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Essentials to Boost SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential for the promotion and prosperity of any business in today’s digital era. It is almost impossible to catch up with the market without a properly optimized search engine ranking, given that most people put their faith in them, mostly Google, to find solutions for anything they require. SEO is the knife that helps you cut through the stark competition and establish your brand as a valued, reputable name to your target audience.

But employing the right set of organic SEO strategies is harder than it seems. Many organizations have in-house SEO experts to do the needful for them, others hire professional SEO agencies for the same. In any case, you should be aware of the various hacks and tricks of SEO that would work in your favor. Here are a few of them.

Keyword Infusion

Assuming there are multiple pages on your website or blog site, each page should be associated and infused with a target keyword and the content should be developed around that. A page can have secondary keywords as well but it has to be connected to the primary word or phrase used. It improves your SEO to use the selected keyword in the URL, title and headings of the page, but be careful about the frequency. The appearance of the keywords should look natural and be in flow with the content, and should not jump out as a deliberate attempt to sway traffic.

Engaging, Relevant Content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet…” in an essay written in 1996. The statement continues to be true and will be so in the future as well. Content is the most important aspect of a website and it is necessary that what you put out is accurate, interesting and relevant to your site and gives something of value to your readers. Infusing it with the right keywords and maintaining an appropriate length is also important. The better content you produce and publish the higher is your chance to keep the audience engaged and stay on your website. Remember to regulate and update content regularly – it helps in indicating the freshness appeal and relevancy of the site.

Image Optimization

Having images on your site is not only necessary to give customers a better insight but for SEO as well. Other than making sure the media files on your site are quality content, you can use keywords as file names and fitting text descriptions or alt tags as captions.

Link Building

Outbound links to well-known, reputed and backlinks from similar ones help build brand value and gain the trust of Google. The web crawlers take this as a sign of authenticity and give your site preference while generation search results. Also, remember to bring down any broken links related to your site that might be out there, as it gives off signs of negligence. Since it is impossible to do it manually, take help of the many tools available, like Google’s own Webmaster Tool.

Navigation, Readability, and User-Friendliness

You want your audience to like your site, to put it very simply. Therefore, design it in such a manner that the architecture is easily navigable and customers can find what they want in quick steps; the information you put out should be simple and lucid enough to assist the customers in their site navigation; and finally, it has to have an appealing, approachable look with easy-for-the-eyes formatting. Some common suggestions are prominent banner texts, typography that goes with the site’s vibe, readable font sizes, short paragraphs and subheads, use of bullets, slider, tabs, drop-downs, and so on. In short, the user experience of your site reflects on your rankings, so you got to keep it topnotch.

Mobile Optimization

More and more people are shifting towards mobile browsing and m-commerce, and if you don’t optimize your site to be properly viewed on smartphones, you will be losing out on business. This is particularly of significance for B2B marketers and e-commerce retailers.

Social Media

Undeniable and inevitable, your social media presence has to be tweaked and optimized to go with your SEO solutions. Content, promotional campaigns, paid adverts and farther audience reach – the benefits for social media optimization are multi-dimensional. Moreover, around half the number of social media users are reported to have purchased a product or service after seeing it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The Not-to-do’s

• Designing SEO solutions is not a piece of cake and there are always some territories which are better left untrodden.

• Do not engage in black hat SEO techniques. Google will notice you eventually and blacklist your website, resulting in a crash of traffic.

• No need to overstuff your content with keywords – it sends out wrong signals.

• Avoid backlinks with any and all websites that approach just for the sake of building links. Wait to have opportunities with the good ones.

• No point in overdoing the whole SEO process just because you are impatient for results. SEO strategies can take anywhere between 3-9 months to reap benefits. Hold your horses till then and see what results it yields.

• Never compromise with the quality of content in the haste of uploading new information. Invest adequate time into it and hire professional content writers if need be to do so.

• Never lie on your website. It will eventually be caught by customers.

The web crawlers that find results to be displayed on the search engine when a particular set of words of phrases are searched, heavily lean towards websites that already show high traffic and usability. The longer your customers stay on your page and engage the better chances your site has with Google or other search engine’s algorithm. So the main objective of the entire process is to increase ‘dwell time’ by giving your audience what they want and in return, you will get to have an enhanced lead conversion rate and higher revenue. Digital Marketing Lab offers great assistance to boost the SEO rankings. To know more, visit DML


6 B2B Marketing Efforts you need to keep at an Arm’s Length

In B2B marketing, one needs to be better than the best to thrive in this cut-throat environment. The use of unusual tactics imparts a remarkably high percentage of profit. However, it’s always easier than said. Framing successful marketing strategies and implementing the same is a daunting task.

