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10 Lesser-Known Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 You Need to Master

November 12, 2019
10 Lesser-Known Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Digital world is disruptive, so is today’s marketing solutions. For both of these aspects go hand-in-hand. As a result marketers are always trying to keep up with the digital marketing trends and gain a grip in business. Not to say, 2020 is almost here and people are going frenzied to explore those aspects which would do the main talk.

Are you also doing rigorous searches for digital marketing trends 2020? Well, if yes, hold on!

People are mentioning about a dozen of anticipated trends and at times considering the same may not make sense. If you are looking for the biggest digital marketing solutions for 2020, be glued on. This blog underlines all that a passionate marketer needs to unravel on the horizon.

Ready for the biggie big? Cruise over:

Customer-Centric Marketing is the Crux

On asking the secret behind a company’s success, the CGOs and CMOs said it’s their customers. Yes! Since time immemorial, well-heeled businesses focus on customer-centric marketing which seemed to have faded in the recent past.

But the digital marketing process 2020 will focus on personalized marketing with precise targeting to capture the ever-shrinking attention of the customers. So, to survive the race, your business must hug off a customer-centric mindset with the aid of insights and data.

Look & Learn Beyond Google Analytics

To unfold the buyers’ persona and other in-depth records, marketers generally opt for Google Analytics. It seems to be the most convenient tool for 79% of the marketers for the following reasons:

  1. It is free
  2. Gives ease-of-use
  3. Ready-made insights
  4. Apt for short-term goals

Gone are the good old days, when tracking a buyer journey was simple. With the pace of time, things are experiencing dramatic changes. Smart businessmen are opting for integrated analytics solutions. This is an entire new ballgame as they can get a hold of an organized database system.

All you need to do is contact the leading digital marketing agency in India and know the benefit-driven features of this new business intelligence solution.

Vouch for More Video Ads

From 2018, video ads were back in the market. And as per the statistics, this type of content will be very much prevalent in 2020. With the growth of digitization at a level speed, businessmen have increased their spend on video ad budgets.

So, what is taking people back to the videos? Insights from SEO marketing services revealed that with short videos, the art of storytelling is getting established once again. Moreover, consumers are finding steaming videos easier than scrolling through articles.

Makes sense!

Moats May Go Away

Moat is an instrumental technique with which businessmen gain a competitive edge and keep the peers at an arm’s length. However, the digital thought leaders have predicted that moats will gradually fade away since they have nothing to offer in 2020.

Guessing what’s the alternative?

Well, one of the biggest digital marketing trends 2020 is branding. Starting from Tesla to Kardashians’s beauty brand, branding is the currency behind the colossal success. Do the same, not only to have a market share but also to capture the mind share of consumers.

Multi-channel Marketing will be the Mains

In 2020, there is no luxury of focusing on a single marketing channel to make revenues as customers love exploring multiple channels to make better-informed purchasing decisions. So, even to have small gains, you have to go beyond the usual as things get saturated nowadays.

Work in close association with a reputable digital marketing agency in India to understand the new channels of marketing. Optimize and improve to the core to get a greater ROI.

Rise of Micro-moments

Customers pick up their smart devices before doing any transaction or expenditure. From selecting the restaurant to deciding on an online store, smartphones and gadgets are imperative. Tap into this very habit to display the ads in accordance with that very moment.

This is what micro-moment is all about. However, to catch up with this trend, you have to be agile and quick. And to do the deed, professional marketing executives seem to be the best bets.

Dig Deeper in Social Media

People love social media and the new type of content that they admire to the core is the story. Yes! In 2020, you need to focus more on the stories and less on those boring online posts. Stories on various platforms help to increase brand awareness, quality traffic, and generate leads within 24 hours. So, to increase sales, do not ignore the power of this ephemeral marketing.

Also the Newer Side of Google AdWords

Google Adwords is no more confined to mere keywords and PPCs. It has evolved over the past few months and only for good reasons. For instance, with the introduction of smart display campaigns, you can show ads to your target audience in almost every format. Moreover, with the aid of automated response, you can capture your audience with ease.

This is certainly becoming huge!

Automation is Inevitable

Automation is the current in-thing and one of the most popular digital marketing trends 2020. This technology is getting better by the following means:

  • Reduce the complexity of any task
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Decrease human error

So, ignoring automation can take away the major advantages while running a plethora of digital campaigns. Always remember, automation is not only about efficiency but also personalization. Businesses that embraced automation in 2019 have seen more leads and converts. Travel the same route to enjoy the same experience.

Focus on Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is another mainstay of 2020. AI and machine-learning tend to play decisive roles in the functioning of this tool at large.

It helps in easy and quick communication addressing consumers’ needs in real-time. As a businessman, you certainly need to leverage this opportunity to give your existing customers and prospects a customized experience.

Before You Welcome 2020

That’s what the New Year awaits you. Focus on all the discussed digital marketing trends 2020 and make sure to implement the same before your peers do. These solutions are the results of multiple types of research and surveys.

Hence, relying on these won’t be a fool’s decision. So, this new year shed off all the inhibitions and put in the best endeavors to stay ahead of the pack.