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5 creative ways to build and manage brands

October 8, 2018

Lot of ink has been invested in writing about branding and its immense significance in today’s digital landscape. As things stand now it’s impossible to deny the pressure cooker situation, which the brands are facing in staying competitive. In this huge and rapidly changing digital environment, irrespective of their sizes, the  brands need to perform to stay relevant. A relevant, well planned and well researched branding strategy is important in order to stay afloat in these rapidly changing digital markets. As a boutique  digital marketing and branding companies in Kolkata, we have been playing our role in setting the brand voice right for our clients.

The digital age has replaced the passive customer with an active one. With the proliferation of the digital age the customer can now find information about your products, reviews, service, company mission, and actions. Through social media, two-way communication and engagement between customers and brands is now expected. With this comes the next important question – how can you build a more sustainable brand.

Here are 5 creative ways to mull over –

Time to be the part of a rising segment –  recent statistical data reveals, the top 10 apparel brands actually thrived by around 29%. Does this ring a bell? Yes, you have got it right – time to be in this ever evolving segment. If your brand is not linked with any of these rising categories, think creatively and figure out ways to naturally extend your brand into these segments via partnership, licensing or co branding.

Ride the digital wave – The digital age has ushered in a  whole new era in e-commerce and digital branding. Almost as the next obvious result a new set of customer expectations has also ushered in. The fact of the matter is; how we shop, when we shop, how we make the purchasing decisions  has changed completely.

This new era has reshaped the customer journey and our expectations from the brands. Now is the time to cultivate customers Instead of selling products in the same pattern and within the same grooves.  Now is the time to re-align your goals in the digital era.

Handle the social issues with care – look up and around and you will be surprised by the fact that now a days number of brands are fighting social issues, impacts and risks against healthy challenges. As a reputed branding agency in Kolkata, we never get tired of sating about the importance of social and the ‘reputational issues’. Handle them with care. Addressing reputational issues are important and it not just supports in better brand management but also helps in arresting the declining sales.

Augment your brand’s “share of life” – this innovative phrase which was once coined by Millward Brown quite interestingly mirrors today’s branding environment. Apple as brand has mastered this approach. Apple as a brand has been able to close the loops between product and content for retaining control and for encouraging consumers to shop within the universe they offer. Irrespective of their sizes it’s now time for brands to figure out smart and innovative ways to get involved in their consumer’s everyday life. For instance Apple spans our need music, productivity and entertainment. On the other hand Amazon keeps our needs covered for hassle free one click online shopping, purchase recommendations and more. Nike has in fact transformed itself from just an apparel brand to companion coach for the runners.

Merge your digital and physical interactions –  Try and provide seamless experience to your customers, consumers and stakeholders. By merging physical and digital interactons you can actually cut down the friction and keep your consumers hooked while preventing them from going elsewhere.

According to McKinsey, “Digitization is steadily becoming the main pathway for consumer journeys….”

You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact – the sheer numbers of the digital touch points are increasing by a whopping number of 20 percent per year. More and more offline consumers are shifting online hence a sustainable, effective and relevant digital branding strategy is now the need of the hour

Finally in this highly icon conscious and visualized world continue to review and tweak the aesthetics of your brand

Rely on the best digital strategist in Kolkata to continually check the appeal of your offerings and to introduce your brand to new height. Break the boring and ride the digital wave and set your brand tone right to create and sustain the brand impact.