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4 Key Digital Marketing Trends to follow During COVID-19 Crisis | Digital Marketing Lab

June 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only taken away a plethora of lives all across the world but has paralysed the economy for several countries. The nationwide lockdown imposed by several countries has triggered the fear of deep recession which is sure to have a long-lasting impact. The grotesque downslide will result in more negativity like loss of jobs and closure of numerous industries.

But if you are a professional digital marketer, there is some good news for you. As per reports and statistics, digital marketing has not taken a humongous toll and experts are very optimistic that digital marketing will return to its normal fold.  Today we would analyse and discuss some key recommendations that you need to follow as tips of digital marketing in this crisis.

Time & again humans were subjected to face annihilation and universal sufferings. In the first half of the 20th century, the world witnessed the global holocaust of two world wars and we all aware of the social changes that were observed after the wars.

A latest social & economic model was coined for better economical policies and better global transactions. Quite a few individuals think if the COVID-19 crisis will have a similar transformation and effect on social attitudes. But we as individuals need to remain optimistic and hope for the best.

  1. Checking The Numbers-

You need to make sure that you are evaluating all key angles of making your business live up to the expectations of all and sundry. Check the revenue trends along with retail foot traffic and website traffic and it will allow you to understand how COVID is impacting the entire business structure. If you are currently not having visibility into how these metrics impact your business now the time is ripe to catalogue your needs as the gaps can be solved transparently.

  1. Accessing The Value Of Your Brand-

Off late individuals are turning to brands to meet up their current needs. The temporary shifting strategies might be taken into consideration that can be ideally fitted for your brand.  You can consider some discounts or some drop in price for a defined timeline to generate revenue in a quick period.

If the brands are capable of creating better opportunities for customers, these short term loyalty discounts will help you to drive in customers and you can keep up with the profit margin. Do you see a shift in the marketing behavior of the customers across the revenue channels? You are sure to witness lots of positivity and you can also go ahead and seek organic paid channels to communicate by staying true to the values of your business ethics.

  1. Testing & Evaluating Your Messages-

Examine messaging that is receiving that receives positive traction within a particular website. You can shift your messaging to get it aligned to where you are witnessing positive results. One of the better ways to explore opportunities is to build your brand to test different types of messaging.

  1. Change In Social Media Tactics-

It is not a surprise that social media consumption is changing as individuals are altering their daily routines. If you are shifting your media channel mix you are sure to drive in more and more opportunities. You need to determine the lines of profit within the paid media mix. If one is incurring loss better if you change the tone of the message and make sure you are focusing on brand equity rather than driving revenue creations.

In conclusion, it is better to opine that this nocturnal darkness will get over and we need to remain optimistic. This particular knowledge is capable of empowering your team and creating thorough marketing strategies. These strategies are sure to accelerate growth and you are sure to drive in more positives in the days to come.