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Top 5 eCommerce Development Trends to follow in 2018

The web world changes so fast that what is in trend today may not be in trend tomorrow. The concept of web aesthetic changes very frequently to provide the audience with the most immersive user experience. User engagement is the key to succeed in the domain of online marketing. However, when it comes to an eCommerce website, the business needs to stay ahead of the curve with its intuitive design, engaging content and other visual appearances to accommodate with user needs.

Here are the top 5 eCommerce website development trends in 2018.

Virtual assistance:

With the disruption of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, online businesses are changing their ways of service and overall look-and-feel factor. Virtual assistance is one of the major integration to businesses who are incorporating the latest technologies. Having a virtual assistance into an eCommerce website is like having a 24×7 sales assistance. There are people who think that coordinating with sales assistance during shopping make the process smoother and faster. A rightly programmed virtual assistance will not only interact with the buyers like a real human being but it can also help buyers with a product recommendation.

Automated return software:

One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that many customers don’t have the facility to test their product authenticity. This is also a major issue behind a low conversion rate to many eCommerce websites. Using automated return software enables the orders to integrate with the internal purchase cycle that keeps the track of the process. This automated process allows customers to return their policy, while the company can keep track of the returned products.

Mobile ready site:

With more customers will be using mobile as the primary source of online research and purchase, the rate of online sales from mobile is likely to increase in coming years. Hence, the developers need to focus more on creating a website that is mobile ready. Apart from the mobile responsive website, which is a must for every business, there are few things to consider to make the website ready for mobile devices such as maintaining AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), mobile-friendly content and to name a few.

Interactive mobile application:

In the world of mobile application, no one bothers to search on Google to buy products. An eCommerce website without an application is incomplete. The application enables users to have a one-to-one, personalized shopping experience. When the customers have easy access to your online shop, they are more willing to buy from you. With the mobile application, retails can branch out their service and products to their targeted audience in much less time.

IoT Enabled shopping experience:

E-commerce sector is undergoing a major shift with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). With the changing lifestyle of consumers, an online retailing shop is becoming a part of their life. It is very crucial for the online marketers to stay up to the expectation of their customers. Thankfully, proper integrating of interactive technology like IoT can help increase customer delight. When it comes to IoT, a wearable connected device is the main object. The internet-connected device helps retailers and buyers to go through the purchase process more efficient.

For instance, IoT enabled smart mirror offers customers to try out clothes on the shop without actually changing the dress. The mirror simulates the real-life dressing room and it also helps customers to place an order of their desired clothes.

So these are the most happening eCommerce trends to be followed this year and after. But more trends will take the lead in coming years.

To know more about such technological trends, please stay connected with us at Digital Marketing Lab, India.

How some common digital marketing practice can endanger your business?

By now, most businesses know that investing in online branding is essential to keep up with cutthroat competition. While there are businesses who are still not very sure how to start over, there are few who have kept aside a large amount for SEO and paid marketing. But unfortunately, most of them complain about not getting their desired ROI, because chances are that half of the investment is wasted because of wrong marketing strategy.

Improper strategy causes a business to lose a lot of money. Luckily, opting for right digital marketing agency can help build new opportunities and let the business perform better. Let’s take a look at some of the common digital marketing mistakes that businesses often make.

Choosing wrong keywords:

Most businesses run behind the popular keywords to get the rank. But they hardly understand that popular keywords are usually the keywords which are frequently searched and might not be relevant for them to get the rank organically or through a paid process. This is why it’s very important to do keyword research both for the paid campaign and organic search. While researching for keywords, it’s necessary to consider user perspective and their search intent to target the required traffic.

Poor Ad scores:

Often times, you may see that the conversion rates are lower than you have expected. Just because you have invested a lot in the paid campaigns does not mean you will make more from it. Before you spend a lot on the ad campaigns, make sure you have quality ad score. And the story behind scoring good scores lies on some metrics including landing page, site navigation, content, URL and to name a few. When the scores are great, you will slowly start seeing improvement in the conversion rate.

Inappropriately handling marketing campaigns:

The process of digital marketing is ever evolving. What you planned for the last year, may not help you get the result in this year. User behavior and other search metrics have changed, so sticking to the old process won’t fit the bill. There are businesses who work with a team that doesn’t follow the advancement in the field, causing your business to a loss on the ground of competition. The marketing team should follow the latest algorithms for SEO and paid campaigns to reach the goal.

Wrapping up:

Now data is everything. Ever since the inception of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, the technology is shaping into something that we have never expected before- humanizing machine functionality and giving more insight to human behaviors. Since data is the center of all technological evolution, you must focus on collecting more data to reach your marketing goal. Analyzing a right set of data offers to take look at user behavioral insights. So, when you choose to work with the right digital marketing agency, you know your marketing strategy is backed by the data that matters to your business.

Whether you want to launch paid digital programs or you want to start afresh, make sure you work with proper strategies that sync with the current marketing trends.

If you want to know more about our Digital Marketing services, stay in touch with us across the web.

Why You Need to Add Chatbot to your Website?

