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Reputation Management

Put your best foot forward in the digital world with our online reputation management solutions that do wonders for your brand name, brand image and assure your potential clients of your status in the market.
ORM Services Kolkata, India

What is Reputation Management?

Since the internet is the place everyone turns to for any information and reviews, it is necessary that it has a good opinion of yours. Feedbacks and reviews from the mass always varies, but reputation management makes sure that you get to define your online presence with the positive and constructive ones, and not the negative and obnoxious ones.

Why do you need Reputation Management?

Whether your brand has a great public impression online or a poor one, the business can always do with reputation management. It is not just about fixing a negative persona of your company that might exist online, but much more than that.

  • Reputation Management helps repair any damage done to your brand name by ambush marketing by rivals.
  • It helps with immediate handling of any accidental or crisis situation over which no one has any prior control.
  • If there are any negative comments, articles or news pieces about your brand taking rounds on the internet, reputation management helps counter that with positive and productive content.
  • Even if you have a positive online existence, reputation management helps to make sure that it stays that way and only gets better instead of going downhill.

What strategies do we follow for Management

We have a host of reputation management strategies to put in place if your brand needs its online public portrayal fixed.
Content Creation
An on-pour of fresh, pragmatic content, infused with the right keywords under your brand name on the internet helps repair its image to a large extent.
SEO Management
SEO is indispensable when it comes to create or maintain a good persona on the internet. We ensure that the positive content you are putting out has the right keywords, metadata and headings to be noticed by your audience.
Third Party Monitoring
We keep an eye on the reviews being posted about your company or it is involved in any conversation on other websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and so on, and track if there is an excess of negative feedback and comments.
Social Media Management
Social media is an essential part of your online reputation and once the social media turns against you, it gets very difficult to recover from that. We help you fix that situation as well, one update at a time.