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How to strategize content marketing for your website?

Not everyone, who blogs get engagement. And if there’s no engagement of readers, there’s no point blogging for your website. What you think is a perfect piece of content may not be enough luring to your readers to share or comment on.

Every day, on the internet some staggering amount of content is published. And how would you be so sure that your content will survive in this massive flow of content?

There are marketers who draw a blank when it comes to increasing engagement with content marketing. Some feel that coming out with unconventional will help them to grab the attention of customers. Well. This may work but before everything, one needs to know the right strategy to hit the right chord of productive content marketing.
Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to create actionable engaging content.

Choosing the topic:

Well, this is the very first and the most crucial step to make a good start with your content. It takes a lot of researches to find out suitable niche based topics. Initially, you might not be able to write a totally unconventional thing about the products or service. In the beginning, you might find it a little challenging to come up with new topics every time, but later on, you will find it easy to come out with fresh ideas. However, writing on trending topic is the best way to generate more engagement.

Thorough and more research:

The more you will spend time researching before writing, the better your content will be. When you finalize your topic, research on Google and look for how your competitors have covered the topic. For better insights, read on the comments. Find case studies, video content to get a good grasp of the topic before you unleash your own research material.

Don’t miss subheading:

When you come up with a lengthy researched content, make sure you have written it in bible proportion. Adding subheadings to the content makes it look catchy and easily consumable. Readers find it more interesting and they don’t tend to skip. Readers will thoroughly go through the entire content with every subheading.

Add graphical illustration:

Yes, an image says a thousand words. So when you add images along with your content, not only it will make the entire write-up catchy but also more informative. Readers find it more engaging as the need to put less effort into getting the information.

Optimize with relevant keywords:

The last tool is optimization. Content optimization plays a big role in dragging targeted readers to your blogging section. Unless you optimize the content with relevant search keywords, your content will never be visible and will get lost in the myriads of other contents.

So these tips will help you chalk out the best content marketing strategy. To know more about online marketing, please visit- http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/.

8 common email marketing mistakes & ways to avoid them


Did you know; more than 294 billion emails are sent daily? Be frank and tell us, how many emails, did you wake up to this morning? Plenty isn’t it? You are not alone!

Email-Marketing-Mistakes-To-Avoid 2

From our experience, we can vouch, most businesses do email marketing these days, but not all email marketing is effective. Let’s understand the simple fact – as a responsible business owner when you send an email to your potential customers, you should leave no stone un-turned to stand out from the other hundreds of emails that your reader may receive the same day, you send yours.

Email marketing is a great tool when utilized in the right way. Yes, sending an email requires an investment in terms of time, energy and money and it’s important that the time is not wasted on by sending an email which is not being read or acted on.

Here are 8 common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

#Mistake 1: Unsolicited Messages without subscription links. DO NOT send your messages to anyone who hasn’t given you permission – this is the golden rule to email marketing. After all; you don’t want your mails to hit someone’s SPAM folder, right? The smartest way to gain mail list subscription is to add an opt – in link for subscribing to your blog or newsletter on your company website or mobile site. This will give your customers the ultimate chance to receive information from you. You should also provide a clear opt strategy if a customer intends to unsubscribe. Ensure that the whole transition remain smooth, but do not make it a too easy to op-out. Instead, you may provide alternatives for opting out, but give them the chance to leave on good terms.

#Mistake 2: Sending email without persuasive subject Line. The most significant aspect of any email is definitely the subject line. Keep your email subject line simple, informative and make it worth opening. Don’t overdo it and don’t try to mislead your target audience. Also; avoid using capitals for entire phrases.