Regardless of the year we’re living in, we will always be a year behind from some mind-boggling technologies. Disruptive innovations are taking the world by storm. While many people think that it can be a threat to our lifestyle, some believe that these technologies are designed to improve our quality of life. Take for an example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ruling the web world and, especially, changing the way we had communicated with computing devices.

From ordering pizza to booking doctor’s appointment, internet users are now getting accustomed to easier and comfortable online communication process. With this revolutionary innovation in mind, businesses are using it to maximize their connection with their customers, ensuring they are provided with what they’re looking for. Hence, a Chabot is the next big thing, making every virtual communication more interactive.

A Chatbot is an automated conversational interface designed to replicate real-life human to human conversation. Chabot is nothing but virtual customer assistant software that serves basic user requirements such as price quotes, service details, appointment schedule or service orderings.

Are you wondering how Chabot can help your business connect with your audience? Then read on the post to know more-

Chatbots are easily accessible:

Chatbot simulates the action of a human assistant, enabling users to dig into the service and business alike on the go. When you incorporate Chabot into your web portal, you have a 24×7 virtual assistant, helping your website visitors with their basic requirements. Moreover, Chatbot can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world. So when your consumers are having emergency questions regarding your service or product, they can easily access to the Chatbot right at the moment they need.

Chatbots can be your branding tool:

The best way to transform Chatbot into a real-life human being is giving it a name or a face. Many companies are using it as their branding mascot to create authentic communication process. The more real your Bot will look like, the more it will be able to generate leads and increase customer engagement.

Reduce bounce rate:

There are several reasons behind the increased bounce rate of a website. Poor navigation, slow loading speed or lacking engaging content are some of the major reasons behind the user switching to other websites right after they visit yours. Having a Chatbot can help your users connect to the websites by satisfying them with their required details.

Increase sales growth:

Adding a well-designed Chatbot into a website is like having a virtual salesperson, guiding your users throughout their browsing journey. A rightly configured bot can recommend products they are looking for, enticing them to take actions. A Chabot can provide detailed information about the service that a real human sales person would do by encouraging open-ended communication.

Improve overall user experience:

These days, users are looking for instant and detailed information about their problem or requirements. Adding Chabot into website helps the users get the solution in a jiffy. Since automated chatting software is designed after artificial intelligence, they can easily simulate human action ensuring to provide related data. A user when getting their issues solved through personalized conversation, tend to spend more time on the web which increases the chance of them taking desired action.

If you’re curious about more Chatbot features, connect to Digital Marketing Lab, leading Digital Marketing company in India , India.

Debunked Video marketing Myths

In today’s date, video marketing plays a prominent role in the business marketing strategy. But, many companies still fail to understand the importance of video marketing because of certain myths. Though video marketing is a challenging area, but if you could break the myths of it, then success will definitely kiss your dream.

So, let’s debunk certain myths related to video marketing:

Images_Video Marketing

1.Video is too expensive-The authenticity of production value matters the most in today’s business scenario. User generated content and micro influencing marketing strategies are the most reputed marketing strategies that influence a brand. If you have valuable to say to your customers, be genuine and represent it through a video. This way, the customers can connect closely.

2.Video is awkward– When business owners think of video, they think it is weird. They will think it is time-consuming i.e. making a script, choosing a right voice tone, choosing background, actors, video equipments and editors. But, the concept and idea of video marketing is far more than Hollywood movies. The camera work and video equipment are really substituted. You can choose your office, employees as video background and actors respectively to maximize the reach of your business.  It’s more of heart to heart talk with your customers.

3.Tracking video is hectic-It is not at all hectic to track the video. If you use YouTube and website video feature, then you can easily track the videos and measure the success of your videos. Follow the video marketing strategies, to take up your videos to the next level. This can definitely lead up your business.

Therefore, the video marketing is much easier process than you can actually think. Therefore, forget the myths of video marketing and indulge your business with the concept of video marketing. The success is rate is slow and steady, but it is genuine and authentic.



How Client Video Interviews Can Boost Your Brand

The significance of video interview of your clients simply can’t be undermined. Your business depends on customers and clients and it gets better with time through word of mouth. Client video testimonials thus stand as the ‘social proof’, which builds that ultimate trust with your present and future prospects.

But before delving further into the significance and advantages of video marketing of clients let us first understand what we mean when we say client and customer.

But before delving further into the significance and advantages of video marketing of clients let us first understand what we mean when we say client and customer.

Clients and Customers – The terms decoded

Although often used interchangeably but there is a hairline difference between ‘clients’ and ‘customers.’

The Cambridge Dictionary defines customer as “someone who buys services or goods from a business or store. “ On the other hand client is defined as someone who receives a professional service.

What is the difference between customer & Client
As per the American Heritage dictionary Customer can also mean client however in business the two terms are used differently based on the type of services rendered and relationships built.

Commonly we can say customers are people who come to you for buying the products and services you offer however clients are the ones who strictly buy the solution and advice you offer as per their business needs.

