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How to Figure Out your Customer’s Pain Points? from the Leading Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata


Lets not beat around the bush. Let’s come to the point straightway to make your business successful you need to figure out what your target audience is going through, with what they are struggling with and then you have to establish your brand as the “go to place” who genuinely care about their struggles and offers a solution. As a boutique digital marketing agency in kolkata we practice what we preach.  So, here’s our tested and proven method to solve customer painpoint

 Involve “why” more and more when probing your customers
You may start with a surface level issue and then dig deeper with each ‘why’ you ask. Remember our childhood days when we used to ask why why and why to our parents and annoy them? Here’s the same deal but with a profound purpose.

Here’s an example from our digital branding business 

Business owner – surface level issue- not feeling good with my website

We asked: why not feeling good with your sleek website?

Business owner: people are not talking about it

Why do you want your website to gain traction? (why do you want your audience to talk about it?)

Business owner:  For attracting potential buyers

We asked: Why do you need that?

Customer: To generate more sales
We asked: Why do you want that?

Customer: To make my business successful.

So what are the pain points we discovered here? Their main need is to generate sales . To do that they want traction on their website.

No doubt this is a crucial information for a branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata like us. Based on these we carved out our marketing plan. We are not going into plan details here. Only point we want to make here is simple- solve customer painpoints and their business will grow. As they grow you grow too

Questions? REACH US NOW


4 Quick – Fixes To Build Solid Backlink Profile

The concept of SEO has changed a lot. There were days when keyword stuffing would bring ranks. Now, it’s simply a spammy process that Google doesn’t accept. Even thin duplicate content would make site bring rank, now Google takes no second to penalize the website. Spammed backlinks from forum content and blog would give higher ranks, now the latest algorithm considers quality backlinks from authoritative sources as a good ranking factor.

Building backlinks naturally is the key to get good ranks. Although Google made it quite difficult to generate quality backlinks, it’s never been impossible though. So in this blog, we are going to share you few strategy that will help you build a great backlink profile.

Broken Links:

Most often, when a page is removed, users are redirected to ‘Error: 404’ page. This means the link that is redirecting to that page is broken. This also prevents the site from gaining authority from those links because search engine cuts it off. To get these broken links fixed, you need to redirect the links with the most relevant and quality content pages. But before doing this internally, make sure you’re also requesting webmaster to do the same changes externally to gain more equity of the link.

This might seem less important next to your other most important tasks, but if you want to keep the good ranking untouched, this is the first thing you need to consider. Create good pieces of content on the website to make the page relevant and add it with the broken links to fix the issue.

Finding mentions:

Digital space is very unlike other interactive spaces. You don’t know when your brand name is being mentioned by others and will go viral. This is why having Brand Monitoring tool is a great option to use. There are times when people are already talking about your brand without mentioning you. So with this tool, you can track down the websites mentioning your brand names. Work on your content which reader will love. And if it works well, see the search terms related to the post. Search the terms on the Brand Monitoring tool to gather the list of the sites that have your brand mention. And lastly, reach out to the webmaster with links that you can link back to your site.

Transforming HTTP to HTTPS

Well, this is important. Ever since Google has emphasized on secured links with HTTPS domain, it has automatically become a major ranking factor. If you have recently redirected transformed into HTTPS certification, all the external links will still be redirected to HTTP version. To prevent this happening time and again, you need to remove HTTP Url, increase link equity and replace them with HTTPS. If this seems time-taking task, first target the links that have quality content.

Remove toxic links:

Clean your profile as much as you can. This is the most crucial part to maintain a solid profile. Google checks websites very frequently. This is why it is important for you to make sure that there are no spammy and low-quality links. Use toxic links score checking tools to know your status. Once you have the report, you can ask the webmaster to remove the links.

If you want to know more about this method, please feel free to connect with us at- http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/contact-us/

How to strategize content marketing for your website?

Not everyone, who blogs get engagement. And if there’s no engagement of readers, there’s no point blogging for your website. What you think is a perfect piece of content may not be enough luring to your readers to share or comment on.

Every day, on the internet some staggering amount of content is published. And how would you be so sure that your content will survive in this massive flow of content?

There are marketers who draw a blank when it comes to increasing engagement with content marketing. Some feel that coming out with unconventional will help them to grab the attention of customers. Well. This may work but before everything, one needs to know the right strategy to hit the right chord of productive content marketing.
Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to create actionable engaging content.

