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Google Extending Permissions to Business to attribute a Customized Service List to 'Google My Business‘ Listings

December 2, 2019
Google My Business Update

Google has revealed an update about Google My Business (GMB) permitting businesses to specify the true nature of services to be extended to the customers.

GMB will offer a chosen range of service types to select from. Let’s put the instance of plumbers finding the options of ‘Repair toilet’, or ‘Install faucet’ to be added.

According to Google, a standard range based on job types will enable customers opt for the services they require in a better and easier way. On the other hand, Google also believes that attributing a list of more specific service types will aid generation of relevant leads for those services in a greater way.

In case, that particular service is not included among the suggestions offered by Google, then it is possible for the business to add the custom services. The process is as follows,

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • Open the location you’d like to manage.
  • Click Info from the menu,
  • Click ‘Edit by going to the “Services” section,
  • Add your services.