While the ‘Customer- centric businesses’ may typically want people (read customers) to eat at their restaurant, purchase or order online from their e-commerce stores, or may want them to shop at their stores, the client centric businesses, on the other hand may want the prospective clients to hire them and when satisfied with their service may refer them to others. With this comes the next pertinent question – can customer be turned into client? Yes, it is possible. In fact in a number of ways companies can nourish relationship with the patrons and thus eventually turning them into happy clients.

Significance of Video Interview of Your Clients, Customers And Patrons

A video feedback from a third party (read client and customer) impacts the purchase decision of your leads.

What is the importance of video testimonials
As per B2C (business2community.com) , talking about your customer’s success stories stand tall as an incredible and powerful marketing approach. Honestly nothing can sell business, service, product or more precisely your brand better than upholding and endorsing the positive experiences of your past and present business clients.

From a psychological perspective client’s video testimonial offers the prospective client a mental guarantee that they are making a good decision by investing in your product, service and brand. Please be frank and tell us – how many times your buying decision has been influenced by a positive review? Number of times right? That’s obvious because an outside influence almost always push us over the edge.

Figures cannot lie. It has been estimated that Americans watch 1.3 billion videos online every day. So what does this mean for your business? Simple – this figure clearly points out that video should be the most important weapon of your marketing and branding arsenal.

Here are a few statistics that stand out.

  • People are 63% more likely to purchase a product from a site if it has product ratings and reviews (People Claim)
  • 79% of online shoppers tend to trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family (BrightLocal)
  • Customer reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion (People Claim)
  • 77% of people take the time to read product/service reviews before they make an online purchase (Juniper Research)
  • Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89% (WebDAM)
  • 90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews (Marketing Land)

Here Are the Key Benefits of Client’s Video Testimonials for You to Consider

Client video testimonial will provide you with more exposure: The fact can’t be denied, in today’s marketing landscape visibility stands as the key element in establishing yourself as an industry leader. A short, positive video testimonial has the immense potential to draw the visitor’s attention

Videos boost credibility: Videos provide an incredible audio and visual reassurance of your product, service and brand. In fact irrespective of the quality or the length of the video, having your client appear in it renders a huge amount of credibility to what he is saying about your service, products and brand.

Client video testimonial put visitors at ease: Not just the video testimonials serve as an incredible source of information but also have the ability to put your potential leads at ease. Think once; if visitor has never used your brand, a video testimonial can act as an influencer to make them comfortably subscribe to your service.

It makes an immediate connection: We tend to feel a connection when we see faces and this happens when we see a client’s video testimonial. We tend to make an immediate connection. We take their words seriously.

Videos add longevity to the client’s success stories: Unlike the expensive TV or radio Ad campaigns, videos, are forever. Once you upload a client video testimonial, the customers’ success story remains intact till you take it down and there is hardly any high cost associated with this.

Videos entertain as well: Irrespective of the content, videos also have an immense entertainment value.

Advantages of Client Video Interviews @ a Glance

  • It reinforces the trust factor among your target audience
  • It increases the number of loyal customers
  • You get a clear idea about the real experience of your
  • It increases the number of shares and customer reach.
  • It becomes an asset to your company that you can share with other potential customers

As you can see, the benefits of video testimonials as a powerful marketing tactic can’t be denied. While marketing helps in getting new clients by reaching out to your target audience via 360 degree marketing strategy, an original client interview may help in getting repeat business.

You can use video testimonials in a number of ways for marketing purposes. For instance, video testimonials can

  • Be used as featured video on your website to hold the visitor’s attention
  • Serve as an element to persuade your past, present and future client
  • Reinforce and strengthen your brand image
  • Send prospective clients to your site from other social channel such as YouTube

Of course, even the most persuasive testimonial can be ignored when quality, content and goal of the video is poor. Considering this, we have come up with a few simple steps to help you prepare for client interview video shoot.

Step 1: First things first; prepare a list of clients and customers whom you may want to review your product and or service

Step 2: Now schedule an interview session as per your client’s convenience

Step 3: Give your customer the questions you would like them to answer and let them prepare the answers.

A few simple tips during filming

Adjust your equipment early: Adjust everything such as the room and equipment early and ensure everything is working properly.

Guide and direct the client/customer (interviewee): Explain everything to him and guide him well before getting started.

Do not miss the editing part: You should edit the video footage you take so that the only interviewee remains as the only focus of the testimonial. Eliminate noise to produce a better final result.

We can help shoot client interview and testimonial videos to better market your business. Recently we shot the interview of the three jury members of the 6th Genius HR Excellence Award. Headquartered in Kolkata and with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Patna, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Indore, Cochin and Jaipur, Genius consultants limited is one of the leading names in Eastern India in the HR consulting and staffing business.

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Here are the 3 video shoots we did on behalf of Genius for their HR Excellence Award

Genius CMD Video Shoot By Digital Marketing Lab


Global Protek MD Interview Video Shoot By Digital Marketing Lab


Exide Industries Director HR Interview Video Shoot by Digital Marketing Lab

With the sheer popularity of ‘video interviewing’ soaring high in corporate side, now is the time to give it a try. Worry not; your clients and customers would be more than happy to help you out with a great video testimonial if you have offered them a great service. So, don’t shy away from asking what you need.

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