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Questions To Understand Your Consumer’s Painpoint

October 24, 2018

understand customer pain points suggests leading digital marketing company in Kolkata

Doesn’t matter much you are into which industry or what kind of products or services you offer, if you are not taking care of your customer’s #painpoints you are putting your business at risk. The products and solutions are designed to make the consumer happy but still the reality is harsh and many of these carefully designed solutions fail to solve the consumer’s worries. As a boutique digital branding agency in Kolkata we have identified a probable reason behind this. We feel often we are so busy playing doctor, so confident in our abilities in relieving the self assessed and perceived pain points that we typically miss to ask the patient (read consumer) about his actual pain points. Quite ideally therefore we prescribe medication for our perceived pain points whereas the pain remain unaddressed where it actually hurts and hurts the most. If you are serious about providing true value to your consumers you need to understand their real pain points.

How? By asking the right questions.

NEVER make any assumptions. DO NOT assume. It’s a strict N NO. Your self conceived notions influence your thoughts and also plays a negative role during your interaction with the client. Ask open ended questions, prObe more to get to his painpoints.

ASK open ended questions. Keep in mind; the open ended questions are not just incredible conversation starter but also opens door wide to a more focused and open mutually beneficial discussions. By asking OPEN ENDED questions you create that ultimate opportunity for the client to freely converse. Follow his conversation and you never know you may identify his pain points which you didn’t realized earlier.

Be an Active Listener. Yes put your listening ears and your thinking cap on when conversing with client especially to learn about his pain points.  DO NOT interrupt rather listen actively what he is telling you. Take mental note and ask insightful follow up questions. Try and peel back the layers to discover his experience and painpoints.

Try and figure out a COMMON THREAD. Yes, we know certain issues, some problems are case specific and may vary person to person but try to find out a common thread, issues that are universal. Identify them and re evaluate your products/services

Try out our suggestions and tweak your strategies accordingly. As the leading digital strategist in Kolkata, we can tell you from our experiences by addressing the consumer pain points you can make them happy all across the touch points.