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Future of Digital Marketing in India: An Overview | Digital Marketing Lab

January 3, 2022

Digital Marketing in India

Digital marketing is an innovative approach that has already shown tremendous success for small and midsized businesses in the West. The digital transformation has brought a wave of success in the West and currently, India has adopted this innovative approach and already shows signs of positivity that it would be the next big thing in India. If you are having a small and midsized business gets in touch with the best digital marketing services in India & reaps the advantages.

In the yesteryears, advertisements were crafted and curated in such a manner that it connects strike the inner chords of the audience. Television advertisements in those days meant a lot to get connected to a particular product or service. Unfortunately with digitalization traditional advertisement in Television has become less rewarding. Nowadays we spend a very minimal amount of time in front of the television and are keener towards the OTT platform.  

With lesser commercial breaks and compelling content, we prefer to connect our mobiles to smart TV for a better viewing experience. Advertisers nowadays are thinking differently to engage more and more individuals. With the plethora of viewership amongst the online channel, business individuals have shifted their digital marketing. To do the task transparently, they are connecting themselves with some top digital marketing agencies in the country.  

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

Technically speaking, it is nothing but the ultimate promotion of goods and services through digital mediums. To make things simple advertising anything through websites along with social media, OTT or it can be through mobile apps as well. With time, the definition of digital marketing has also changed and evolved exclusively.

In recent times Google, Facebook, and other social platforms own a humongous percentage of audiences when it comes to viewership ratings. As per the latest statistics and data gathered from reliable sources near about 4.5 billion individuals are using the internet. 3.8 billion Individuals are on social media platforms either for education or maybe for entertainment.

With such a thick number of viewership, it is quite obvious that contemporary marketers are shifting base to this platform to connect with the target audiences. Surveys in recent times opine that business owners are rethinking advertising strategies to drive profit from digital platforms. It would be wrong to say that traditional advertisement is dead, but without digital marketing, a brand cannot sustain itself in the long run.

Need for Digital marketing-

About a decade back things were different as to survive all you needed to put in was the proper dedication and hard work, but now the scenario has changed completely. To survive and sustain in an overly competitive market digital marketing can be the ultimate game-changer. The advantages of traditional marketing cannot be ignored but with recent development and positive impulse digital marketing has indeed become the need of the hour.

In the past few years, the dependence on the internet for humans has increased. Whatever knowledge and information are in requirement are always getting satiated by the internet. The continuous reach of smartphones and tablets in our domestic life has expanded the reach of the World Wide Web. More & more individuals these days are switching towards mobile for entertainment along with knowledge & entertainment. In this current scenario, it can be viewed that digital marketing is getting a better reach amongst the consumer demographic.

Why digital marketing agency

There are some huge advantages associated with Digital Marketing:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Capable of creating dedicated campaigns for targeted demographics
  • Results can be measured
  • Changes can be made based on directions
  • Getting a global reach
  • Social currency and be built across by the respective brands 

Let us also examine some other areas that make digital marketing the next big thing in India. 

Digital Marketing Scope

  1. Reaching Global Markets
    Going digital is the need of the hour and digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have become great platforms to drive in potential sales. The reach of social media is so humongous that it is capable of getting connected to anyone at any given geographical location. Lots are happening in India’s Digital space and many people are quite optimistic that is about to be the next big thing in the Indian economy.
  2. Reaching Smaller Towns With Ease
    Metros are already part of this digital boom, but even the smaller towns are getting connected to the entire country. Individuals living in remote locations can also have access to a whole lot of things & that to through just a click in the smartphone. Start-ups are coming up these days in smaller cities and they are reaching global audiences through social media platforms. All that is needed is compelling content that can lure more and more prospective buyers and the business owners are successful in doing so.
  3. Digital Marketing Is Very Affordable
    When compared with other forms of marketing it can easily be identified that this innovative form is much more transparent and cost-effective. Gone are those days when business owners had to spend lakhs on advertising. Creating advertisements on social media costs less than INR 40 in a single day and this is nothing when compared to traditional advertising mediums. Numerous industries along with start-ups are investing heavily in digital marketing activities.
    They are looking ahead for individuals and digital marketing companies to take care of their activities. They are in favor of creating the latest strategies and ideas that can allow them to reach up to their potential customer at a stipulated frame of time and that too at an affordable cost.
  4. Higher Engagement Rate
    Some people are using social media for and everything and the engagement rate ought to be higher. People need quality content for updating themselves and getting entertained and thereby it is the responsibility of the digital marketers to curate compelling content and engage more & more audiences.
  5. Growth In Number Of Internet Users
    In the year 2015 259 million people were using the internet and it went up to 331 million in the year 2017. As per the current prediction, the number will only double by the end of 2022. It is only because the rate in which the country is increasing in growth rate in terms of everything, individuals will be dependent only on the internet in the days to come.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India:

When digital marketing first busted onto the scene it took each & everybody by a storm when over 8lac job opportunities were created in the first quarter of 2017. The digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion and it is growing at a 40% growth rate. With more & more dependency on the internet and increase the number of internet users job roles is also increasing. 40% of contemporary businesses these days are dependent solely on digital marketing & it is estimated that around 90% of business will go digital in recent times.

Initiatives by the Government of India:

To transform the entire ecosystem of public services by making use of IT, the government has launched a digital India program. It has the vision of transforming India through a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. As we have discussed earlier the opportunities of late are no longer available within the Metropolitan cities but also in remote areas. The Indian government has come up with an application for employment programs as everything is going digital these days.

Digitalizing Indian Economy

Digital transformation is creating a clean sweep in government setup along with the education, finance and health sector. It has positively affected us and a small and midsized company in India has taken up this opportunity to reach up to all and sundry.

Digital marketing services in India are being availed by numerous agencies and thanks to the government of India initiative for backup up the digital setup. In a developing economy like India gamut of skilled laborers in getting employment only for digitalization. The immense growth of digital sectors means the latest business opportunities and millions of job opportunities.

The positives of Digitalization in India

Through digital marketing, you will be getting all key facilities sitting at home and there is no need to get out of your comfort zone. There will be control over cost-cutting and you can reach out to your target audience with ease. One can have better market research for all key businesses in India. You can get availability to a broad customer base and through proper digital media marketing, one can reap maximum advantages.

Conclusion– The sum it up, all we can say is traditional and conventional marketing still exists today but the chances of survival are very minimal as digital marketing is very affordable. Not to forget the scalability and accessibility. Every marketer these days need to master digital marketing skills as it has already started to showcase its proven advantages.

It is the basic need for now as well as for the future. Finally, on a wider scale, it is not only Google ads and social media promotion. We have already discussed how it has brought about a change in the Indian economy. Indian digital marketing companies are quite optimistic that this innovative IT approach will be the next big thing in India.