Choosing the topic:

Well, this is the very first and the most crucial step to make a good start with your content. It takes a lot of researches to find out suitable niche based topics. Initially, you might not be able to write a totally unconventional thing about the products or service. In the beginning, you might find it a little challenging to come up with new topics every time, but later on, you will find it easy to come out with fresh ideas. However, writing on trending topic is the best way to generate more engagement.

Thorough and more research:

The more you will spend time researching before writing, the better your content will be. When you finalize your topic, research on Google and look for how your competitors have covered the topic. For better insights, read on the comments. Find case studies, video content to get a good grasp of the topic before you unleash your own research material.

Don’t miss subheading:

When you come up with a lengthy researched content, make sure you have written it in bible proportion. Adding subheadings to the content makes it look catchy and easily consumable. Readers find it more interesting and they don’t tend to skip. Readers will thoroughly go through the entire content with every subheading.

Add graphical illustration:

Yes, an image says a thousand words. So when you add images along with your content, not only it will make the entire write-up catchy but also more informative. Readers find it more engaging as the need to put less effort into getting the information.

Optimize with relevant keywords:

The last tool is optimization. Content optimization plays a big role in dragging targeted readers to your blogging section. Unless you optimize the content with relevant search keywords, your content will never be visible and will get lost in the myriads of other contents.

So these tips will help you chalk out the best content marketing strategy. To know more about online marketing, please visit- http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/.

How to Rank top on Google Maps with Six Easy Steps

Is your business yet to list on Google Maps/Places? If no, then chances are that you’re losing chunks. There’s a long story after you get your business listed online- you need to rank higher in search visibility. Well, when it comes to rank high on Google Maps, it’s never been easy. However, it’s apparently one of the most crucial aspects for your business to grab more local customers. Appearing on top of Google Maps give your business the most sought after place to be, as viewers are unlikely to go any further than the first page ranks.

The first thing first:

Even though you manage to drive your business name to appear on first page, you’ll find few of your competitor names hanging from the top. Now the question is how to secure your position at the top leaving them behind? So here’s how you need to start with

Get the Google verification done:

Set up your business page with Google Places. Give Google as much information about your business as possible, because the more Google will know about your business, the better visibility you will have online. Make sure you provide correct and complete information about-

Your website and contact information: Add the information including business name, address and phone numbers (NAP) so that Google can display more information to the person looking for your business.

Add business hours: Let your customers know how many days and how long you work.

Give authentic information: Google is very fast taking action against business having multiple addresses and locations. So before you enlist your business, make sure it has authentic location and address information.

Make Google reviews:

Google is considering good user reviews as a factor to give business higher ranks. Businesses with maximum numbers of good and authentic reviews are likely to rank higher than those with poor or no reviews. However, it’s kind of a Hit or Miss Game- once you open business for Google reviews, there’s no way you go back. And chances are that you may receive good as well as bad reviews. Unlike social media sites like Facebook, you cannot hide the Review section in Google. You will not have any control over the reviews, so they can be both good and bad.

If you’re doing really good job and your customers are happy, you won’t get much bad reviews. However, you can avoid bad reviews in many tactics. You can share your review links on your social media channels or you can create a redirection link on your website that will lead your website visitors to Google review page. By doing this, you will encourage your customers to share their experiences.

Get Citation:

Business citation is having mentions of your business on another site. If your business name, address and phone numbers are cited to designated sites with the same information that you have listed with Google My Business page, Google will determine that your business is real. The more you have the mentions, usually it’s better for you to rank on Google Maps. This is why it’s important to get the citation from the best sites. Being a digital marketing company in Kolkata, we offer our clients comprehensive citation report from where they can see mentions of their business.

Select right category for your business:

When you will create Google map listing, it will offer you to choose from different industry categories or keywords to describe your service on the platform. Google offers as many as 5 categories to choose from to best describe the business in different ways. There are businesses that are still unaware of the fact of adding additional categories while listing their business. When enlisting your business, make sure you use all of them. Add main category to classify your main service or business nature (Ex: health and beauty, Restaurant) rest five you can add into your local SEO keywords (Ex: Kolkata Salon, Realtor India). The better categorization, the better your search rankings will be.

Embed Google map on your website:

It’s also one of the best ways to let Google know your location based authentication. Businesses embedding Google map on their website will likely to rank good, as Google will know that your business is exactly located in the same place that you have already mentioned while listing.

