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Benefits of On-Demand Mobile Application Development in India | Digital Marketing Lab

May 29, 2021

On-Demand apps can be thought of as a connecting layer between customers and various businesses. On-Demand apps cover a wide range of industries, and consumers use them to get their hands on a variety of products or services. These services can now include grocery shopping, laundry, food delivery, car rentals, and personal health care. In short, consumers can access such services with just a few taps on their smartphones. To thrive and build a reputation, the majority of online businesses are now utilizing the services of On-Demand apps contributing to the mobile application development in India.

Let us quickly dive into the benefits of these on-demand apps –
  • Simplicity – Customers can easily use on-demand apps. It also allows app users to book services and make purchases without having to go through a middleman. Anyone can use on-demand apps after a quick registration and a few simple steps. Furthermore, such apps make complex business processes easier to understand.
  • Flexibility – Another feature of on-demand apps is their flawless and adaptable functionality. These apps are secure and adaptable enough to attract a large audience. With a well-functioning app, you can also build a loyal customer base. You can start by making the app free to use and then add an in-app purchase feature to monetize it.
  • Scalability – An on-demand app is an online representation of your company that is scalable and robust. It can easily handle your company’s growing needs while effectively meeting customer expectations. Any top mobile app development company in the United States can create a custom on-demand app with this functionality.
  • Saves Money – A custom on-demand app solution is affordable and can help you save money on overhead. Through the use of an app, you can make business processes simple and customer-friendly. In addition, the on-demand app can be used as a powerful promotional tool to raise awareness of discounts and other marketing offers. Running a loyalty program through an app is simple. All of these app-based promotional activities are low-cost.
  • Improved customer services – Ordering with their fingertips is very convenient for your customers or app users. Furthermore, an app allows them to place and track orders while on the go. In this way, you can improve customer service while also benefiting from customer satisfaction in the form of word-of-mouth publicity.

In summary, a custom mobile app solution for your on-demand business can serve as a link between your business and your customers. With the help of on-demand apps, it is simple to offer a product or service to customers directly. It’s fair to say that as the on-demand economy grows, so will the demand for on-demand mobile application development in India.


Push Notifications

Push notifications can be extremely effective when it comes to informing app users about new products or offers. You can also send real-time alerts to customers about limited-time offers and discounts. You can also use push notifications to send messages about order status and delivery time estimates.

Booking Facility

The booking feature is the most important feature for the on-demand app after a simple and phone number-based registration. It allows customers to book your services or products while they are on the go. You can also display preferences based on the user’s previous visits. The payment gateway is integrated with the booking feature.

GPS Tracking

It allows you and app users to keep track of orders. This feature can also be used to notify users about the status of their orders. GPS-based tracking also allows you to keep stakeholders informed about the consignment’s current location.

Payment Integration

You must provide your customers with a simple yet secure payment option. Payment gateways can be integrated by the mobile app development company, allowing your customers to pay with a debit card, credit card, net banking, or mobile wallet. When it comes to integrating payment gateways, speed and security are the most important factors to consider.

Review and Rating

The on-demand app, like any other B2C app, requires a review and rating feature. When a visitor wants to learn more about your app, client testimonials and reviews are important. Constructive feedback can also be used to improve your services and the app’s functionality. Finally, the review and rating section can help your customers trust you.


This is, after all, one of the most crucial features of the on-demand mobile app. It gives your customers the option to cancel their orders. It may appear to be a minor feature, but it is critical because if users do not find this feature, they will uninstall the on-demand app. If a user wishes to cancel an order, the cancellation feature comes in handy.

Activity Log

It allows app users to see their previous activities. It makes it easier for users to repeat their orders as needed. To save the user’s time and effort, the activity log also displays search results and other related information. It can serve as a memory aid for your app’s users, removing the need for them to remember orders.

You can hire a mobile app development company to create an app that incorporates features that are relevant to your business model. You can hire mobile app developers if you want to develop a customized on-demand app quickly and for a reasonable price. They charge by the hour. However, keep in mind that the hourly rates for Americans and Canadians are vastly different. Keep in mind, however, that the hourly rates for American and Indian app developers are drastically different.

To Wrap Up

The on-demand Mobile Application Development in India trend is here to stay. However, as the competition in this genre heats up, you’ll need to release an app faster than your competitors to take advantage of it. Customers and stakeholders will undoubtedly appreciate your wise decision. In the coming years, we also expect technological advancements to propel on-demand app development to new heights.

Regardless of the scale or size of your on-demand business, we can provide a customized mobile app solution. Our skilled mobile app developers can create cutting-edge apps with the features you need to meet your changing business requirements.

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