wait to have opportunities with the good ones.

• No point in overdoing the whole SEO process just because you are impatient for results. SEO strategies can take anywhere between 3-9 months to reap benefits. Hold your horses till then and see what results it yields.

• Never compromise with the quality of content in the haste of uploading new information. Invest adequate time into it and hire professional content writers if need be to do so.

• Never lie on your website. It will eventually be caught by customers.

The web crawlers that find results to be displayed on the search engine when a particular set of words of phrases are searched, heavily lean towards websites that already show high traffic and usability. The longer your customers stay on your page and engage the better chances your site has with Google or other search engine’s algorithm. So the main objective of the entire process is to increase ‘dwell time’ by giving your audience what they want and in return, you will get to have an enhanced lead conversion rate and higher revenue. Digital Marketing Lab offers great assistance to boost the SEO rankings. To know more, visit DML


6 B2B Marketing Efforts you need to keep at an Arm’s Length

In B2B marketing, one needs to be better than the best to thrive in this cut-throat environment. The use of unusual tactics imparts a remarkably high percentage of profit. However, it’s always easier than said. Framing successful marketing strategies and implementing the same is a daunting task.

As per the sources, every year a huge number of B2B companies shut down due to the lack of proper marketing.


Human minds sometimes take a fast decision without thinking and erroneous judgment.

This leads to an unfavorable phase for the businessmen. Nevertheless, the dark clouds are temporary and can be placed by healthy weather only when an investor is aware of the right marketing hacks and tips.

Are you a marketer or aspire to be one? If so, then it’s time to get accustomed with the uncertainty of any business. Understanding the same, this blog will outline the 6 common mistakes marketers make and hurt their ventures.

Take a Tour:

1.Dearth of Conviction

A large number of failed businessmen were not a believer in their own plans. More often than not, guided by subjective judgments, individuals either do not gain confidence or overconfidence. As a human being, you always need to remember the difference between these two aspects. The former can make your business and the latter can break.

In such a scenario, having a sense of firm believe can do wonders. Learn to believe in your plans and propositions. Also, remain ultra-specific to touch the ultimate success.

2.Misalignment of Marketing with Sales

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. Period.

Hence, to achieve the desired goals, there should be at least one department that will align all the marketing and sales-related needs. Failing to do so indeed guarantees disastrous results. Keep the fire in your belly and don’t afford to overlook this aspect.

3.Ignoring Analytics

In this digital-first age, ignoring the power of analytics is synonymous with having a huge loss. To give the marketing objectives a strong threshold, analytics play a decisive role. Apart from rendering multiple insights, the collected data give an overview of the marketing efforts. So, use the business-related social media platforms responsibly and make the proper use of such analytics for further improvements.

4.Zero Focus on Prospects

This is another grave mistake marketers often commit; especially the ones who are new in this field. They tend to get obsessed with their products or services which attributes in losing the prospects. It goes without saying that missing out on the prospects incurs a loss at a huge number. Therefore, make sure to do the needful.

5.Going Overboard with Quantity

Quantity on no ‘occasion outperforms quality. Bombarding consumers with too much of everything deters the growth of a business. Cutting down the extras from your marketing efforts needs to be mandatory. Incorporate the elements of quality to stride ahead in the coming days.

6.Poor Content

Marketers mindlessly shoot content haphazardly. This, in turn, provides negative impacts in their advertising and promotional endeavors. The trick is to give users quality and bespoke content that will add value to their needs. For poor content strategy is an unacceptable attempt to accentuate a business within real-time.

Let the Mistakes Take the Back Foot

Eliminate all these mistakes to avoid any mishap in your business. Moreover, refrain from taking any easy path because quick success is never profitable. Given that said, try and be a smart marketer to prove all your marketing abilities for giving the business a higher return on investment.

DML gives you the edge that equips you with the armor to survive over your competitors and outshine them all. Explore our capabilities at Digital Marketing Lab .

Conversion Rate Optimization – Everything you need to know



The endgame of web development or an SEO campaign or any digital marketing solutions at large is rooted in lead conversion. Higher the rate at which website traffic converts to the goal aimed by the business, more successful the digital solutions are. In this article, we further discuss the several inherent benefits of optimization of conversion rates and the several organic tools to bring it about.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When visitors arrive at a particular website, they are expected to respond to a certain ‘Call of Action’. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the systematic process of converting regular website traffic into the achievement of the ultimate goal by implementing multiple organic practices to appeal to the audience. In most cases, the goal, as desired by the business or its entrepreneur is one that ends in a purchase. But it can also be subscription to newsletters, registration for a contest, contribution for donation, signing up for a promotional, and more.

