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12 Inspiring Examples of Calls to Action for Maximum Impact – From the leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata

November 18, 2021

A call to action is a message that encourages a user to take a specific action. In our last blog Techniques of writing CTAs we have discussed the importance of CTA s and the techniques for writing compelling CTAs.

CTAs are important to you as a marketer because they urge your audience to act on a marketing campaign.

In the end, any marketing campaign’s purpose is to take your audience through the buyer’s journey so they may complete a purchase.

Because there are various strategies you may employ to direct your audience on their trip, each marketing campaign may have a distinct action for the audience to take.

Here are a few examples of CTAs you might use in your marketing:

1. Signup/Become a member

The audience may be invited to join up for a free trial, an online course, a future event, or even a software product with this form of CTA. It all relies on the context of the CTA in the ad or on the website.

2. Subscribe

This CTA does not obligate a customer to make a purchase. Rather, it invites them to sign up for company updates. CTAs that say “subscribe” is popular on company blogs that wish to grow their readership.

3. Try for free

Today, almost every company’s website offers a free trial. They’re all CTAs of this type, and they let users try out a product before choosing whether it’s worth the money.

4. Get started

This CTA can lead to a range of actions for a business, including a free trial or a virtual reality experience.

5. Learn more

When all you want to do is give your potential customers a bit more information so they’re ready to buy something, that’s all you need to do. That is the purpose of this CTA.

6. Join us

Are you in charge of an online community? Is your product designed to encourage user collaboration? You may find yourself including a “join us” CTA on your website.

7. Our Work

Full Bundle is another company that makes its key CTA stand out by using negative space. Against the dark grey background, the white call-to-action “Our Work” shines out. It’s also a strategic CTA option for them. Given that they primarily exist to help clients establish online identities, it’s critical for them to highlight their work, which is why most people visit their website.

8. Claim Your Free Trial Now!

Many company websites provide customers with the option of starting a free trial. The CTA on the website of Treehouse, however, says “Claim Your Free Trial,” not just “Start a Free Trial.”

Although the difference in language may appear minor, consider how much more personal “Claim Your Free Trial” is. Furthermore, the phrase “claim” implies that it may not be available for long, creating a sense of urgency among users to take advantage of the free trial while they still can.

9. Continue

The CTA for OKCupid may not appear to be particularly outstanding at first sight, but the devil is in the details.

“Continue,” says the call-to-action button, which is bright green and sticks out effectively against a dark blue background. The term’s simplicity suggests that the enrollment process will be quick and easy. This CTA makes me feel like I’m participating in a fun game rather than filling out a tedious form or committing to something that might make me uncomfortable. It’s all because of the copy.

10. Let’s discuss your project

SBR Technologies’ webpage has tailored indexing of all client requirements that need to be specified at the start of a new business proposition. When you first come on the page, you’re met with a pop-up that has all the information you need enabling you to fill out contact details and project requirements. It has a separate section in OUR BODY OF WORK at the bottom demonstrating some of the work they’ve done for clients. While there are many other locations on their site where viewers might click, such as their clients’ websites, the main call-to-action sticks out on the homepage beautifully.

11. Request free analysis

Digital Marketing Lab – the leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata a spearhead in has ‘Get your proposal today’ as the header copy of their website’s homepage. At the bottom of their intro ad copy, they’ve used Request Free Analysis as a diagnostic CTA to treat digital marketing and SEO problems as symptoms and its bespoke digital solutions as the cure post-diagnosis.

12. Follow the Magic

The website for Humboldt County is stunning in and of itself, with a full-screen movie of breathtaking footage greeting you. But it’s the unusual call-to-action button in the bottom center, with the bunny image and the phrase “Follow the Magic,” that I really like.

It adds to the footage’s surreal vibe, making you feel as if you’re going to enter a fantasy.

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