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Debunked Video marketing Myths | Digital Marketing Lab (DML)

May 22, 2018

In today’s date, video marketing plays a prominent role in the business marketing strategy. But, many companies still fail to understand the importance of video marketing because of certain myths. Though video marketing is a challenging area, but if you could break the myths of it, then success will definitely kiss your dream.

So, let’s debunk certain myths related to video marketing:

Images_Video Marketing

  1. Video is too expensive-The authenticity of production value matters the most in today’s business scenario. User generated content and micro influencing marketing strategies are the most reputed marketing strategies that influence a brand. If you have valuable to say to your customers, be genuine and represent it through a video. This way, the customers can connect closely.
  2. Video is awkward– When business owners think of video, they think it is weird. They will think it is time-consuming i.e. making a script, choosing a right voice tone, choosing background, actors, video equipments and editors. But, the concept and idea of video marketing is far more than Hollywood movies. The camera work and video equipment are really substituted. You can choose your office, employees as video background and actors respectively to maximize the reach of your business.  It’s more of heart to heart talk with your customers.
  3. Tracking video is hectic-It is not at all hectic to track the video. If you use YouTube and website video feature, then you can easily track the videos and measure the success of your videos. Follow the video marketing strategies, to take up your videos to the next level. This can definitely lead up your business.

Therefore, the video marketing is much easier process than you can actually think. Therefore, forget the myths of video marketing and indulge your business with the concept of video marketing. The success is rate is slow and steady, but it is genuine and authentic.