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Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business During Covid-19 | Digital Marketing Lab

January 6, 2022

Digital Marketing Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges for small businesses looking to market themselves online by hiring the best SEO services in town.

To begin with, reaching many people by doing local SEO on a limited budget is challenging. Second, there is a scarcity of information about the symptoms and how they can be avoided. Finally, finding people who would buy your product or service is more complicated because of the lack of awareness.

As a result, you should make sure that your website includes clear contact information so that people can contact you if they have concerns about their health. Your website should also include a variety of videos and other educational materials about the pandemic so that visitors can learn more about what to do if they become ill.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic pose unique challenges for digitally marketing small businesses?

Small businesses are being hit the hardest in this economy. With a smaller budget, fewer resources, reduced workforces, less foot traffic, and limited time to follow digital marketing trends and market their products or services, small businesses have an uphill battle when it comes to digital marketing.

Some of the challenges that come with these limitations include:

  • Less time to invest in SEO strategies and other online marketing tactics because they have a tapered workforce.
  • Smaller budgets mean that they don’t have the money for high-end ads like TV commercials or banner ads on search engines like Google.
  • They don’t have enough funds for paid social media posts either, so they can’t reach as many people as big brands can.
  • These small businesses also don’t have enough workforce to focus on customer service issues, so sometimes customers may not get the help they need when looking for answers about their product or service needs.

Pandemic promotes the movement SHOP LOCAL

In a recent survey conducted by the American Marketing Association, local marketing has seen its highest level of growth in the past three years.

The survey shows that small businesses have increased their focus on local marketing with nearly 40% of respondents saying they plan to do more local marketing in 2018.

According to a study done by KPMG, small business owners can increase revenue by 30% if they work on increasing their online presence and targeting consumers through digital channels.

Digital Marketing Ideas for your Small Business

Small business owners don’t have the resources of a large company to manage marketing and communication. If you’re thinking about starting your own small business, you need to consider how digital marketing will help grow your company. Here are some digital marketing tips to help build your small business –


Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses digital channels to reach customers. Businesses of all sizes and shapes can do digital marketing.

The benefits of focusing on existing customers are:

  • It helps in building a solid customer base.
  • It increases the lifetime value of your customers, making them more profitable for you.
  • It helps increase retention rates and reduce churn rates, which leads to increased revenue for your business over time.


Omnimarketing means using all digital marketing channels such as email, social media, video, and others to promote your brand’s message.

Omnimarketing is a multi-channel approach to business development that digital marketing agencies swear by. It entails utilizing all online and offline marketing tactics to maximize brand, product, or service exposure.

Focusing on marketing channels has several advantages, including allowing your company to focus on its core competencies while providing multiple revenue streams from various areas such as sales, partnerships, advertising, and referrals.


Location-based marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses geo-targeting to reach customers in a specific geographical area. It enables small businesses to advertise their goods and services to people in their immediate vicinity, resulting in higher customer conversion rates.

There are numerous advantages to location-based marketing, including:

  • It enables you to better connect with your target audience by developing a compelling brand identity.
  • You can ask your customers for feedback on their perception of your company.
  • It allows you to see what local events are taking place near their home so that you can attend and interact with them while you’re there.


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