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5 Essentials to Promote Old Content and Lock the Advantage

November 11, 2019
5 Essentials to Promote Old Content

Is your website a repository of rich content and comprises a lot of articles and blog posts then you must be very careful about the fact that the evergreen content published on the website must continue getting the traffic they deserve. Evergreen content tends to be a kind of content that continues to remain relevant for years altogether during the past and future. So, almost any content marketing agency in Kolkata must implements ways to identify the best range of old content.

If often happens that in the rush of publishing newer content the old content goes into absolute oblivion. Here are 5 tested tactics that the valuable content receives due attention and how the blog posts created by putting in a great deal of time and effort.

An inventory of the evergreen content must be maintained

All content is not created with the same level of diligence and if the discussion is about promoting the older content then only the evergreen content should be considered. How-to articles, content answering questions, listicles, and checklists are examples of evergreen content and they can be shared over social media even long after they had been originally published. Let’s take an instance if the website belongs to a content marketing agency in Kolkata dealing in interior design and have published a blog on the effect of colors of a room on the mood of the inmate then it is certainly a great example of evergreen content as the effects of the colors, white, blue, or green, and so on will continue to be same on human personality year after year.

On the other hand, content based on some news story like acquisition, industry update, or sales cannot be circulated for a long time. There are also few instances of evergreen content that are technical in nature and require some changes before they are re-circulated based on the updates that have come up. Hence, it is important to have a list of the best evergreen content handy for sharing over the social network platforms.

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Maintain a schedule for sharing the evergreen content over social media

Once a proper list is made for all the evergreen content in had then the next step is to create a schedule for sharing them over social media. This is among the best practices of any agency offering content marketing services. The schedule should be designed in a way that they never hamper the publication of the new content. At the same time, be careful that the posts must have hash tags and tags to the author and this will keep the old content consistent. Tweet the old posts is another key to promoting the content well.

Other Posts or Related Posts in the sidebar section or along with on every new post

This is a great tactic to leverage the older content each time a new one is published. Adding a sidebar in the blog is a wise option to highlight the popular/or related posts. This helps big time in enhancing the click-through rate as if some visitors are really interested in knowing more about the topic they will tend to explore more.

Curation of multiple old blog posts

Roundups can be effectively utilized to create more exposure to the content published previously. An extra bit of creativity can lead to roundups based on themes in order to highlight evergreen content.

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Boost and optimize the evergreen content over social media

It is obvious for any website to have some of the evergreen content which drives a major part of the site’s traffic. Hence, it is important to identify that content that connects to the audience well and as you find them try means to content optimization to generate conversion and increase the rate of social media advertisements alongside such content.

Follow these simple rules to utilize the existing content and boost the ones that are in the making.

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