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Digitization of Bengali Durga Puja and Marketing Opportunities

October 6, 2016

The traditional celebration of Durga Puja has slowly evolved over the years. Digitization has left its footprints in the traditional culture of Puja celebration as well. Puja nowadays is celebrated with ipads and apps, smartphones and mobile devices. No wonder, the new age Durga Puja has also become the ultimate platform in boosting brand image. Let’s take a kaleidoscopic view of this colorful and “Digital Durgotsav!”

Durga Puja – the ceremonial worship of the Mother Goddess has scaled new heights. From the turn of the 21st century the festival has taken an artistic and digital dispensation to match with the pace of the contemporary digital world.

The very concept that ‘Maa Durga’ comes to town with her four children; leaving her husband Shiva behind somewhere on ‘Mount Kailash’ makes Pujo the sheer carnival of domesticity, reunion and family values. Yes; for five straight days the Durga Puja remains as an extravagant crowds-crawling fest. Possibly this is also the occasion when Bengalis give themselves the ultimate sanction for showing off new energy levels, new clothes and new acquisitions. With so much of newness, with so much of hue, color, festivity and energy all around, the city becomes rearranged, stimulated and charged with the ‘Puja Magic.’

The traditional celebration has slowly evolved over the years. Digitization has left its footprints in the traditional culture of Puja celebration as well. Digitization has altered the façade of the celebration. Puja nowadays is celebrated with ipads, and apps, smartphones and mobile devices. Indeed; these are the most potent and the most significant tools for Puja celebration.

Look up and around and you will be amazed to find how technology has entwined itself in each and every activity of this festival. Interestingly; the involvement of technology starts from months in advance. In fact; starting from scouting of the Puja theme, planning the design, shopping of the dresses to combing the World Wide Web to come up with the best Puja hopping itinerary, the presence of technology is simply hard to deny!

Digital Puja planning

Simply put; making the Puja plans is not the same as it used to be. The days are now history when people used to call up friends and family to fix up a plan. Things are now happening at lightning speed. Making Puja plans now takes just a few seconds with social messaging apps like Whatsapp and Hike.

Puja is all about tagging friends

It’s lot more than just hopping from one pandal to another to appreciate the grandeur, décor, glamour and idol. For the Y gen the onset of pandal hopping means taking selfie, tagging friends and getting connected. Yes, we know, during this Puja, phone will ring relentlessly as your friends start tagging you. We know the phone will be flooded with known, little known and even unknown faces posing at the pandals.

Durga Puja in Kolkata

Puja is all about ‘instagraming’ the delicacies

Pujo for Bengalis used to be incomplete without food. And now for the Digital generation Durga Puja is incomplete without instagraming the street food pictures. Whether gulping golgappas (Fuchka), munching down the chips, wolfing down the chaap and biriyani, the satisfaction seems incomplete till we’ve tagged friends on Instagram.

Puja means ransacking the online stores

Puja shopping at Esplanade and Gariahat? Sounds so outdated! Y gen is not interested to waste time to surf the physical shelves when they have Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra within their hand! Smart choice indeed as online stores offer steep discounts, awesome range and door delivery.

Selfie… Selfie and a few more during this Puja!

Puja has developed from traditional to digital and so have the Y gen. It is now all about sharing images and competing on who gets the limelight on the social networks like Facebook, snapchat and more.

Puja is about pinning the memories

It is after all the time when we all become the photographer. Armed with tabs and smartphones clicking anything and everything and sharing on pinterest seems so stimulating.

Puja means downloading the apps for pandal hopping and for more

The app store is flooded with multiple apps waiting to be downloaded to make Puja celebration even more fun and easy.

Power by Kolkata police Utsav App has been developed to improve your connectivity this Puja. The feature rich app comes loaded with multiple services to make the carnival even more exciting.

Yes, you can now find your way with Utsav app – Believe it or not; all the major and significant pandals of Kolkata has been listed in this app and all you have to do is to simply tap your mobile screen to get the detailed route map to reach a particular location. Wait! The list does not end here. With Utsav app you can also view the pictures of Puja pandals and “like” the one that fascinates you. You may also decide the best puja of the year through the app’s public voting system.

Puja is also the time for branding – Mass Reach is the mantra of Puja branding

No wonder, the new age Durga Puja has also become the ultimate platform in boosting brand image. In fact ASSOCHAM estimated – West Bengal’s Durga Puja was an industry worth of Rs. 40,000 crores in 2015! It won’t be a hyperbole if said; Puja has become synonymous to brand building.

Take a look at the fact and data – as per the Marketing companies’ estimate – Footfalls are

— 200,000-300,000/day/ Pandal in Kolkata
— 100,000 per day in Mumbai
— 500,000-1 million over 5 Days in Delhi & NCR

Brands have identified their divine recipe for success. Let us take a quick look at how established brands have leveraged Puja celebration in branding themselves.

Emami tied up with pandals at housing societies in Kolkata where its Healthy & Tasty edible oil was used in cooking the bhog.

Dabur also found a sweet spot in the fruits and tied up with pandals across Delhi and Kolkata to serve 125-ml packs of fruit juice at the pandals.

Does that make any sense? Yes, ‘Brand it right’ is the key phrase to mull over during Puja. Mass Reach is the mantra of Puja branding and the impact is long-lasting.

After all the right opportunity to grab people’s attention is when they are happy!

Happy Puja. Happy Branding!