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How to hire a digital marketing company in Kolkata?

February 7, 2018

No doubt digital marketing requires so much of work; needless to say, it requires so many ever-evolving parts that it’s often unreasonable for businesses to keep things in house. It is all about remaining up – to – date with the present tactics and industry’s best practices. This is when businesses may need to consider outsourcing their online marketing need to the dedicated experts. Possibly this is also why outsourcing to a digital marketing company in India has gained attention. Your business can stay on trend and on the mind of your digital audience as you outsource your digital branding activities to a dedicated branding and digital marketing company in Kolkata. Well; there’s a catch as well – there are a number of digital marketing agencies  and not all of them are same. You need to make an apple to apple comparison in order to make an informed decision.

Sure; you will have to research well about the digital marketing companies to figure out the top digital marketing agencies in India that may fit your need and requirements. Go deep into their service area, have a detailed look at their case studies, read the online reviews and then identify the one that fits your need and preference.

Here are a few important questions to ask the digital marketing agency, before you actually select any and sign above the dotted line.

What’s your process?

This is a significant question with loads of answers. Strategically speaking; it needs to cover both the aspects as in –  how they approach the idea of digital marketing and how they approach digital marketing for their clients! Once you get a general idea, probe more with follow up questions to understand how they approach the various areas of digital marketing. Try and understand their process for marketing on the various channels

Who will be my point of contact?

Let’s not deny; one of the benefits of hiring the digital marketing agency lies in the trust that they will have a team of specialized team of diverse skill sets to cater to your digital marketing campaigns. However; make sure that it actually plays out that way with the digital marketing company in Kolkata  you hire. So ask point blank questions to ensure that.  Ask how exactly your project will be divided, who will be the account manager, who will be the team players and how exactly does their experience match with the tasks that they will be assigned to!

What’s your mode of communication?

Of course, you have the right for regular check-ins about how your campaigns are performing. Ask questions about their mode of communication.  Find out how often they get in touch with clients. What type of communication medium do they follow? Keep in mind – one point of contact makes communication a lot easier and simpler.

What analytics do you track?

Weed out the vanity data and ask specifically about the type of analytics they pay attention to. Also; find out how often or in which format they send the report to their clients.

What are all included in your monthly fee and what may cost extra?

Although cost should not be the only deciding factor; however, the cost is indeed a very important factor which can’t be undermined in deciding the digital marketing company in India. Have a clear budget in mind and make sure that their charge works within it. DO NOT sign above the dotted lines without being clear about the monthly fee and the work involved in that and the cost of the extra works. Ask them to demonstrate everything in clear format.

Can you show me some of your successful work samples and case studies?

No doubt ‘seeing is believing after all!’ Whether it’s websites they have helped in developing or the design they have created, whether it’s the contents they have written or the ranking they have achieved for their clients – ask for samples to check their quality. No doubt; digital marketing generally leaves a measurable and scalable trail of evidence, so the digital marketing agency in India should be able to provide you should be able to provide you with the samples of their work.

Digital marketing is definitely a long-term game. As one of the preferred digital branding agency in Kolkata, we would recommend you to pick an agency that understands your need, preference, requirements, and budget. Also; you should be comfortable enough with the agency so that you can stick with it in the long term.

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