Add images of your business:

When you add images, it takes your business another level of trustworthiness. Add good images of your business or website to your Goggle My business Listing. You can add more than one image and highlight your service and business environment. Images ignite potential customers to visit your website and take desirable actions.

If you want your business to rank top on Google listing, make sure you have followed all these stages. If you need professional guide on this, we can help you. Get in touch with the leading web design and development company in Kolkata at Digital Marketing Lab.,/p>

Be mine – 4 last minute digital marketing tips to woo your customers!



Valentine’s Day – yes, the time of the year is here to show our friends and loved ones our appreciation and love. With all the talks of chocolates, laces, roses and candlelight dinners it’s also the time of the year to build up the momentum of driving the customer interest. It’s Valentine’s Day after all. Show some love to your customers and they will love you back.

As the leading digital marketing company in India, it is our responsibility, after all, to talk about the last minute ideas to help you in making the  most of the holiday.

Fret not if flowers, laces, candies, and dinners are not for your customers, we have got just the right solution!

Here are few marketing tips, which can help you in making the most on this Valentine’s Day

#1. Email valentines– yes, we know, you may not have the time for coordinating direct mail campaign, but a loving email valentine can do wonder. Compose a punny poem or write down a simple love letter for your customer to create that ultimate touch point with your customers this month.

#2. Woo, delight & surprise them with a flash sale – Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. So proclaim your love for your customers with a good deal. You may even delight and surprise them with a flash sale!  Give your customers some incentive. Give them deep discounts and follow up with remarketing.

#3. Have some fun with your customers on social media – No doubt, social media can be an incredible place to earn engagement and have some cool fun with your customers. Factor in your analytics when brainstorming for your Valentine’s Day social media campaign. Give your customers what they love the most to garner the maximum social engagement

#4. Pair multiple elements – Here’s a tip – factor in pairing a number of elements when planning to create and promote your Valentine’s Day campaign. For instance; you may promote a flash sale through email blasts and promote a guerrilla marketing stunt through social media.

As the leading digital marketing agency in India, we never get tired of saying – whatever you do to woo your customers, make sure that you execute them well. Keep in mind; it’s better to plan for 1 or 2 well planned strategic touch points on Valentine’s Day than a number of poorly planned touch points which do more harm than any good by turning off your customers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Make The Most of The Valentine’s Day – Plan and Execute Jaw Dropping Digital Marketing Campaigns


No doubt, November, and December are definitely the right months to gear up your marketing efforts. However; based on the business and target audience, Valentine’s Day can be the next big moment to make your products and services stand out. Let your creative juice flow and do something awesome to make your online store stand apart in the clutter.

It’s impossible to deny the cost of love!


Yes, the annual celebration of love is upon us. And with just a few days time in hand to celebrate love and almost all things heart-shaped, now is the time to take a critical look at your marketing campaigns.

Like it or hate it but you simply can’t deny the fact ‘Forward Planning’ stands as the key element in all marketing initiative and digital marketing is definitely not an exception. Forward planning helps you to do your research well and then plan and execute jaw-dropping campaigns that your target audiences love. We, as the preferred digital marketing company in India, feel it as our responsibility to help you in planning your digital marketing campaign around VALENTINE’S DAY.

Here we have put together a few relevant ideas which are fast, easy and smart marketing campaigns which you can implement to make your customer fall in love with your brand!

Woo, and engage your audience with your brand – Woo them. Think of innovative ideas to engage with your audience. Leverage your social media platform to woo and engage with your customers. You may ask them to share their Valentine’s Day stories; ask them to share their reasons for falling in love with your brand, or you may even ask them to share their stories of the disastrous dates. Add some charm to this by tying this into a competition to boost the campaign further. Use suitable hashtags. Later turn all these into a Valentine’s Day Blog Post!

Add love themed images – Create simple love themed images to go with your social posts. Well; you don’t need to be a designer to create images. There are a number of user-friendly tools such as canva.com that’ll help you to create simple love themed images.

Dig out people who need some help in this love season –Monitor people on Twitter who are looking for some kind of help in deciding on what to buy on Valentine’s Day. Play your ‘cupid role’ by tweeting them your advice and solutions. Don’t bombard them with your sales pitch. Instead go gentle and try to help them in the true sense of the term. Also; check whether or not they are in the right country to be your potential target audience.

Surprise and delight your audience – Find out the customers who engage the most with your brand on social media. Find out the ones who follow, re- tweet, and share and like your post. Surprise and delight them with a free gift or discount coupon. Chances are there that they will be so overwhelmed that they will talk about this not only on social media but they will also talk about this to their friends, family and more. Yes, this will result in more brand exposure for you!

