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COVID 19 & Changes in SERP – Closer Look by Leading Digital Marketing Company

March 30, 2020

COVID 19 & Changes in SERP

Suddenly it has happened. Suddenly the world which was running at a fast pace came to a screeching halt. The world is now under the lash of a dangerous virus –  COVID 19.

So  how  has google responded to COVID 19 crisis ?

Google has tweaked the algorithm while making some significant changes to SERPs on the corona virus related search query. As a digital marketing service provider we have been noticing this. Possibly you have noticed it too. Real time browsers looking for anything that has slightest resemblance to corona are fetching the results in terms of health information from reputable sources, alerts and top stories. Anything beyond those are pushed down to second page and even beyond.

So, what does this mean for your brand ?

The impact of your promotional work might take some time to bear the fruit. Or it might make a startling difference. Well, it depends however it would be smart choice to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid missteps.

There are quite a few things you can do now if you are looking for promoting online.

Conduct an SEO Audit:

As one of the most sought after digital marketing company in Kolkata we can vouch on the significance of seo audit in identifying both the problems and opportunities. You may use free tools such as “screaming frog” To crawl your site and in determining the elements that may need a haul up.

Google search console and Google analytics should be your go to places:

its time to figure out which pages are showing up for what queries. It’s time to identify the errors. Yes, google console helps you in doing these and much more. With analytics on the other hand you can drill down further on your web traffic. Check out bing’s webmasters tool too to gain more data.

Take a closer look at your metadata:

Ensure your title, meta descriptions  headings, images are playing their part well.

Update your key pages:

Take a cue from analytics and polish your most performing pages, important blog posts and contact us page. Ensure they gave green content and keywords appear naturally. You may create a content strategy to maximize your visibility.

Now is the time to stay safe and stay at home. Utilize this time well to figure out what aligns best with your long term goals and business strategy.

Questions ? Reach us to know what’s sustainable for your long term SEO strategy.