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Buyers abandoning your Ecommerce store? Address the painpoints

May 12, 2017


Be frank and tell us –

  • Are you finding it difficult to get visitors to buy from your online store?
  • Are you not selling as much as you would like to sell?
  • Chances are you are not addressing the pain points of your potential buyers!

No doubt; online shopping is on an upward trajectory. But here’s an interesting figure – while 43% of sales are happening online still online sales actually account for only about 9% of retail. Of course, it’s quite an impressive figure however it also clearly shows that there is also enough room for further improvement. The statistical figure also shows; there’s quite a sizeable amount of shoppers who refuse to buy online. Believe it or not; a great product range, competitive rates, easy navigation or easy checkouts have hardly anything to do with it.

So; what’s stopping them from buying online and what role do you have to play?

Pain point 1: it’s #complicated…

Yes; shoppers get attracted to complex-looking websites but the fact is also undeniable that they also get frustrated by overwhelming site navigation options, complicated site structure or by irrelevant details.

An interesting by Forrester Research reveals, around 50% of potential sales are lost because the potential customers fail to find what they are actually looking for.

Simply put; the visitors on your site should not have to learn how to navigate your site, instead, it should come naturally.


Take a closer look at your eCommerce site. Is the site structure simple but informative? You can also use the heat map tool to understand and assess what your shoppers are trying to do in your site.

By doing so you can reduce the number of clicks it takes them to find out the product that they are actually looking for.

Remove all the distracting elements and all the clutter to give the visitors a good feel about the products on your site.

Remember seamless and intuitive navigation eliminates shopper’s frustration and builds the buyer confidence

Pain Point 2: #Boring experience

Well; it may surprise you, however, the fact is undeniable that the attention span of an online shopper and a high-street shopper are somewhat similar but the key difference is, online shoppers, get distracted and bored easily and once they are bored or distracted …. they are gone.


All you have to do is to create an enjoyable and rich online shopping adventure to target impatient shoppers.

You have to integrate technologies and approaches in order to make the shopping experience rather enjoyable, interactive, and engaging.

Here are a few interactive and engaging techniques for you to mull over

Create an interactive product guide

Create gamification technique

Provide social shopping experience

Also; design your eCommerce site with ‘speed’ in mind. Kissmetrics reports –  25% of online shoppers abandon sites that take more than 4 seconds to load.

Pain Point 3: Missing #product description and clear product information

Face the fact; consumers simply detest dealing with returns as much as the brand manufacturers or the retailers do.  Consumers also feel intimidated buying a product online if they simply can’t capture the product mentally.

To put it in plain English, consumers will never buy a product if they can’t imagine how exactly it may look like when unpacked.

Not providing a clear image of the product or detailed product information that addresses the shopper’s questions regarding the product is a serious mistake.

It decreases the credibility of the seller, the trustworthiness of the eCommerce site as well as triggers the shopper to leave your store in just a few seconds.

Here are the industry expert data –  Forrester reports around  45% of US customers to choose to abandon the online purchase if they fail to find a quick answer to their queries.


To avoid bounce rates help your shoppers by letting them assess your products properly.

This means; you have to give them all the required information which they may feel as essential to make an informed decision.

You may also use the same structure as well as the same specification labels for similar products to allow the consumer to compare and decide.

Pain Point 4: Unavailability of choosing support

A wide range of products is the key to online domination. But too many choices can also be confusing at times.

So what should you do?

Should you be offering a lesser number of product ranges?

Will hamper your site’s reputation?

So what’s the way out?

Simple – offer your consumers a great deal of products along with choosing the support.


As briefed above; providing a great deal of choice in your eCommerce store without providing choosing support will add to the customer frustration level.

It’s your ultimate chance to step up as a knowledgeable expert to help them discover the particular type of products, which they will love.

Simply put; you have to be their ‘go-to place’ who can help them in their shopping journey.

There should be a product advisor to help your consumer in picking the right thing.

Pain Point 5: The “Do not touch” element

For humans, sensory experiences stand as a fundamental part of the shopping experience.

Possibly this is why – not being able to physically touch a product stands as one of the biggest cons of shopping online.

To counter this; as an online retailer, you actually have to walk those extra miles to sell an overall experience, not just a few products.


Entice your consumer with a persuasive product description that highlights the benefit of each feature of your product and thus appeals to the imagination of your consumers.

Remember; the best product description goes beyond just jotting down the product features, instead, it explains why exactly it’s best for them

Describe in simple and lay language how exactly the product feels, how it helps them to solve a particular problem and how it makes them happier.

Complement your description text with graphics, photos and videos to entertain the visitors and simply not to inform.

Walking those extra miles to address the pain points for your customers and addressing their pain points will certainly pay off in some way or other.

Give your consumers the best-guided selling solutions to make choosing easy and hassle-free.

Questions? We’re all ears!