As per the sources, every year a huge number of B2B companies shut down due to the lack of proper marketing.


Human minds sometimes take a fast decision without thinking and erroneous judgment.

This leads to an unfavorable phase for the businessmen. Nevertheless, the dark clouds are temporary and can be placed by healthy weather only when an investor is aware of the right marketing hacks and tips.

Are you a marketer or aspire to be one? If so, then it’s time to get accustomed with the uncertainty of any business. Understanding the same, this blog will outline the 6 common mistakes marketers make and hurt their ventures.

Take a Tour:

1. Dearth of Conviction

A large number of failed businessmen were not a believer in their own plans. More often than not, guided by subjective judgments, individuals either do not gain confidence or overconfidence. As a human being, you always need to remember the difference between these two aspects. The former can make your business and the latter can break.

In such a scenario, having a sense of firm believe can do wonders. Learn to believe in your plans and propositions. Also, remain ultra-specific to touch the ultimate success.

2. Misalignment of Marketing with Sales

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. Period.

Hence, to achieve the desired goals, there should be at least one department that will align all the marketing and sales-related needs. Failing to do so indeed guarantees disastrous results. Keep the fire in your belly and don’t afford to overlook this aspect.

3. Ignoring Analytics

In this digital-first age, ignoring the power of analytics is synonymous with having a huge loss. To give the marketing objectives a strong threshold, analytics play a decisive role. Apart from rendering multiple insights, the collected data give an overview of the marketing efforts. So, use the business-related social media platforms responsibly and make the proper use of such analytics for further improvements.

4. Zero Focus on Prospects

This is another grave mistake marketers often commit; especially the ones who are new in this field. They tend to get obsessed with their products or services which attributes in losing the prospects. It goes without saying that missing out on the prospects incurs a loss at a huge number. Therefore, make sure to do the needful.

5. Going Overboard with Quantity

Quantity on no ‘occasion outperforms quality. Bombarding consumers with too much of everything deters the growth of a business. Cutting down the extras from your marketing efforts needs to be mandatory. Incorporate the elements of quality to stride ahead in the coming days.

6. Poor Content

Marketers mindlessly shoot content haphazardly. This, in turn, provides negative impacts in their advertising and promotional endeavors. The trick is to give users quality and bespoke content that will add value to their needs. For poor content strategy is an unacceptable attempt to accentuate a business within real-time.

Let the Mistakes Take the Back Foot

Eliminate all these mistakes to avoid any mishap in your business. Moreover, refrain from taking any easy path because quick success is never profitable. Given that said, try and be a smart marketer to prove all your marketing abilities for giving the business a higher return on investment.

How to strategize content marketing for your website?

Not everyone, who blogs get engagement. And if there’s no engagement of readers, there’s no point blogging for your website. What you think is a perfect piece of content may not be enough luring to your readers to share or comment on.

Every day, on the internet some staggering amount of content is published. And how would you be so sure that your content will survive in this massive flow of content?

There are marketers who draw a blank when it comes to increasing engagement with content marketing. Some feel that coming out with unconventional will help them to grab the attention of customers. Well. This may work but before everything, one needs to know the right strategy to hit the right chord of productive content marketing.
Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to create actionable engaging content.

Choosing the topic:

Well, this is the very first and the most crucial step to make a good start with your content. It takes a lot of researches to find out suitable niche based topics. Initially, you might not be able to write a totally unconventional thing about the products or service. In the beginning, you might find it a little challenging to come up with new topics every time, but later on, you will find it easy to come out with fresh ideas. However, writing on trending topic is the best way to generate more engagement.

Thorough and more research:

The more you will spend time researching before writing, the better your content will be. When you finalize your topic, research on Google and look for how your competitors have covered the topic. For better insights, read on the comments. Find case studies, video content to get a good grasp of the topic before you unleash your own research material.

Don’t miss subheading:

When you come up with a lengthy researched content, make sure you have written it in bible proportion. Adding subheadings to the content makes it look catchy and easily consumable. Readers find it more interesting and they don’t tend to skip. Readers will thoroughly go through the entire content with every subheading.