Segment your audience – If in case you have a good customer database then split your customer by gender, age, their preferred choice and more. Then target your audience with varied products based on this data.

Create a killer landing page – let’s call it – ‘Valentine’s Day landing page’.  This is the first bold step which you should be taking right now. Highlight the categories and the products on which you may offer eye-popping deals

Hyperlink snippets and products to relevant blog pages in order to increase the user engagement

Set up your marketing plan and implement it

While organic almost always provides you with the much-required branding initiative, however, for generating some quick sale you may consider –

Email marketing – Create email campaign leading to Valentine’s day sale. Send teaser emails at regular intervals for building the momentum and then one final mail right before the sale starts.

Google ads – As briefed earlier, once you create Valentine’s Day landing page start Google paid campaign to garner the maximum impact

Social ads – Create focused social campaigns on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. These 3 social platforms have gained tsunami of attention because of traffic and visual appeal, which they provide. Create graphical contents and GIFs to target them towards your target.

Content campaign with a 360-degree approach – Content sells and killer content not just sells but also helps in establishing you as the industry leader. As a leading digital marketing agency in India, we recommend you to create contents with ‘love theme’ to make the most of this Valentine season.  Not just lengthy contents but also create short snippets, videos, infographics and more. Promote these using the loyal social media following you have to create a valentine specific brand image.

Meet the challenges of this ever-evolving connected digital landscape with the leading digital branding company in India. Leverage the digital capabilities and the market advantage to develop end to end digital business strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.


Digital Branding Need Not To Be Boring Anymore! Use Humor in Your Brand Marketing

humor main image


You must have witnessed the change – over the past couple of years, digital marketing has somewhat infiltrated in almost every area of our lives. It’s impossible to escape the sponsored ads on LinkedIn, and Facebook, the promoted tweets on Twitter; it’s hard to overlook the frequent website popups. Yes, the list simply goes on. Thanks to the digital marketing plugins and other technical stuff like the tracking pixels and more – yes all these and much more have simplified things further.

However; when it comes to effective digital marketing strategy it is impossible to deny the significance of CONTENT. In an article for TopRank Marketing’s blog, the writer has ideally mentioned three significant attributes for an effective digital strategy.

1.Authoritative content – (such content should show impressive knowledge about a particular subject)

2.Credible Message (able to be believed)

3.Trustworthy brand message (the message need to provide the right solution to the problem/issue)

4.Humor (laughter is social after all)

The boredom of authoritative, credible and trustworthy marketing can actually be narrowed with a dash of humor! Yes, let’s get back to the point we started with – Digital branding need not be boring anymore!

As the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, we never get tired of saying, using humor in digital branding can help in breaking the monotony of serious marketing.  Before we talk about the strategy let us take a quick look at why humor is so effective

You love to laugh right? So do your customers. So, why are you so serious when it comes to creating your brand content? Use humor because it’s good for your brand’s health.

dml content - image


In the ever-evolving and cutthroat competition in the B2B sphere use humor as that ultimate sure shot way to grab the attention of your target audience. Connect them and make them laugh. When done in a witty way, humor will not just help you to get more leads but it will also help you in making your target audience more relaxed.

Still humor remains as quite a touchy point in brand marketing. The relevant questions thus revolve – will it offend the target audience? Will they understand the joke? Does humor work at all?

Yes, humor work. In fact, there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh to make your brand memorable.

Humorous content creates unity –  Social science has pro9ved the fact that laughter is social. In fact, we tend to laugh more when we are in a company rather than when we are all alone.  To put things simply; laughter helps in easing out the tension. Humor thus forms that ultimate sense of unity through groups. Inculcate this into your brand marketing – for instance get your Twitter or FB Fans laughing, and you will be able to establish that ultimate sense of connections with your brand voice.

It establishes emotional responses – Humor creates a sense of positivity. A good belly laugh releases the ‘feel good hormones.’  Laughter helps in relaxing the body and in boosting the immune system. No, we are not talking about the physical benefits of laughter here but all these physical and psychological responses are unconscious, and they create that ultimate pleasant emotional response. This means; by using humor in your brand voice on social media, you play your part in helping people to associate with the relaxed feelings with your brand.

