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Digital Branding Need Not To Be Boring Anymore! Use Humor

January 30, 2018

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You must have witnessed the change – over the past couple of years, digital marketing has somewhat infiltrated in almost every area of our lives. It’s impossible to escape the sponsored ads on LinkedIn, and Facebook, the promoted tweets on Twitter; it’s hard to overlook the frequent website popups. Yes, the list simply goes on. Thanks to the digital marketing plugins and other technical stuff like the tracking pixels and more – yes all these and much more have simplified things further.

However; when it comes to effective digital marketing strategy it is impossible to deny the significance of CONTENT.

In an article for TopRank Marketing’s blog, the writer has ideally mentioned three significant attributes for an effective digital strategy.

1.Authoritative content – (such content should show impressive knowledge about a particular subject)

2.Credible Message (able to be believed)

3.Trustworthy brand message (the message need to provide the right solution to the problem/issue)

4.Humor (laughter is social after all)

The boredom of authoritative, credible and trustworthy marketing can actually be narrowed with a dash of humor! Yes, let’s get back to the point we started with – Digital branding need not be boring anymore!

As the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, we never get tired of saying, using humor in digital branding can help in breaking the monotony of serious marketing.  Before we talk about the strategy let us take a quick look at why humor is so effective

You love to laugh right? So do your customers. So, why are you so serious when it comes to creating your brand content? Use humor because it’s good for your brand’s health.

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In the ever-evolving and cutthroat competition in the B2B sphere use humor as that ultimate sure shot way to grab the attention of your target audience. Connect them and make them laugh. When done in a witty way, humor will not just help you to get more leads but it will also help you in making your target audience more relaxed.

Still humor remains as quite a touchy point in brand marketing. The relevant questions thus revolve – will it offend the target audience? Will they understand the joke? Does humor work at all?

Yes, humor work. In fact, there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh to make your brand memorable.

Humorous content creates unity –

Social science has proved the fact that laughter is social. In fact, we tend to laugh more when we are in a company rather than when we are all alone.  To put things simply; laughter helps in easing out the tension. Humor thus forms that ultimate sense of unity through groups. Inculcate this into your brand marketing – for instance get your Twitter or FB Fans laughing, and you will be able to establish that ultimate sense of connections with your brand voice.

It establishes emotional responses –

Humor creates a sense of positivity. A good belly laugh releases the ‘feel good hormones.’  Laughter helps in relaxing the body and in boosting the immune system. No, we are not talking about the physical benefits of laughter here but all these physical and psychological responses are unconscious, and they create that ultimate pleasant emotional response. This means; by using humor in your brand voice on social media, you play your part in helping people to associate with the relaxed feelings with your brand.

Humorous brand message makes your brand memorable –

Research proves the fact only 42% of positive experiences were forgotten whereas, 60% of negative experiences were forgotten

As the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we have the honor of working with some of the reputed brands. From our experience, we can vouch that humor actually works. Here’s the catch line – Here’s the most crucial part – HUMOR IS NO JOKE when it comes to brand messages and content marketing. Yes, it can be very potent in winning hearts of your target audience but if done wrong it can affect your business’ bottom-line.

If you know the rule of the game and if you play your cards well; humorous marketing campaign can be a resounding success and can go viral.