Add graphical illustration:

Yes, an image says a thousand words. So when you add images along with your content, not only it will make the entire write-up catchy but also more informative. Readers find it more engaging as the need to put less effort into getting the information.

Optimize with relevant keywords:

The last tool is optimization. Content optimization plays a big role in dragging targeted readers to your blogging section. Unless you optimize the content with relevant search keywords, your content will never be visible and will get lost in the myriads of other contents.

So these tips will help you chalk out the best content marketing strategy. To know more about online marketing, please visit- http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/.

Watch Out! Social media content marketing trends for 2018


Welcome 2018 with more branded content! Creating and marketing compelling branded content through social media is pretty much significant from the overall branding perspective.

We are into digital branding and with our years of experience as a digital branding company in Kolkata – here’s our tip to tomorrow’s content marketing – add personal touch and add a brand voice to your social media content.

Watch Out! Social media content marketing trends for 2018

Experiential marketing  leads the way –  Doesn’t really matter if it’s at the sporting event, or at the parking lot, or at the high-visibility city square, relying on a seamless storytelling technique will be able to create an authentic brand experience. Brand stories are not ads and marketing materials. They are also not the boring sales pitches. Brand stories need to be told with the brand persona in mind and with the writer’s personality right at the center stage.

Mobile friendly content – Consumers are spending a whole lot of time using social media on their mobile devices. This means brands are nowadays more focused on creating content for the small screen. Create simple, scalable and scanable mobile-ready content for your audience.

Video contents – Richer the content, more the amount of engagement. So, what’s “rich content” anyway? In the most general sense richer content means any type of content, which can be facilitate user interaction, videos, for example. Create short, succinct videos for your brand. Distribute content to encourage user interaction and for collecting consumer insights.

   As per a research report –

  • 83% of consumers trust known references

  • 66 % of them trust others’ opinion

  • 46% of them rely on social ads for making a purchasing decision

Since consumers trust one another’s opinions, it makes sense for brands to leverage user-generated content strongly and rather heavily. Just posting the  images of happy customers is no longer an option. Brands need  to invest time in finessing ‘ugc’ and utilizing it into the social campaigns in seamless and organic way.

Social media in 2018 will present a very exciting opportunity for using cutting-edge content in building effective and meaningful relationships with consumers.

Finally; ensure that your brand stories are real time page turners. After all; you have to take the reader along with your brand’s story for seamless and effective marketing in 2018.

2018 will be all about figuratively connecting the consumers with the brand. It will be more about humanizing a brand, driving engagement and modifying behavior.

As the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we help you create that ultimate connection between your brand and your customers



Killer Tips to Increase Your Online Sales during This Diwali

increase your ecommerce sales

There is no denying, festive seasons are the biggest sales month that helps in carrying the Indian eCommerce ecosystem to the next level. Statistical records reveal, around 40-50% of annual retails occur during the festive month of Oct-Nov. It goes without saying in order to yield the maximum benefit of this festive season, the marketplace starts competing among themselves. The idea is simple, to get the lion’s share of the pie. The online stores also start competing with each other, to arrest the attention of their target audience and to generate the maximum amount of sales during the festive season.

Proactivity is the key here if you are serious about driving sales during the festive month. As a responsible business owner, you need to adopt the effective marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition.

The start-ups are adopting seamless brand strategies in order to tap into the emerging market. As a responsible e-commerce development company and digital marketing company in Kolkata, we know what it takes to be successful when selling online. Here we’ve compiled a list of the significant factors which you can integrate into your overall strategy to increase sales in the upcoming festive season.

Come up with a dedicated landing page – This is the obvious first step. Decorate your website and create a festive mode by to help customers connect with you emotionally. You may come up with a dedicated banner on the home page and communicate your best festive offers.

Use targeted keywords – If you are targeting the Diwali time to sell more, use a few targeted keywords and key phrases such as “Best Diwali Deals”, Diwali Offers”, “Best Festive Offers” in order to boost rankings. Identify the targeted keywords with their average monthly search volume to reap the maximum benefit.

Do Email Marketing – This is one of the best and possibly the smartest ways to connect with your past, present and future customers, to increase sales and reach. Effective and targeted email marketing means more sales and more leads for your business. Communicate your best offers and deals through mailer communication, if you are targeting this Diwali to sell more. Try and incorporate the brand value proposition into the mind of your target audience.