Humorous brand message makes your brand memorable – Research proves the fact only 42% of positive experiences were forgotten whereas, 60% of negative experiences were forgotten

As the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we have the honor of working with some of the reputed brands. From our experience, we can vouch that humor actually works. Here’s the catch line – Here’s the most crucial part – HUMOLR  IS NO JOKE when it comes to brand messages and content marketing. Yes, it can be very potent in winning hearts of your target audience but if done wrong it can affect your business’ bottom-line.

If you know the rule of the game and if you play your cards well; humorous marketing campaign can be a resounding success and can go viral.


Is maintaining a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Necessary at all?

editorial calendar

The content marketing editorial calendar is the next big buzzword to focus on.

Questions still prevail – is it worth the hype? Can you benefit from adding the editorial calendar to your content marketing plan?

Before even delving any further we need to ensure that we are on the same page with some of the basics. Many a time we hear the buzz words like ‘content marketing’ and ‘editorial calendar’ without much understanding about their effects and significance. We first need to understand what content marketing is actually.

Content Marketing is something that is ultimately helpful to its audience. With effective content marketing, it is all about gaining ‘new fans’, which could all be potential customers. It is certainly not about a quick sale, but it is about building an audience that trusts you. It is about establishing yourself as an influencer in your niche, establishing your brand as the “Go to Place” whatsoever.

As a digital marketing company in Kolkata, we never get tired of stating the significance of maintaining an editorial calendar.So what’s a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar anyway?

There is no denying that content marketing is highly strategic. There is no cookie-cutter formula. As a business owner, you need to keep the following 3 aspects in mind to make a connection to your brand –

1.Get a detailed understanding of your target audience

2.Figure out what motivates them

3.Find out what they may need to hear from you

This is where the content marketing calendar comes in. It is basically a thematic planning document that gives you and your content marketing team strategic plan of attack.

1.Any effective calendar should

2.Provide a place for content ideation (post ideas and key topics)

3.Create publishing schedule for maintaining consistent presence, online

4.Help you in visualizing your marketing strategy that everyone can understand.

5.Act as a SPOC (Single point of communication) to team members.

Okay here’s why you may need a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar

Because content marketing is a strategic marketing tool: Yes; the whole idea of content marketing is basically a strategic venture. As already briefed it is all about what your customers want and how you may want to give them. This is a strategic goal, and it requires a strategic tool and the editorial calendar stands as the place where you can see a total panoramic view of your marketing strategy.

Because it makes you more consistent: Writing the plan is always incredibly powerful. It thus becomes more tangible for the content marketing team. In fact you will be more likely to stick with it as you go along. Content marketing editorial calendar thus gives you the accountability for creating content day after day.

Your audience will love it: Indeed; quality, scalable, content that is more focused on what your audience need is much needed. Give your audience what they need and they will appreciate your efforts.

It helps you to get traffic: In today’s web world, it is all about getting Traffic. Because it is after all the traffic that helps you get your brand in front of more eyeballs. Content marketing with a well-planned schedule exactly does that.

When your audience shares your content your work is validated that your content is awesome. This, in turn, gives you more traffic, shares, and subscribers, effective content marketing is the new SEO. The search engine giants are only favoring unique, high quality, consistent content marketing strategy over the typical SEO tricks. A focus on the effective content marketing editorial calendar is more important now than ever.

Manage content seamlessly and smartly with intelligent methodologies. Based on our industry expertise, years of experience, tested and proven methodologies and technical skills, at DML we help you create, edit, archive, publish, collaborate, report, and distribute content and information. Partner with the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata to grow your brand, operate efficiently and to make smarter business decisions.


Top 3 Content Hacks for Optimal Lead Generation

Lead Generation

How exactly will you feel to find through Google Analytics that you have received thousands of hits this week? Excited and thrilled right? No wonder! Think again, how will you realize that  out of the thousands of visitors, only a negligible number has converted? All of that thrill and excitement vanishes within a blink, right?

You ask yourself, “where am I going wrong?”

There is no one line answer to this so let us analyze the situation. Let’s now think of your website as a business premise right in the center on the open market

Let’s for one minute think of your website as a real estate agent’s office right at the center on the open market. Potential buyers will be in and out of the business premise but tell me honestly how many of them will convert?

Capture them right at your front door

Within just a fraction of second the front door of the business premise (read homepage of your website) can captivate and lead the potential buyer inside and vice versa.

