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Best Digital Marketing Services at Affordable Price | Digital Marketing Lab

May 6, 2021

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing also known as online marketing may be defined as any form of marketing that involves the usage of electronic devices to convey promotional messages of your brand to the potential and existing consumers with the help of internet and other forms of digital communication. From online video display ads to social media posts to email marketing, all are different ways of promoting your brands or products online.

Digital Marketing is primarily data-driven. Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are the different strategies that digital marketing comprises of. Thanks to internet and technology, digital marketers are able to analyse data of different customer behaviour and user engagements and make use of this valuable data to facilitate more personalised content towards clearly defined audiences for better engagement and results.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you want to grow the online presence your business, it is important to develop a digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy will help you grow your company by driving valuable traffic to your page and earn more leads that turn into conversions. 

A digital marketing strategy may be described as a series of actions or plans that use online marketing channels to achieve a set of marketing goals. These goals are set after a good understanding of your business objectives. After the goal is set, digital marketing campaigns are developed and executed in order to achieve them. The online marketing channels may be owned, paid, or earned media. A digital marketing action plan allows you to build and launch your online marketing strategy with success.

No two Internet marketing strategies are alike, though.

Your business should have a unique strategy that fits the requirements of your business and involves a combination of approaches.

A robust online marketing strategy details the following goal types:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

Setting multiple types of goals allows you to develop a better plan for your business. However, an efficient digital marketing strategy should strive to fulfil the digital goal of the company within the budget provided. It should not involve unnecessary expenses that may act as a burden to the company rather than showing any actual result.

Why is having a Digital Marketing Strategy Important?

Having a strategy is as important as having a plan to achieve any goal. It helps in optimising the workflow implementation, and allows high efficacy while overlooking various areas to review data analytics and then act upon them as required. 

This helps in improving various digital marketing strategies from search marketing (SEO/SEM), email marketing & social media marketing conversion rate optimisation. This helps you to reach your business goal, thereby, gaining new customers and building deeper relationships with existing ones. 

Having a good strategy also saves you from incurring extra and unnecessary expenses.

Digital Marketing Lab is an affordable digital marketing agency in Kolkata. At DML, we work with our clients in their digital marketing strategies and provide them with the best solutions and services to help their business grow effectively. We strive to provide digital marketing services to both- start-ups and big enterprises who want to leave a mark online at affordable costs.

At DML, we analyse your business goals and objectives, plan marketing strategies and implement them as required. Today, majority of people spend time using internet and doing online business means attracting national and international audience towards your brand. So why not avail the services from only the best.

Our Services:


SEO is more than just optimization. It’s a data-driven strategy that can have a major impact on the entire digital footprint your company. Our experts can help you connect to the potential consumers of your brand, thereby increasing the visibility of your website.


We optimize your content to draw in clients in your local area. Our goal is to work with you to develop informative content that will keep your local audience coming back to your site.


We help brands connect with the right audience at the right time for optimized results. Our experts formulate social media strategies that will market your brand’s values and improve the social media presence of your brand.


PPC is a great way to drive instant traffic to your website. Its essence is that for every click on your ad you pay a fee to the site owner or service provider. One of the most common types of pay per click ad platform is Google Ads, AKA Google AdWords.


Email marketing has the potential to outperform display and search engine marketing to a great extent if practiced in the right manner. Our expert marketing consultants know how to turn the tables in your favour by blending credible, measurable, share provoking campaigns using the most powerful & cost-effective tools.


Content Marketing is all the rage. It’s a well-paid marketing strategy, if executed smartly. Our Content Marketing service will get you heard and drives website traffic & social media visibility. Content plays a significant role in search engine scoring and, therefore, the backbone of our SEO and link-building strategies.

Why choose us?

Over the years marketing has changes rapidly and today traditional marketing ways are no longer in practice. In this era of digitalization, even everyone is moving towards the internet, marketing has also found its way to it. Hence, digital marketing is here to stay! Digital Marketing Lab is a digital marketing company which is well-known for providing the best digital solutions at reasonable costs. Whatever your goal may be, conversion rate optimisation, traffic to your website, more sales, on-page holding time or other, through our digital marketing services you will get all of these under one roof. DML is a one-stop digital marketing company which has skilled professionals at work to provide the best results to the clients. Our experts design an online marketing campaign after analysing the goals of your company. 

Our team at DML has 13 years of robust experience in the digital marketing industry. We are known for delivering the top class digital marketing services to our clients. Make us your marketing partner and grow your business with us without spending a lump sum amount of money. We give you complete assurance to enhance and grow your business with time. Our team of experts will maintain your online brand reputation in the market thereby increasing your sales and brand value online.