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of times the goal was achieved by the total website traffic of a particular period.

The main objective of Conversion Rate Optimization is to ensure more people who visit your website ends up responding to the desired call of action, therefore increasing your conversion rate. The process is multi-layered and involves effective optimization solutions at different levels, starting from the customer’s navigation through the site, understanding of the action they are expected to respond to and its consequences, and finally convincing them to do it. It also involves analysis of each action taken and the possible reasons that lead to it.

There are several tools at the disposal of Conversion Rate Optimization experts to carry out the necessary operations. They can be broadly divided into four different types based on their target functions –

Quantitative tools for the what’s
Qualitative tools for the why’s
Testing tools for the how’s and when’s
Workflow tools for the post-operation learning

The functionality of the tools depend largely on the understanding on online consumer behaviour and the working factors behind them. Determining areas of concern and identifying the successful facets of a CRO campaign is key to the process.

Why does a business need CRO?

In simple terms, a business runs on attaining one goal after the other and Conversion Rate Optimization contributes towards making that a reality. Here are some of the key reasons why your business is in need of a Conversion Rate Optimization.

Easy scalability

It becomes convenient to measure the performance of your business in actual quantitative terms than having an abstract idea. It is much simpler to obtain new customers through investing in CRO than acquisition of new and untapped markets for a business.

Higher ROI

With the right CRO techniques, you get a higher value for money of your investment with your existing customer base, without any new promotional campaigns. A little tweak in the look, feature and content in the website can go a long way when it comes to CRO and get you a better return on investment.


Comprehension of customer behaviour is at the core of the success of any business. CRO helps in observation and analysis of customer behaviour with clarity. Professionals use the A/B testing, where two pages with different layouts, designs, tone of content, colour codes and call-to-action are measured to see which gets the higher response from customers. The results are then used to understand what resonates with the target audience the most and base future marketing campaigns on the answers.

Improving customer experience

The results brought about by the previous point further assist in creating a top-notch user experience on your website. It helps you to do away with stagnancy and negative features that don’t contribute anything towards customer engagement and focus on the active, positive elements.

Top strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization

There are quite a few strategies out there to carry out an exclusive CRO operation. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

Reduce clutter on the web page and focus on highlighting the key points, especially the main call-of-action link or button. Content is important for information providing and SEO, but too much of it and it might cause distraction instead of engagement.

Revamping your website is crucial to increase conversion rate. Things like using relevant images, attractive colours, improved tonality and an overall friendly look of the website can go further than you can imagine.

Build a sense of trust with the customers, by providing them with relevant assurances. No spamming in case of a form fill-up, no transit-damage and return options in case of e-commerce, protection of identity in case of registrations – highlighting these points are important.

Use the benefit urgency by putting a deadline on the offer, a countdown on registration, and the likes to prevent delay in the desired action.

Make sure your website is light and speedy enough and pages load quickly. Nothing turns off customers more than a page that takes forever to open and it takes away their interest in the matter.

Understanding and implementation of correct CRO is essential for a successful online marketing campaign and the ongoing performance of the business. It adds the much-needed edge to your website and your online presence in general, and contributes largely to enhance the profitability of your business. Hence, its importance in modern day business is paramount.

If you want to maximize your success in enhancing your conversation rate and turn all your potential customers to satisfied clientele then strike a conversation with team Digital Marketing Lab and get the ROI at its best to add momentum to your business. Know us better by visiting https://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in .


how to drive sales this Christmas? from leading digital marketing gency in Kolkata

digital marketing agency in kolkata

Dear marketer, time to address these innovative consumer trends to drive sales this Christmas. Tips from the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata

#Be found – this is the most basic aspect that you need to cover. Ensure you can be found when people search for you.ensure you not only get found on Google but also on other relevant social platforms.

#be relevant – this is a no brainer. Try and deliver personalized experiences through interactions on relevant social platform. Keep it personalised

#be seamless – help your audience find what they need whether online or offline.try and ensure that your customer experience is seamless on all devices

#make your customer experience seamless – so what does it mean to create seamless customer experience? Simple and logical. Stay focused with your offers and create strong customer experiences

Keep in mind; a poor customer experience with hefty discount may not bring your desired results. As the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata we vouch on creating seamless customer experience. Use website tracking software to track people’s traction. Use pop ups to guide customers. Small tweaks like these can increase your sales dramatically

Shopping tools which you can use this Christmas season

Google Shopping: showcase your product etc across Google sites. Now with Google Shopping you will be able to promote your business and local inventory

Facebook Checkout : Yes, you have read it right now you can sell your products with facebook checkout. It lets you display your product right on the page for your audience to watch

Dynamic ad: personalise your ads. Retarget shoppers and reach more with dynamic ads

Reach us to reach more

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2019? from the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata

how voice search will impact seo from leading digital marketing agency in kolkata

In the search engine world voice stands as one of the emerging trends, something on which we should eye on.