We never get tired of saying; the homepage of your website is visited the most from search engines, social media platforms from the referring sites and the list simply goes on –

So, here are a few questions to ask yourself right now – 

Will the visitor be able to decipher your product or the services you provide within the fraction of second?

Does the homepage of your website house testimonials?

Is the Call to Actions enough compelling?

Is there a lead collection form?

Are some of your popular blogs visible on the home page with links?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions then recheck, rethink and realign your homepage structure.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind –

Point 1: Use compelling Headlines to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked

According to the industry experts a great headline stands as the ultimate tool to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked. A great headline should include a strong verb and should include a compelling describing  word.

Here are a few compelling verbs to use in your headline









Here a few compelling describing words which you may use –









Write compelling headline

Writing a one liner such as ‘we create interest ‘, we create buzz etc won’t serve much purpose. Why? Simply because they do not provide much information about your products and services hence the reader won’t be able to get an idea about what to expect from you or how you may solve their challenges. The reader/buyer will keep on contemplating – does the company market website> make websites? Do they write content? Do they make graphics?

Point 2: Have compelling CTA in place

Display your call to actions on all the pages. Not just your home page  and contact us but also your FAQ section and terms and conditions should also include clear and compelling CTA.

Point 3: Create a powerhouse with your blog / newsletter

You can create newsletter with your blog posts, business news, informational tips & tricks and more. Keep in mind; your website should include newsletter sign-up form with clear CTAs.  You may offer an incentive for the subscribers to click the subscribe button to gain newsletter subscribers.

Now it’s your turn to build a fool proof lead generation strategy .

Good luck!

Fred Update – Know What You Should Know

As a responsible Digital marketing agency in Kolkata, it is our responsibility to help you stay informed and updated about the recent Google Fred update. Read on and learn more


Another update has hit the SEO community hard. Yes, we are talking about the recent Fred Update.

Originally the “Search Engine Land” published the update and suggested, the update is to prevent link spamming.

Experts like Barry Schwartz suggests, Fred update typically targets –

1. Low value contents

2. Ad heavy sites

3. Affiliate sites

How is Fred different from the other relevant updates, which penalized low quality content earlier?

Unlike the other updates, the Fred update has typically targeted the websites that focuses on generating ad revenue. Fred update targets the website that actually provides low value content and aims for ad generation.

The symbols of this type of websites are –

1.Keyword stuffed fluff content

2. Sites that have whole lot of ads interspersed throughout their text

3. Irrelevant slide shows that compel users to click through a whole lot of pages for viewing content which could have been placed on a single page.

4. Sites with poor and low quality backlinks

With this comes the next significant question – how can you prevent being affected by this Fred Update?

Here is your survival strategy

1. Write high quality and relevant content

2. Stop overloading your website with ads & affiliate links

3. Disavow the unnatural, poor quality and spammy backlinks

Write quality content: How many times have you said Content is the king? Many a time, right? Now is the time to follow the advice stringently. As a responsible website owner, make that your goal and create scanable, scalable, shareable content. You will see your search rankings rise in the SERPs  naturally.

Be careful with Ads now: It is impossible to deny the significance of advertisements and people also expect to see ads on most of the sites. In some cases it only creates poor use experience and this is exactly where Google Fred update comes in. With this update Google has taken yet another step to encourage website owners in creating quality experiences.

Typically the Fred algorithm targets the sites that burden their content with Ads while making it harder to distinguish ads from the site content.

This means; if in case you are using ads on your site ensure that your ads are clearly defined as Ads. Also; your ads shouldn’t try to trick people into clicking.

Also; avoid using the pop- up messages on your website. Although this type of ads are not yet been targeted by the Fred update, but Google has this habit of penalizing the websites with pop-ups that make content less accessible on mobile devices. As the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata we recommend that you avoid using the pop up messages.

Check the quality of your backlinks: Once there was a time when the primary ways of determining how a site will rank was typically dependent on number of sites that are linked to it. This led to lot of poor back links. As Google’s algorithms got smarter, this kind of SEO is no longer effective. Poor backlinks can wreck your website.

We highly recommend that you look through your site’s backlinks periodically. If you find any links from the sites that seem suspicious, or you don’t recognize or from sites that are totally irrelevant to your area of business, disavow those links in Google Search Console.

Are you worried about whether or not your site will be negatively affected by Google’s algo updates? Would you be interested to know about how you can ensure the quality of your website content? We can help with the right dose of knowledge and technical partnership.

As the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata we can help. Contact us today and we shall provide you with a FREE Audit.