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How an e-Commerce Website Development Company Can Help a Business? | Digital Marketing Lab

April 19, 2021

What Does Web Development Mean?

Web development or website development refers to several tasks associated with developing a website for hosting through internet. The web development process includes web content development, web designing, client or server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. 

In other words, web development encompasses all the updates, actions, and operations required to build, maintain and manage a website to ensure its performance, user experience, and speed are optimal. The professionals that maintain a website and ensure its smooth functioning are called web developers or web devs.

Web development may also include all the strategic actions required to ensure its proper ranking on search engine results. However, these tasks usually pertain to a different specialization, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Web Development Platforms

In the world we live in today, a website has become more of a necessity rather than just being a trend. No matter how small or how big an organization may be, creating a website and reaching out to the crowd using online methods has become a mandate to survive and succeed in this era of digitization. These days, people are also building their own web pages to share information or their personal experience with others. Some of the most popular e-commerce website development platforms include:

  • Magento
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Woo commerce

3 Layers of Web Development

The Web Development process can broadly be defined in the following three layers:

  • Frontend Web Development
  • Backend Web Development
  • Full Stack Web Development

Frontend Web Development

This type of Web Development helps convert information and available data into a graphical user interface using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript such that users can easily interact with the provided interface. It deals with the part of the website that users can see and easily comprehend.

For instance, on your browser, you as a user see and interact with the website’s frontend. It consists of all the things in the website that you can view and experience directly, including colors, text, images, buttons, etc.

Backend Web Development

The backend part of any web page is the portion that users don’t or can’t see. It is the backbone of the website. It is the part that is responsible for the functioning of the website. It allows developers to store and organize data, as well as ensures the proper working and functioning of everything available in the frontend or the client-side.

The backend portion interacts with the frontend part of the web page by sending and receiving data that is shown live on the website. When users enter some data, fill out forms, or make a purchase, the browser sends that request to the backend (the server-side) which, in turn, sends back the data as frontend code for the web page to comprehend, interpret, and make it visible for you.

Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack development is the combined development of the frontend and the backend of a web page. It includes the development of the graphics and design of the web page, along with managing the database for data organization and storage.

How Important Is Ecommerce Website Development

Internet usage has exploded beyond comprehension, making it vital for every business to stake a claim in e-commerce by acting quickly. This is one of the reasons why e-commerce website designing has become a lucrative business these days. Although promoting your business online might seem like the best way to get your products or service noticed, you need to up the game by offering an e-commerce website to reach customers from all over the world.

A professional e-commerce website development company can help bring your business into the modern world. According to the latest studies, people are connected to the internet via their phones, laptop and tablet almost 80 % of their day. To make your website appealing to both your old customers and potential customers, you need to ensure that it is user friendly and uses the innovative technology. Websites that focus on e-commerce need to implement a lot more feature than a regular website. It should be able to handle many customers browsing through its pages, looking at different products and service. It should also be adept at handling different forms of payment. If any hitch occurs during the transactions, customers will start distrusting your website, causing a decrease in the number of visitors of the website. Hence, choosing the right website development company is crucial. 

Digital Marketing Lab is one of the best digital marketing companies that offer state-of-the-art website designing services. We provide affordable solutions for businesses who are considering dipping their toe into the online business world. Since each business has different sets of needs, we often have a sit down meeting to help get the clients a better picture of what to expect. 

If you are looking at having an e-commerce website developed from scratch, it will involve processes such as designing, developing content, configuring the web server, server-side scripting and so on. However, the job is not done after the website is launched. The next step involves making sure that your e-commerce website gets plenty of attention in the virtual world. This is done by using keywords within your website content. Once the position of your website improves in the search engine page results, you will notice an increase in the traffic coming towards your e-commerce website which will eventually lead to more sales. This is done with the help of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. DML offers all these services at affordable costs.

When it comes to growing your business, having an online presence has become mandatory. In order to remain steady in the race, even traditional brick and mortar stores must have a way to answer the queries of their customers, provide valuable business information, and give users the option to shop online from them. With the help of best e-commerce website builders, you can create a store that appeals to customers and show the variety of products you have to offer, all with a design that’s easy to use. We at Digital Marketing Lab recommend Magento or Shopify to most users. Hire experienced developers from DML for top-notch e-commerce web development solutions with a rich user interface, integration of payment gateway and shipping API, advanced security features, easy-to-manage product inventory and much more.