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Fred Update – Know What You Should Know | DML

July 18, 2017

As a responsible Digital marketing agency in Kolkata, it is our responsibility to help you stay informed and updated about the recent Google Fred update. Read on and learn more…


Another update has hit the SEO community hard. Yes, we are talking about the recent Fred Update.

Originally the “Search Engine Land” published the update and suggested, the update is to prevent link spamming.

Experts like Barry Schwartz suggests, Fred update typically targets –

1. Low value contents

2. Ad heavy sites

3. Affiliate sites

How is Fred different from the other relevant updates, which penalized low quality content earlier?

Unlike the other updates, the Fred update has typically targeted the websites that focuses on generating ad revenue. Fred update targets the website that actually provides low value content and aims for ad generation.

The symbols of this type of websites are –

  1. Keyword stuffed fluff content
  2. Sites that have whole lot of ads interspersed throughout their text
  3. Irrelevant slide shows that compel users to click through a whole lot of pages for viewing content which could have been placed on a single page.
  4. Sites with poor and low quality backlinks

With this comes the next significant question – how can you prevent being affected by this Fred Update?

Here is your survival strategy

1. Write high quality and relevant content

2. Stop overloading your website with ads & affiliate links

3. Disavow the unnatural, poor quality and spammy backlinks

Write quality content: How many times have you said Content is the king? Many a time, right? Now is the time to follow the advice stringently. As a responsible website owner, make that your goal and create scanable, scalable, shareable content. You will see your search rankings rise in the SERPs  naturally.

Be careful with Ads now: It is impossible to deny the significance of advertisements and people also expect to see ads on most of the sites. In some cases it only creates poor use experience and this is exactly where Google Fred update comes in. With this update Google has taken yet another step to encourage website owners in creating quality experiences.

Typically the Fred algorithm targets the sites that burden their content with Ads while making it harder to distinguish ads from the site content.

This means; if in case you are using ads on your site ensure that your ads are clearly defined as Ads. Also; your ads shouldn’t try to trick people into clicking.

Also; avoid using the pop- up messages on your website. Although this type of ads are not yet been targeted by the Fred update, but Google has this habit of penalizing the websites with pop-ups that make content less accessible on mobile devices. As the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata we recommend that you avoid using the pop up messages.

Check the quality of your backlinks: Once there was a time when the primary ways of determining how a site will rank was typically dependent on number of sites that are linked to it. This led to lot of poor back links. As Google’s algorithms got smarter, this kind of SEO is no longer effective. Poor backlinks can wreck your website.

We highly recommend that you look through your site’s backlinks periodically. If you find any links from the sites that seem suspicious, or you don’t recognize or from sites that are totally irrelevant to your area of business, disavow those links in Google Search Console.

Are you worried about whether or not your site will be negatively affected by Google’s algo updates? Would you be interested to know about how you can ensure the quality of your website content? We can help with the right dose of knowledge and technical partnership.

As the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata we can help. Contact us today and we shall provide you with a FREE Audit.