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E-commerce Solutions of the
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Ecommerce solutions from Digital Marketing Lab is specifically designed so that they meet your unique business needs. Our services are tailored keeping in mind the particular requirements of our clients and the fierce competition in the market to meet the desired target for traffic, lead conversion and eventual sales.

Our services range through every aspect of the industry for designing, hosting, marketing, analytics, developing etc. The designs are according to the goals of your unique needs and help to set your business apart from the crowd. With our expertise in the field we drive traffic to your website and business

Exceptional Expertise
Our expertise in the field can work in your advantage to a large degree. Given that our employees are dedicated and experts in the field, they will help you to find the solution for the specific problem that you are experiencing. They have seen and done it all, so we ensure that your problems will find the appropriate solution.
Mobile Friendly
We are currently living in a world that is extremely mobile focused. Mobile browsing is increasing every day with the advent of technology and accessible internet. Having a mobile commerce site available for your customers can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. Be it the homepage or your checkout, the entire layout is made mobile friendly.
E-commerce Web Designing
One of the major focuses for our company is to invest time to understand your industry and your customer base. By understanding your customers, we are able to design websites which are specifically aimed at them so that they will find your site appealing and will browse it. We can design such a website from absolute scratch, or we can modify an already existing website so that it meets your needs.
HTML and CSS editing
There is nothing like having the ability to put a personal touch on your website as and when you feel like it. With the services of Digital Marketing Lab that is exactly what you will be able to do. You will have complete access to the HTML and the CSS of your site and store, thus making it possible for you to customize yourself should you ever feel like it.
E-commerce SEO
Our services include the proper optimization of your SEO metrics. Our SEO experts help to track the top selling product of your stores and with uniquely developed SEO strategies drive an enormous amount of organic traffic to your site. Our local SEO services help to drive both Online and Offline traffic to your store.
Ecommerce Analytics
To be in control of your business and future, you need to have an understanding of your analytics. We provide a service which showcases how effective the Ecommerce marketing campaigns are. We show you the conversion rates and optimize it so as to offer you a proper in-depth analysis. This helps you to understand where to focus so that you can properly maximize your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an e-commerce Website?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is a nothing but a business model that generally involves sales transaction being carried out through a web platform. Virtually all shopping website be it small or big follows this protocol. Any website from where you can avail item for sales over the internet is defined as an eCommerce website.

Difference between Traditional Website and Ecommerce Website

The key difference between eCommerce sites with that of a generic website is the characteristics that it supports. A company website will have more & more information on the brand and the service or product they cater to. At the same time, it needs to be noted that an eCommerce website works pretty much like a physical store. Users get the opportunity to purchase items and arrange for delivery and carry out a payment transaction on the same site.

The functionality of Ecommerce Website

The entire functionality can be executed without involving a human presence. As you are ready to curate content for an eCommerce website, you will come across that the task is a bit onerous as compared to traditional websites. The characteristics and design for Ecommerce web design being required will vary a lot. With the emergence of Smartphone’s, it enables you to purchase from any geographic location and that too at your convenient time. You can search for any product or service through the online platform without dropping in at a physical location.

How Do I Build an E commerce Website?

Selling some products through the online platform is one of the seamless approaches to earn extra money. Through a particular eCommerce website, you can make your products available to a humongous customer at a single go. To reap maximum advantages all you need to do is create a business-driven eCommerce website.

Plan What You Are Willing To See In Your Website

There are a couple of ways to create an eCommerce website. One is to plan what you witness on your website. Secondly, you need to call up a professional developer to take care of your project. The other approach that you can adopt is using a free eCommerce website builder. There are no right or wrong ways of building an online store.

Seek Help from Site Builder, If You Want To Do It Alone-

It primarily depends on the budget and the time you want to spare for the particular task. If you want to do the task all by yourself you can use a site builder. The first & foremost step would be to find the best eCommerce website builder for small and midsized organizations.

We Can Help You to Get a Business-Driven Ecommerce Website

If you are ready to take a plunge in eCommerce, but have a constraint budget, you can always come up to us. Our developers at our Ecommerce website development company will put the best foot forward and ensure that your project is done seamlessly. We have created some of the best eCommerce sites for our clients based on the global platform and we hope to do the same in the days to come.

How Much an Ecommerce Website development Costs?

The pricing for eCommerce website development prices ranges from $10,000 $50,000 or more. The final costs will eventually be driven by overall traffic and sales turnover. Pricing will depend on the characteristics that you are in favour of integrating and the type of Website Company you are choosing. For instance, if you want the development to be done in your country the pricing will be different and if you want it to be outsourced from another country the price differs. The key factors on which the pricing depends are as follows.

  • Design– There is a huge difference in cost for a completely custom design Vs template and thereby the pricing also varies. The look of the website is very important and the, more importantly, the design needs to have an appeal to lure the customers.
  • Functionality- The functionality in a particular website needs to seamless. The site needs to be feature-laden and user friendly. To incorporate all the features, you need to get in touch with a developer and check out his quotes.
  • Data Imports– If you need product data or any past order, this can indeed increase the web development cost. You need to be very sure that the database will include all data that is needed to make your website run seamlessly.
  • Marketing & SEO- After your website goes life you will need a fully customised marketing approach that will boost your ranking in the search engine. It will drive in more & more traffic and thereby to do all such major marketing task, you can get in touch with a digital marketer.