#Mistake 3: Not arresting your customer attention frequently. Remember, sending too many emails is as bad as not sending your email at all at frequent intervals. Yes, not following a schedule for email marketing is thus a costly mistake. Also; encourage the viral effect while providing your target audience with the option to share your email. This means; your email should feature social sharing links. In order to reduce the chance of spam complaints try to explain the recipients why you they are receiving your mail

# Mistake 4: Sending your mail untested. Yes, sending the mail without testing is nothing but a missed opportunity. Sending out the 2 versions of a single email, is the right tool to figure out the best performing format for future campaigns.
#Mistake 5: Using donotreply@yourdomain.com for sending emails. Keep in mind; sending from no reply or do not reply domains are uninviting. Sending from these domains will reduce the open rate. Personalizing your mail is a great tool.

#Mistake 6: Sending image only emails. Avoid this costly mistake. Remember; on an average only 33% of the email subscribers may have the images turned on by default. What does this mean for you? This means your email will be displayed as just an empty box and cannot be read. Only in a few cases, images only emails are useful. For instance; if you sell clothing, any visual product or travel related service or products then going with an image based email makes sense.

#Mistake 7: Not hyperlinking with your website. Remember; your mail should include at least 1 link and the link should direct people to a dedicated landing page with all the details of the campaign. This makes it easy for real time audience to buy from you.

#Mistake 8: Going ahead with the ‘One Size All’ approach. Keep in mind; relevance is one of the most effective forms of marketing and the one size all approach never works. Segmentation is the basis of any successful email campaign. Segment your list into different groups, customize your messaging approach to each reader to see higher click-through rates.

It’s now your turn to enhance your email marketing campaigns. As one of the leading digital branding agency in Kolkata at Digital Marketing Lab we make branding and your outreach campaigns a staggering success.

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Top 3 Content Hacks for Optimal Lead Generation

Lead Generation

How exactly will you feel to find through Google Analytics that you have received thousands of hits this week? Excited and thrilled right? No wonder! Think again, how will you realize that  out of the thousands of visitors, only a negligible number has converted? All of that thrill and excitement vanishes within a blink, right?

You ask yourself, “where am I going wrong?”

There is no one line answer to this so let us analyze the situation. Let’s now think of your website as a business premise right in the center on the open market

Let’s for one minute think of your website as a real estate agent’s office right at the center on the open market. Potential buyers will be in and out of the business premise but tell me honestly how many of them will convert?

Capture them right at your front door

Within just a fraction of second the front door of the business premise (read homepage of your website) can captivate and lead the potential buyer inside and vice versa.

We never get tired of saying; the homepage of your website is visited the most from search engines, social media platforms from the referring sites and the list simply goes on –

So, here are a few questions to ask yourself right now – 

Will the visitor be able to decipher your product or the services you provide within the fraction of second?

Does the homepage of your website house testimonials?

Is the Call to Actions enough compelling?

Is there a lead collection form?

Are some of your popular blogs visible on the home page with links?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions then recheck, rethink and realign your homepage structure.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind –

Point 1: Use compelling Headlines to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked

According to the industry experts a great headline stands as the ultimate tool to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked. A great headline should include a strong verb and should include a compelling describing  word.

Here are a few compelling verbs to use in your headline









Here a few compelling describing words which you may use –









Write compelling headline

Writing a one liner such as ‘we create interest ‘, we create buzz etc won’t serve much purpose. Why? Simply because they do not provide much information about your products and services hence the reader won’t be able to get an idea about what to expect from you or how you may solve their challenges. The reader/buyer will keep on contemplating – does the company market website> make websites? Do they write content? Do they make graphics?

Point 2: Have compelling CTA in place

Display your call to actions on all the pages. Not just your home page  and contact us but also your FAQ section and terms and conditions should also include clear and compelling CTA.

Point 3: Create a powerhouse with your blog / newsletter

You can create newsletter with your blog posts, business news, informational tips & tricks and more. Keep in mind; your website should include newsletter sign-up form with clear CTAs.  You may offer an incentive for the subscribers to click the subscribe button to gain newsletter subscribers.

Now it’s your turn to build a fool proof lead generation strategy .

Good luck!