There’s absolutely no denying that Google algorithms keep on changing however not always we experience major ranking fluctuations in it. Instead those are the Google updates which keep the marketers worried. Writhing is on the wall – voice search will have an impact on SEO and now is the time to pay attention to this emerging trend. The question thus remains – will voice search have an effect on SEO? the answer to this question is a resounding YES. At a very basic level, when someone is searching for something online the search engine surfaces the most relevant links. This how search has been all these years. Now the winds of change are looming large. For the people doing a voice search online through Alexa or Siri digital assistants will notice the change. Instead of bringing a long list of search result the assistant will come up with a short answer usually from a credible news source. Yes, it will give a very clear answer to a clear query. You need to make the most of this. If you are serious to get your business noticed, you need to optimize and follow the pattern of voice search.As the most sought after digital marketing agency in Kolkata here are our suggestions –

#Ensure that your website blogs are written in a natural and conversational tone. This will help in meeting the Q and A pattern of voice search. Also make sure that google has got most t of the details of your business.

#Take it in writing; Blogs will be the pivotal method in making your voice search successful. Remember; voice search is equal to mobile search and portraying a mobile-friendly website is thus more crucial than ever.
#Do your mobile keywords research

Keyword research for mobile site is a bit different from its desktop counterpart. Remember; over 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. Second, mobile searchers typically have different, more urgent needs in mind.

According to Google these are the micro-moments of 4 types:

I-want-to-know moments

I-want-to-go moments

I-want-to-do moments

I-want-to-buy moments

Use this list to compile your keywords. Once you have your own list, move on to work on finding out more valuable mobile queries

#Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is the Google initiative to build a faster version of the mobile Web. This is the new way of building web content for mobile devices. In fact the impressive load time of AMP pages is not just due to the lighter HTML and CSS but it is also due to the fact that AMP content is cached in the cloud and is delivered from the Google-hosted cached version. But there’s a catch. Currently, AMP is mainly for publishers, so if in case you do not have a frequently updated blog or news section on your site, AMP won’t give you a significant seo impact immediately
#Avoid irrelevant cross-links. This means the mobile version of the site should lead to mobile URLs and not to desktop-optimized pages
The bottom line

With mobile-first indexing mobile SEO or voice search in 2019 is not something you can dismiss anymore. Done right, mobile SEO can help you double your organic search traffic. We stand tall as the most preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata and we were feeling certain amount of responsibility to address this issue.

What are your thoughts on mobile search? Which tactics are working best for you?

How to make your B2B Markting sexy? – Answers the boutique branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata

dml morning post 1

Without much ado about anything, let us come to the point straight not all brands are same. While some are pretty much appealing some may not be appealing. This is anything but business fault as this has a direct connection with the industry they are into. But did you know; with the right voice any boring industry can be marketed as sexy. As the boutique digital marketing agency in kolkata we never get tired of saying, you need to have in depth knowledge of the brand and the target audience to market a boring brand in a not so boring way.

Let us now turn our gaze to Apple.

As a brand apple has been able to market their products is such an interesting way irrespective of the fact that Apple is not from all that exciting industry.

Look closer at their marketing tactic and you will be amazed finding the fact that Apple could market so well by creating a brand appeal. It won’t be an overstatement if said, each and every apple product stand for itself. Each product renders that ultimate feeling of “want” by the way it’s marketed.

So, what happens if you own any particular Apple product? Simply you would be categorised as “apple user”. Sooner than later you like all other apple user would be resorting to apple for all of your tech products. Why? Because apple makes it easier for its users to sync. Indeed this is a killer strategy. Apple has made their products simple and attractive and has added pizzas to the marketing effort while leaving the door wide open to Apple membership (read apple user)

Take a cue from Apple and add pizzas to your marketing effort

Give your brand the much required sex appeal. Take it in writing if your branding is unexciting, unfortunately your business may end up that way.

Brand Taglines. business should have a tagline. KISS – that’s the mantra when working on the tagline. Keep it short and sweet to build a memorable tagline to which your audience can connect.

Give your brand a voice: reduce the boredom of your brand by establishing an interesting brand voice. Decide your brand voice by studying your target audience. How do they talk? What kind of interactions do they do? Take a cue from these and create your own brand voice.