Whatever we have said are being performed by our experts and you will get it all under a single aegis. We are a one-stop solution for your eCommerce solution & you can come up to us so that you can drive in more value for your business.

What makes a good eCommerce website design?

Ecommerce websites are faced with a couple of key challenges. The consumers need to notice your brand and they should choose to purchase from your store. By now you must be aware of the competition and at times it can be tough for online stores to survive.

Until & unless you are unleashing a unique product you are running the risk of making your website run into flaws amongst the plethora of websites offering the same product or service. Let us discuss the ways & approaches to building an eCommerce website that survives this stiff competition. We would be explaining the characteristics that make your website stand apart from the rest.

  1. Store Design Matters A Lot-

Individuals are always lured towards appealing design. Design is the last thing that throngs your mind as you were too very preoccupied on completing your purchase. While building an eCommerce website, good design can bring about lots of positive. The design needs to be less confusing and disruptive and the end-users should have the ability to easily navigate around the website. Remember they shouldn’t be guessing how to purchase your product or how they can add to their wishlist.

  1. Highlight The Key Areas By Making Yourself Better Than Your Competitors-

Since there is a gamut of the website offering a similar product, you need to find out your unique selling proposition and what the special offers you have to offer. You need to highlight your competitive advantages as you create your eCommerce website.

Ares on refund policy along with free delivery service or best price guarantee needs to be seamless. A customer should find these areas seamless. You can add a feature list or section dedicated to the reason why customers should purchase from your site.

  1. Add Reviews Of Customers-

There is a tendency that customers will want to read reviews of former customer and then only gain assurance to purchase the product. They are in favour of making an informed decision about the products that can cost them money.

It is more important than pitching sales and it acts as a powerful driving force to convert more sales. Adding reviews on the product page will allow future consumers to make the corrective purchasing decision.

  1. Make Use Of High-Quality Image-

One of the limitations that customer’s faces through the online platform are one cannot get to feel or touch the items before purchasing. To make it easy for them you can make use of high-quality images relating to the product you are selling. Bad photography along with blurry image makes a particular site seem very unprofessional and very much unreliable.

What are the advantages of an eCommerce website?

Ecommerce website is capable of unleashing gamut of advantages. Shopping through online portals allows customers to gain a lot of advantages. They can access several products at a single go. Remember by shopping through the online pedestal one can save quantum time and will not have to fight amongst the crowd to purchase a single product. These are proven truths, but what about the retailers? Here we will emphasise the key advantages being enjoyed by them.

  1. Increases Customer Reach-

An online store put the product or the service right in the hands of the customer. No matter where in the world they are located, they will receive their product instantly. A particular online platform is like a new channel or new destination through which you can reach potential customers at a quick period. It does not matter if your business is a start-up or in operation for quite a period, there would always be new customers out there for you.

  1. There Is No Time Restriction

An eCommerce website is open for 24/7 and there is no restriction on shopping time. You can have access to the website whenever you are free and whenever you feel like. As a retailer, it is really good to receive money at midnight. Just image you woke up at midnight and received the money in your inbox. Indeed a great view so there is no constraint on time and you can carry out operation whenever you feel like.

  1. No Running Cost And No Start-Up Costs-

Unlike that of a brick and motor store, an online store can get established within a fraction of a second. If the working is done with the right platform an eCommerce shop can run in a smooth & seamless manner in a matter of a week. The entire sales cycle of latest business will pass through a predefined step.

  1. You Can Run Your Business From Any Geographic Location

An online store gives you another unique advantage over other brick & motor store as you can run it from any given location of the world. As long as you have access to the internet and your mail is working in tandem your store can be administered from any location of the world.

We have narrated all the key advantages that you can avail through the eCommerce website. Just to let you know that if you are convinced enough and ready to create an eCommerce website, get in touch with us. Our developers and designers at our eCommerce website development company in India will create a compelling website ensuring that you drive more and more sales.

What Is A Good Conversion Rate For An Ecommerce Site?

The conversion rate of a website ensures how successfully a brand is successfully able to use its online presence to transform traffic into revenue. When conversion rate is low it means that a particular business might be losing out lucrative leads. This is indeed a nightmare situation for marketers as it means that the Ecommerce site is not performing. Let us delve deep into what a good conversion rate is and how a particular site can be optimized that encourages visitors to remain on the website.

Conversion Action for an Ecommerce Website-

A conversion is a desired action taken up by a visitor on a particular website. For eCommerce websites the most effective conversions are usually signing up for a new account and adding items to the cart, saving product on the wishlist and completion of a purchase transaction.

The conversion rates are useful as it allows you how successful your website is at guiding visitors into & through the sales funnel. A high conversion rate will always demonstrate that a particular website is successful in convincing a visitor to become leads or customers. A low rate will indicate that there is always room for improvement and improvisation. The practice of crafting and finessing a particular website brings optimal leads.

Conversion Rate for All Sectors Vary-

The conversion rate on e-commerce websites can vary across all sectors. It can be because of the nature of the industry and the immediate requirement to purchase the product. Not to forget the value of the transaction as it is important too.

If you are convinced enough you can get in touch with our Ecommerce website designing company in India. We are ready to help you out and make you avail the best service in town.