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Brands are thinking and acting like humans

October 22, 2018

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Have you ever pondered on the fact, how exactly the giant brands like – Apple, Disney, Nike succeed in keeping their ever evolving clientele loyal? The answer is written on the wall – they have humanized their brand. Yes, big brands have entered the “Human Era.” As a boutique branding and digital marketing company in Kolkata, we have been playing our role in establishing our client’s brands while cutting through the digital noise.

So, what are the specific qualities the humanized brands tend to possess? Honesty, transparency, credibility, openness, excitement, empathetic – yes these are a few qualities of the humanized brands in maintaining the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

How big brands are responding to this ‘human era’

The paradigm shift in the brand voice while moving far beyond the ‘buy from me’ marketing model has helped in building the ‘human era.’ That was just a humble beginning and today the giant brands are taking control of their social media platform while utilizing them in interacting and empathizing with their target audience. Brads have now become socially responsible and are attuned to human emotion. Sure, it’s working for them. It can be deduced that ‘Human Era’ is upon us and is here to stay,

To put things simply; brands that are successful in grabbing the customer’s attention and in keeping the customers glued are acting like ‘human beings.’ Look up and around and you will be pleasantly amazed finding how the top brands are focused in humanizing their brand message and in digging out their target audience.

Well; you don’t have to take our words for granted. ‘Seeing is believing’ after all so let’s a closer look at the examples of Brands that have been acting as humans.

Coca-Cola – Roger-Enrico-Ad

The ad was published in the NYT as a tribute to Roger Enrico from the Coco-Cola family.

“We have lost one of the true legends of our company and our industry,” said Indra K. Nooyi, the chairwoman and chief executive of PepsiCo.

Roger Enrico was the  PepsiCo Chief During 1980s ‘ and he died at the age of 71. It’s a known fact that Roger Enrico, almost dethroned Coca-Cola in the 1980s. Still, Coco Cola – the giant brand released a full-page ad in the NYT to honor Roger Enrico.

While commonly brands release ads in order to honor founders and other big wigs of the company but Coco Cola decided to break this protocol while remaining attuned to the human emotion. Curiously what was interesting in this case of Coco Cola is their recognition of Roger Enrico as an Industry leader! This made the big brand Coco Cola look more human.

Tata Motors – Re branded Zica to Tiago

The brand launched its hatchback in the year 2016 with much fanfare. Tata Motors did a soft launch naming the car as  ‘Zica’. But with the breakout of the Zika virus, Tata Motors renamed the hatchback to Tiago.  This socially responsible move made the band appear more human and the best part is the brand crowd sourced the name – Tiago from their social media platform. This in turn built engagement and also achieved high-value PR. Yes, from Zica to Tiago – Tata Motors successfully turned around the brand crisis.

Everyone loves a good story. This holds true for everyone. This is true in film, literature, television, music and media. Yes; this is also true in modern brand marketing. Acording to the leading Digital strategist in kolkata, Experiential Marketing with real time storytelling now provides fodder for social media feeds. We never get tired of saying, storytelling has now become the foundation of PR, Branding and marketing programs.

As the preferred digital marketing company in Kolkata we never get tired of repeating the fact – It is now all about figuratively connecting the consumers with the brand. It’s all about humanizing a brand, driving engagement and modifying behavior.

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