Leverage the Social Media – Take the advantage of the social media to inform your target audience about the offers and deals for the festive season. You may even run the festive contest on the popular social media platforms for increasing your customer engagement.

Market your shareable content – there’s no secret for the festive season, content marketing stands as a valuable and viable option. To market your business in the festive season, connect with your audience through different forms of content, for instance, blog, meme, infographic, video or slides with the end goal of communicating your latest Diwali deals and offers. Create a dedicated Diwali Blog series if you want to increase user engagement.

Re-target your customers – Retarget your past and present customers who might have shown interest in your product or services. This is certainly an important element in driving sales. Focus on people who have abandoned your shopping cart before. Try to give them targeted Diwali offers and Deals through search and display ads.

Take the advantage of this festive season!!

Utilize these tips and increase your sale this Diwali. As one of the leading digital branding agency in Kolkata, we know the secret recipe to make your online store successful.

Happy Diwali!

How to avoid common SEO Errors – learn from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata


Let’s get back to the basics – organic search still stands as one of the most important customer acquisition channels. Yes, from our experience as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata, we can say, systematic, strategic and effective SEO can bring in anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of your overall website traffic.

Here’s the warning line – E commerce sites that lose search rankings has the risk of going out of business

BUT doing SEO wrong can hurt more. Here are the 5 common ways e-commerce sites can unintentionally hurt SEO and thus lose their search rankings.

#SEO ERROR 1: Moving platforms without much focus on the SEO factor. Launching a new e-commerce website or let’s say switching to a new platform without focusing on the significant part of the SEO is the most common reasons why rankings and sales go down. Let’s say, you have an ecommerce store and the new site isn’t as SEO friendly as your prior version. Or let’s say when you switched the ecommerce platforms, perhaps you deleted pages and changed URLs without doing redirects – all these can have a negative impact on the ranking and reach.

#SEO ERROR 2:  Errors during restructuring categories may occur and that’s a costly mistake which should be avoided at any cost. Many online merchants continuously optimize their navigational bar for customers. They may remove categories, re-categorize them and merge categories. Doing it in the wrong way may impact the SEO. Before you start deleting categories or pages, ensure that you check Google Analytics for the page and identify how much traffic it receives from organic search engines.

#SEO ERROR 3:  Removing Pages & URLs in a wrong way can impact the ranking. If you simply start deleting the contents in terms of blogs, products, you also have the risk of  Google de-indexing those pages. If you’re deleting pages, categories or CMS pages, then reference the above section on categorization and also make sure that it doesn’t rank for many phrases in Google and doesn’t get much search traffic.

#SEO ERROR 4: Not keeping up with SEO is yet another costly error, which should be avoided. Keep in mind; E commerce websites are in the eternal rat race for space and not building the brand identity online with organic marketing is a serious mistake.

#SEO ERROR 5:  Hurting the UX is yet another mistake. Needless to say, a good UX correlates with better rankings. When it comes to the point of ‘User optimization’ or catering to User Experience it typically refers creating a memorable experience for your users. It’s all about making your website sticky so that your users read your content and take the right actions. Learn how to improve your rankings with UXThe bottom line is simple and straightforward – all the efforts that you may put for UX should help in earning more prominent position on Google.

As one of the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata we know the secret recipe to handle your E commerce solution with the seamless SEO factors in mind. Worry not; we can also help you integrate foolproof, cutting edge and seamless digital strategies for your e-commerce ventures

Latest Web Development Trends? Here’s A Quick Look!


Look up and around and you will be pleasantly surprised by how the web world has been getting ingrained in our daily lives. As things stand now; we use the web for everything ranging from shopping to banking from reading our news.

The demand for web Development Company is high as ever. The scope of what the web developers can do is also huge!

With this comes the next point – will the web world be able to weave its way into other areas of our life?

As one of the leading web development company in Kolkata with happy clients dotted all across the globe we thought of taking a closer look at this question.

In this blog post, we will talk about the latest web development trends and the main players that we think may reshape the tech landscape in future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for web development: Yes, AI is completing our lives. In fact most of the Ai developments are focused at making the whole idea of consumer processes easier and smoother. AI is smoother, faster and not to mention a rather practical and affordable process

The biggest reasons behind the immense growth of AI development are cloud computing and access to more data. Cloud computing has become more available and efficient than ever before. Giant tech leaders such as Google, Apple, and Amazon & Facebook are all seeking new ways to incorporate AI technology.

