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Did you know Digital marketing and Experiential marketing can work together to maximize your results? | Digital Marketing Lab

January 18, 2022

Experiential marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on engaging consumers’ senses. It connects with the consumer through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. Experiential marketing is an excellent strategy that incorporates essential digital marketing tips for distinguishing oneself from the competition. Experiential marketing lets you capture and retain consumer attention, communicate important brand messaging, and build emotional connections with your target audience. Importantly, experiential marketing complements sensory marketing perfectly. Sensory marketing is based on multisensory experiences to influence consumers’ perceptions of brands and create positive emotional connections.

People’s emotions form memories, and their experiences influence purchasing decisions, so marketers from reputed digital marketing agencies must create scenarios where people can feel or connect. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But, when it comes to creating memorable experiences, innovative marketers can use psychology to their advantage. The Propinquity Effect is a complicated psychological concept for a simple truth: as interaction increases, so do the chances of friendship developing. You will most likely entice people to participate when you have a fantastic event.

The first step toward creating a memorable and engaging experience is to gain insight into the minds of your target audience. To understand what motivates someone, you must look beyond their age and income bracket. For the time being, disregard any data you have on your audience and go psychoanalytic. Assume your fictitious customer is right in front of you, asking questions. You want to know how your product makes them feel, whether they are satisfied, excited, uneasy, connected to others, transformed, or if it solves a problem. Marketers, who have had success with experiential marketing, use this data to create an experience that emphasizes the benefits and dispels skepticism.

By focusing on the emotions elicited by their activations, marketers can create clever and compelling experiences that stir people’s feelings while also achieving their brand goals. You don’t need a massive marketing budget to put on an event that completely encapsulates the benefits of your product in a dynamic, experiential way. Simply put, an experiential marketing campaign allows your customers to engage with your company in new, entertaining, educational, or (ideally) all three ways. It should be beneficial to both your customers and your company.

Leverage your digital data insights

Your digital marketing team may have run some digital campaigns as well as A/B tests across email marketing, display ads, and social campaigns. As a result, they have data on which messaging, imagery, and calls-to-action perform the best. Gather these details as you plan your offline marketing campaign. These insights from your digital marketing team are critical. Transform them into other marketing channels, including experiential.

To sum up, make use of digital media to spread the word about your brand experience.

You can promote your brand experience in various ways with digital marketing –

  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social ads Using Google Analytics

Create an online presence for your offline events

Making an online presence is the best way to promote your event.

Create a website, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account for your event. You can also drive traffic to your website by using social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can use such social media platforms to promote the event and generate engagement with these channels’ followers. You can also contact local businesses in the area by running a paid advertising campaign on their websites or through other forms of advertising channels like Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

So, to sum up, include the following factors when developing your online presence:

  • Invitation or ticket information
  • Be as specific as possible about where, when, and how people can attend or participate.
  • Hashtag feed
  • Make uploading options available. This will assist you in gathering user-generated content.
  • Share buttons to make it simple for people to share and invite their friends.

Experiential marketing with AR/VR

Experiential marketing is a method of interacting with customers on a more personal level. It can be done digitally through web and mobile apps or in-person by visiting the business location.

Experiential marketing aims to create memorable experiences for customers to return and recommend your company to their friends. Experiences are frequently created using an AR/VR experience, providing additional benefits such as taking a photo with you as a friend or offering discounts to customers who arrive at your business wearing specific clothing items.

Experiential marketing aims to increase consumer engagement with a brand by appealing to their senses and emotions. Experiences can take place both in-store and online. Using augmented reality and virtual reality, you can create experiences that make customers feel as if they are right there with your brand.

To do this effectively, you must consider several critical factors, including:

  • Make proper use of AR/VR technology. For example, don’t simply superimpose text on top of the video because it adds nothing meaningful to the experience. If you want to create an immersive experience, use sound effects related to a specific event and visuals that immerse the audience in the story.

Aim for seamless integration

Your digital and experiential marketing efforts can fuel each other in multiple ways.

You’re sick of juggling the different digital marketing channels and products. It’s challenging to keep track of everything, and it’s even more difficult to measure your progress.

Consider a seamless integration of your online marketing efforts and experiential marketing campaigns to help you reach more customers with fewer resources.

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