Create and personalize your brand Images: while its absolutely easy to post phoyo from the stock photos or other free sources but as the preferred digital strategist in kolkata, we vouch on personalizing your brand Images.

Create a stellar social media presence and be on the right channels

We as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata never miss to harp the fact – Not posting regular on the social channels is boring and can make your brand appear plain and uninteresting. For a brand trying to cut through the clutter while making their brand interesting regularity on social media

Be there where your customers are. Design interesting visuals
Create interesting blog posts
Create how to guides
Motion graphic videos
Make relevant Infographics

Marketing is an interesting stuff and all you need is to think creatively to make your not so exciting brand sexy.



Ask The Right Questions To Understand Your Consumer’s #Painpoint – Suggests The Leading Digital Branding Agency In Kolkata

understand customer pain points suggests leading digital marketing company in Kolkata

Doesn’t matter much you are into which industry or what kind of products or services you offer, if you are not taking care of your customer’s #painpoints you are putting your business at risk. The products and solutions are designed to make the consumer happy but still the reality is harsh and many of these carefully designed solutions fail to solve the consumer’s worries. As a boutique digital branding agency in Kolkata we have identified a probable reason behind this. We feel often we are so busy playing doctor, so confident in our abilities in relieving the self assessed and perceived pain points that we typically miss to ask the patient (read consumer) about his actual pain points. Quite ideally therefore we prescribe medication for our perceived pain points whereas the pain remain unaddressed where it actually hurts and hurts the most. If you are serious about providing true value to your consumers you need to understand their real pain points. How? By asking the right questions.

NEVER make any assumptions. DO NOT assume. It’s a strict N NO. Your self conceived notions influence your thoughts and also plays a negative role during your interaction with the client. Ask open ended questions, prObe more to get to his painpoints.

ASK open ended questions. Keep in mind; the open ended questions are not just incredible conversation starter but also opens door wide to a more focused and open mutually beneficial discussions. By asking OPEN ENDED questions you create that ultimate opportunity for the client to freely converse. Follow his conversation and you never know you may identify his pain points which you didn’t realized earlier.

Be an Active Listener. Yes put your listening ears and your thinking cap on when conversing with client especially to learn about his pain points.  DO NOT interrupt rather listen actively what he is telling you. Take mental note and ask insightful follow up questions. Try and peel back the layers to discover his experience and painpoints.

Try and figure out a COMMON THREAD. Yes, we know certain issues, some problems are case specific and may vary person to person but try to find out a common thread, issues that are universal. Identify them and re evaluate your products/services

Try out our suggestions and tweak your strategies accordingly. As the leading digital strategist in Kolkata, we can tell you from our experiences by addressing the consumer pain points you can make them happy all across the touch points.

Role of Digital Marketing in Brand Awareness – From the Leading Branding and Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata

digital marketing services

It is indeed not about doing digital marketing but more about doing marketing in this digital world.

In this icon conscious world where ‘ brand experience’ has gained a new high, technology that supports us in advancing our narratives is evolving with each passing day. It won’t be an overstatement to say, almost every week we get to hear of a new application or device which come with the promise of revolutionizing the industry landscape. Almost daily new doors to engagements are opened. For the marketers the time is ripe to make the most of this situation. We as the most preferred branding and digital marketing company in Kolkata have been playing our share in helping brands of all sizes, to yield the benefits of the digital landscape.

Only a traditional and face to face branding won’t give you much unless its backed by a solid digital plan. We believe, the key to keep up with the technological advancements is to immerse in it. As leading digital strategist in Kolkata,  we can never underestimate the potential of digital integration in branding and integrate it into the overall branding strategy.

Before delving further lets address some of the basic things –

Well; the initial question is obviously about the market in which a business wishes to compete in. ofcourse; there is hardly any cookie cutter answer to this and we need to consider certain factors such as

Target markets

Consumer needs

Consumer want – this also includes the differentiation as to what extent will the business need to differentiate in terms of their product or services to appeal the digital consumer

Keep in mind; any business that analyse the situation and figures out the brand proposition in order to  differentiate the brand  in eyes of target consumer will be winner.

With this comes the next important question – what are the  activities the business may execute in order to   keep themselves relevant in this digital age

First; have a compelling story-line to voice out your brand proposition

Next take a cue from your competition and differentiate your offerings to keep your audience hooked and to stay relevant to your consumers mind.

Think from a customer centric approach . As things stand now digital branding stands as your wild horse; the life savior of your brand. Leverage the digital channels to deliver consumer centric, engaging brand experience.

