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Are You a Digital Marketing Agency? This is For You ! | Digital Marketing Lab

May 4, 2020

Are You a Digital Marketing Agency

If like us you are also a digital marketing agency then you too are possibly wondering how things will change past Covid 19, right ?

As one of the leading seo agency in India with clients dotted all across the globe we have been spending our time in thinking and aligning our digital strategy.

Devise a strategy with change.

First things first; let’s address the most important aspect strategy. Well, there have been clear changes in the demand supply ratio in the online world due to the covid ripple.

Take a closer look at your  clients through the following pointers

  • How has the need of their client base has altered?
  • How their budgets have changes ?
  • Are they still your target audience?
  • Do they have the right services to support their clients ?

Digital marketing agencies need to take a closer look at their own product market to fit their clients. Now is the time to take a more detailed look at your customers and address their new pain points.

Let’s take am example of the search term “near me” . This has actually gone down whereas there has been a spike for “delivery” search term. Agencies need to take closer look at the way they market their clients services

Client communications will also change.Now is the time for lockdown and social distancing. Gone are the days of face to face client meetings. Switch to video calls. That’s the new normal nowadays.

A nice set up will go a long way with clients. Video call is an experience so make it a pleasant one with your clients. During the meeting, write down your  digital marketing strategy and align that with your clients on a weekly basis.

Key takeaway

Digital marketing companies are no exceptions when it comes down to adapting to the changing business perspective due to the mighty virus upheaval. Think about your clients needs, employees needs, communication strategy As you sign above the dotted line.