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Importance of Content before website design

Before you prepare a graphic design, it is important that you frame the website content first. This applies both on blogs and websites. Preparing content is the right approach before designing a website. A website design should not focus only on prepackaged templates and coding trends. Basically a strong website design focuses on the users and also on the users’ intention.

Too much focus on website design

Most clients focus on the website design aspects like hamburger menus, video backgrounds, infinite soul and hero images. But, rarely do they focus from the visitors prospects; users need and forget the ultimate goal of their website. Website owners focus on design trend both on current and modern design elements. And, in doing such thing, they lose the main intention of the website visitor. They focus so much on the theme and template that later on, they force the content to fit within the theme’s available content space. Therefore, the actual path is wrong and this leads to frustration.

Content decides the design of a website

Content is the foundation of the website. After the content is framed properly, then a designer can carefully use the fonts and layouts of the content and set them as per the design template. The color and the size of the fonts should highlight and complement the entire website design. Both content and website design should have proper synchronization to attract the visitors to the website.

Focus on great content

First, content strategy should focus on the following areas:

2.About Us
3.Service Page
4.Individual Product Page
5.Resource Section
6.Blog Section
7.Contact page

Therefore, you should have as much as information on the following points to frame the website design properly. You should also focus on headlines, sub headings, call to action, images and videos. The more the content is, the more is the targeted web design.

Balance it out

Not every time content and website design will be in coordination. But, finding a real balance in them is the real challenge. Focus on the main element of the design and then fit the content accordingly. Make sure that the designer understands the main motive of the website visitors.


If you want a service on website redesign or want to launch a new website, then our expert team is there to help you and provide you blended approach of website design, content and SEO.