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How to Leverage The Digital Media Beyond Adwords

July 11, 2017



Thanks to globalization and internet – customers nowadays have access to information anytime and anywhere, whenever they need it.

Presenting a pretty packaging and bombarding with ads telling consumers why they need that particular product in life will not lead the brand anywhere to achieve the brand objective. This brings us to the basics –  the significance of digital marketing is hard to deny. As a boutique digital marketing agency in Kolkata we know what it takes to stay relevant in the consumer space

Why digital marketing is so important?

By posting positive feedbacks, comment about your company, brand, services and products you can attract new customers and can thus build long lasting business relationship. But there’s a catch! While happy clients can help you, unhappy  customers on the contrary can harm your business in more than one way.  Search engine optimization and UX are intimately linked due to some elements

As a responsible business owner make sure that you remember  the following points:

Encourage optimal engagement through the digital channels

Acquiring new clients via digital especially the social channels is now the smartest and wisest thing to do.  Consumers are pretty much aware of the advertising ploys and traditional marketing tactics. Although these tactics are still useful however in order to yield the maximum benefit most of the successful brands are using them in collaboration with carefully crafted brand stories.

The buyer persona has changed. Nowadays buyers have that innate desire to feel like they belong to something bigger. Developing brand story that connects with consumers can help brands create that ultimate emotional connection, thus creating brand loyalists.

The more ‘likes’ the better

Under estimating the significance of social media as the inseparable and possibly the most crucial part of digital marketing, is a serious mistake. Your “Facebook” likes  or your  “Twitter” shares or Instagram Followers can help in building the credibility of your brand.  They also help in bringing traffic to your website and are costless. Sticking to a foolproof social media strategy and monitoring the progress are also the key part here. Yes, you may be absolutely surprised with the outcome.

Outshine your competitors

It is through our experience, we have noticed a strange trend in the market. Almost every year the big brands give up traditional advertising methods and typically focus on Google Adwords or Social Media sponsored Ads. This is also the reason why the market gets increasingly competitive and why and how the big players get ahead of little companies. As typically a small player, it’s pretty much understandable that you cannot compete with them however there’s something you too can do.

Here’s a smart tip –

You can try and use the Google Alerts tool for monitoring your competitors. This tool will help you track your competitors products as well as the marketing strategies. Take a critical look at their strategies and improve your own business strategy.

Go beyond the pits and boundaries

Let’s once again touch the base – Digital marketing doesn’t only apply to your website. Still most of the marketers do this mistake. They create a website or an eCommerce store, invest in Google ppc and forget it. While the fact is; in order to make the business stand out from the crowd, you need a real strategy. You need a foolproof method that puts potential customers first and leverage all the available digital tools to acquire them.

From our experience as responsible Digital marketing company in Kolkata – Just like any  other marketing tactic, successful digital marketing also  requires adequate amounts of planning and strategy. It requires you to tell your brand story

Develop a backstory: Yes; this is the first step. Every company created mission and vision and it is equally important to stick to them. As a brand you need to ensure that your company mission and vision embody the values, goals and objectives of your brand. This is the first building block of any great story.

Understand your target audience: In order to create a meaningful brand narrative you need to fully understand the needs and desires of your  target audience.

Find the right content mix: Following the first two steps properly is crucial in determining the best content mix for telling your brand’s tale. Ask a few important questions to yourself

  • Videos are the hot thing right now, but are they useful for your brand?
  • Is a blog necessary?
  • What does the target market really want from you?
  • How best can your target audience be reached?

Although the answer to the above questions varies however one answer, which works across the board is ‘variety’.

It’s absolutely important that you create a whole variety  of content on a variety of platforms. Also; the device for which the content is being produced needs to be considered as well.

Mobile needs to be a focus. Understanding the types of content and the consumption preference is equally critical

Business reputation is important and is something that comes first!

Good reputation of your business is essential. It is only the ‘positive reputation’ which enables the marketers in differentiating their  products and services in a highly competitive market.  So, make sure that you communicate with your customers, stakeholders, potential clients, target audience and in fact everyone whoever interacts with your company via social media, website or e-mail. Answer any doubts, which they may have. Help them to ensure that you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

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