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Last minute digital marketing tips to woo customers

February 13, 2018


large be my valentine

Valentine’s Day – yes, the time of the year is here to show our friends and loved ones our appreciation and love. With all the talks of chocolates, laces, roses and candlelight dinners it’s also the time of the year to build up the momentum of driving the customer interest. It’s Valentine’s Day after all. Show some love to your customers and they will love you back.

As the leading digital marketing company in India, it is our responsibility, after all, to talk about the last minute ideas to help you in making the  most of the holiday.

Fret not if flowers, laces, candies, and dinners are not for your customers, we have got just the right solution!

Here are few marketing tips, which can help you in making the most on this Valentine’s Day

#1. Email valentines– yes, we know, you may not have the time for coordinating direct mail campaign, but a loving email valentine can do wonder. Compose a punny poem or write down a simple love letter for your customer to create that ultimate touch point with your customers this month.

#2. Woo, delight & surprise them with a flash sale – Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. So proclaim your love for your customers with a good deal. You may even delight and surprise them with a flash sale!  Give your customers some incentive. Give them deep discounts and follow up with remarketing.

#3. Have some fun with your customers on social media – No doubt, social media can be an incredible place to earn engagement and have some cool fun with your customers. Factor in your analytics when brainstorming for your Valentine’s Day social media campaign. Give your customers what they love the most to garner the maximum social engagement

#4. Pair multiple elements – Here’s a tip – factor in pairing a number of elements when planning to create and promote your Valentine’s Day campaign. For instance; you may promote a flash sale through email blasts and promote a guerrilla marketing stunt through social media.

As the leading digital marketing agency in India, we never get tired of saying – whatever you do to woo your customers, make sure that you execute them well. Keep in mind; it’s better to plan for 1 or 2 well planned strategic touch points on Valentine’s Day than a number of poorly planned touch points which do more harm than any good by turning off your customers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!