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How to avoid common SEO Errors - learn from DML

August 24, 2017


Let’s get back to the basics – organic search still stands as one of the most important customer acquisition channels. Yes, from our experience as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata, we can say, systematic, strategic and effective SEO can bring in anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of your overall website traffic.

Here’s the warning line – E commerce sites that lose search rankings has the risk of going out of business

BUT doing SEO wrong can hurt more. Here are the 5 common ways e-commerce sites can unintentionally hurt SEO and thus lose their search rankings.

#SEO ERROR 1: Moving platforms without much focus on the SEO factor. Launching a new e-commerce website or let’s say switching to a new platform without focusing on the significant part of the SEO is the most common reasons why rankings and sales go down. Let’s say, you have an ecommerce store and the new site isn’t as SEO friendly as your prior version. Or let’s say when you switched the ecommerce platforms, perhaps you deleted pages and changed URLs without doing redirects – all these can have a negative impact on the ranking and reach.

#SEO ERROR 2:  Errors during restructuring categories may occur and that’s a costly mistake which should be avoided at any cost. Many online merchants continuously optimize their navigational bar for customers. They may remove categories, re-categorize them and merge categories. Doing it in the wrong way may impact the SEO. Before you start deleting categories or pages, ensure that you check Google Analytics for the page and identify how much traffic it receives from organic search engines.

#SEO ERROR 3:  Removing Pages & URLs in a wrong way can impact the ranking. If you simply start deleting the contents in terms of blogs, products, you also have the risk of  Google de-indexing those pages. If you’re deleting pages, categories or CMS pages, then reference the above section on categorization and also make sure that it doesn’t rank for many phrases in Google and doesn’t get much search traffic.

#SEO ERROR 4: Not keeping up with SEO is yet another costly error, which should be avoided. Keep in mind; E commerce websites are in the eternal rat race for space and not building the brand identity online with organic marketing is a serious mistake.

#SEO ERROR 5:  Hurting the UX is yet another mistake. Needless to say, a good UX correlates with better rankings. When it comes to the point of ‘User optimization’ or catering to User Experience it typically refers creating a memorable experience for your users. It’s all about making your website sticky so that your users read your content and take the right actions. Learn how to improve your rankings with UXThe bottom line is simple and straightforward – all the efforts that you may put for UX should help in earning more prominent position on Google.

As one of the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata we know the secret recipe to handle your E commerce solution with the seamless SEO factors in mind. Worry not; we can also help you integrate foolproof, cutting edge and seamless digital strategies for your e-commerce ventures