Bots and conversational UI:  These are designed to make our life simple. Since the language of human beings and computers are different, tech people typically depend on the graphical user interfaces to make interaction possible. The bots and virtual assistants which reside inside the app thus helps in assisting in doing banking, shopping online or even arranging a trip

JavaScript in 2017: JavaScript is yet again in news due to all good reasons such as for its ecosystem and vibrancy of frameworks, libraries and technologies.  There are a number of fundamentals of JavaScript, which developers need to grasp, for instance,  ES6, closures, Built in methods, Functions and pure Functions,  Callbacks, Classes,  RAIL, Node and Express and more.

Motion UI: This is basically a SaaS library which is typically used in creating custom animations and transitions. For the uninitiated; Motion UI has a whole range of animation classes and built-in transition that make prototyping easy.

Parallax effects: It is perhaps the best ways of adding an extra dimension layer to the website. It helps you in adding beautiful 3D effect.

Single code across platforms:  A number of attempts have been made by using tools like Cordova or PhoneGap for recycling the mobile codebase for building apps still the developers failed to achieve responsive results as Native apps.

These are a few latest web development trends, which we thought of sharing with you.

Sharing is caring. Share your experiences and solutions with us

How to Make Mobile Development Smooth and Pain Free? Tips from the Leading Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

Figures cannot lie.

Mobile apps currently account for 82% of the overall time spent on daily media consumption.

Enterprises are hurrying to develop mobile apps to secure a lion’s share on this rapidly growing ecosystem.

Still; due to misguidance, haste and due to the industry fragmentation there are a number of pains plaguing the mobile app development sector and the process.

Needless to say; solving these problems is critical if you are serious in developing the mobile apps with the potential.

Teamwork: when it comes to the point of creating high quality apps the significance a high caliber team is hard to deny.  For making an effective app working with business users, designers, developers, and QA  is essential  however this also lengthens development cycles.  Collaborate in real time to counter this issue.  Use new cloud tools to collaborate in real-time. By sharing the development environment online, multiple users can view and modify concurrently.

Coding: Literally; coding has become a pain for mobile app developers especially who are busy with multi-platform development with budget and schedules. Coding from the scratch lowers productivity and speed. In this ever-growing mobile apps market, time is of the essence.  This is where “low coding” platforms plays the part.

Supporting all devices, platform releases, and networks: Ranging from smartphones to tablets and now smartwatches the diverse network calls for supporting all of these devices, platforms, and networks when it comes to app development. To limit the need to check repeatedly using MBaaS  simplify the process. Also, opting for HTML5 and Hybrid app development will produce hybrid mobile from the same code base. Developers create the app only once, and deploy across all device types or screen sizes.

Debugging and testing: Debugging and testing every change and upgrade to your app, its design, functionality, and performance is a pain for serious mobile app developers. When building an HTML5 mobile app, you can instantly test the app. Look for a platform with a tester app that allows you to launch your native app and test APIs without needing to install it each time.

Security and compliance: Mobile apps are, by definition, vulnerable to security threats. To solve this pain, deploy apps in a secure container on the device and connect to a secure server.

Memory and power consumption: in order to make best-in-class mobile apps developers may rely on emerging technologies. Although they create spectacular app but they may often a toll on memory and power consumption. To remediate this, aim to optimize use of radios, CPU, disk, and memory usage.

Believe it or not; mobile app development can be a totally pain-free, smooth, and efficient process.

With This Comes The Next Pertinent QuestionAre You Ready For This Mobility Revolution?

It is impossible to answer this in one simple line. Consider the following questions –

1. Can you connect your mobile workforce to your back-end systems in order to increase the productivity?

2. Are you ready to face a paramount increase in business activity from your connected customers?

3. As a responsible entrepreneur can you actually balance customer and employee privacy requirements?

4. Is your architecture and infrastructure robust and flexible enough to support apps, devices and Internet of Things?

As one of the leading web and mobile application development company in Kolkata, we have worked with are considering beyond the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. On the other hand; those on the cutting edge are in fact developing the enterprise mobility strategy that takes into consideration all of the above requirements.