Take our words in writing – in order to stand apart in the clutter and in order to keep your brand above competition,  digital marketing need to be integrated into your overall brand communication strategy. Targeted, data driven and relevant digital branding programs can amplify your brand’s offer. In this digital landscape the significance of a consumer centric digital approach therefore cant be denied.

Finally; success in digital branding to a great extend depends on seamless online activities, integrated with your offline branding programs. As the boutique digital marketing company in Kolkata , we aim to deliver consistent brand experience that is in line with your business strategy, brand goal and purpose.

Questions? Talk to us




‘Like us on Facebook!’ suggests the leading Digital marketing and branding company in Kokata

Like us on Facebook

Hello friends

You all know about Digital Marketing Lab Facebook page, right? If in case you don’t, we then cordially invite you all at at our Facebook page and suggest you to “like” the page.

By doing so, you can keep yourselves updated with al our corporate inner but you will also find a number of entertaining stories, digital gyan, tips and tricks about the ever evolving world of digital branding

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But please our awesome friends don’t stop from sharing your reflections. You may message us your views, tips, tricks and more. As a boutique digital marketing and branding company in kolkata we know what it takes to craft a phenomenal brand presence.

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5 creative ways to manage brands – from leading digital strategist in Kolkata

digital branding in Kolkata



Lot of ink has been invested in writing about branding and its immense significance in today’s digital landscape. As things stand now it’s impossible to deny the pressure cooker situation, which the brands are facing in staying competitive. In this huge and rapidly changing digital environment, irrespective of their sizes, the  brands need to perform to stay relevant. A relevant, well planned and well researched branding strategy is important in order to stay afloat in these rapidly changing digital markets. As a boutique  digital marketing and branding companies in Kolkata, we have been playing our role in setting the brand voice right for our clients.

The digital age has replaced the passive customer with an active one. With the proliferation of the digital age the customer can now find information about your products, reviews, service, company mission, and actions. Through social media, two-way communication and engagement between customers and brands is now expected. With this comes the next important question – how can you build a more sustainable brand.

Here are 5 creative ways to mull over –

Time to be the part of a rising segment –  recent statistical data reveals, the top 10 apparel brands actually thrived by around 29%. Does this ring a bell? Yes, you have got it right – time to be in this ever evolving segment. If your brand is not linked with any of these rising categories, think creatively and figure out ways to naturally extend your brand into these segments via partnership, licensing or co branding.

Ride the digital wave – The digital age has ushered in a  whole new era in e-commerce and digital branding. Almost as the next obvious result a new set of customer expectations has also ushered in. The fact of the matter is; how we shop, when we shop, how we make the purchasing decisions  has changed completely.

This new era has reshaped the customer journey and our expectations from the brands. Now is the time to cultivate customers Instead of selling products in the same pattern and within the same grooves.  Now is the time to re-align your goals in the digital era.

Handle the social issues with care – look up and around and you will be surprised by the fact that now a days number of brands are fighting social issues, impacts and risks against healthy challenges. As a reputed branding agency in Kolkata, we never get tired of sating about the importance of social and the ‘reputational issues’. Handle them with care. Addressing reputational issues are important and it not just supports in better brand management but also helps in arresting the declining sales.

Augment your brand’s “share of life” – this innovative phrase which was once coined by Millward Brown quite interestingly mirrors today’s branding environment. Apple as brand has mastered this approach. Apple as a brand has been able to close the loops between product and content for retaining control and for encouraging consumers to shop within the universe they offer. Irrespective of their sizes it’s now time for brands to figure out smart and innovative ways to get involved in their consumer’s everyday life. For instance Apple spans our need music, productivity and entertainment. On the other hand Amazon keeps our needs covered for hassle free one click online shopping, purchase recommendations and more. Nike has in fact transformed itself from just an apparel brand to companion coach for the runners.

Merge your digital and physical interactions –  Try and provide seamless experience to your customers, consumers and stakeholders. By merging physical and digital interactons you can actually cut down the friction and keep your consumers hooked while preventing them from going elsewhere.

According to McKinsey, “Digitization is steadily becoming the main pathway for consumer journeys….”

You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact – the sheer numbers of the digital touch points are increasing by a whopping number of 20 percent per year. More and more offline consumers are shifting online hence a sustainable, effective and relevant digital branding strategy is now the need of the hour

Finally in this highly icon conscious and visualized world continue to review and tweak the aesthetics of your brand

Rely on the best digital strategist in Kolkata to continually check the appeal of your offerings and to introduce your brand to new height. Break the boring and ride the digital wave and set your brand tone right to create and sustain the brand impact.