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How to ensure that your infographic generates traffic?

December 18, 2018
How can you ensure that your infographic generates shares, links, and traffic

So; you have created an infographic, right? Great effort! Of course it will drive traffic, build links and will raise brand awareness for
you, if done in the right way. Sad but true; it doesn’t always work that way. Unfortunately; many infographics languish in the dark corners of the web world. Forgotten and ignored. So; what can you actually do to avoid the same fate? How can you actually ensure that your infographic generates shares, links, and traffic? Fret not; here we as the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we have scouted the most common mistakes.

Save infographic designs you like

Save fascinating facts, Save quotes & Create a collection of good headlines, Save the links to inspirational blog posts, Keep track of your own ideas for infographics, Take inspiration from artists, graphic designers, bloggers and writers. Develop your own style.

Don’t ever forget your target audience when creating an infographic

To put things simply – stop developing infographics for sharing links. Rather do your best to create an infographic that your audience will love. In order to create an infographic that your audience will love you should do your best to.

Cater to your target audience

Consider their pain points. How exactly your service or products can help Think about stuffs that your audience may find interesting
Link your topic to other relevant topics.

Build your infographic centering on one idea

Yes; this is important. Build your infographic centering on an easy and simple idea. Simply put; ideally you should be able to explain
your infographic in one sentence. In fact; your infographic should have one principal idea. If required you can break down your big idea into sections. You may also view the principal topic from different angles and include tips and tricks as long as they contribute to one big idea.

Don’t make your infographic superficial

Do not make the infographic superficial. Take a closer look at your infographic contents – are you scratching the surface or is it that
your infographic is providing in depth information? Stay away from using a scattergun approach when building an infographic. Instead; go deeper.

Don’t make your infographic a visualization of data and statistics:

Think creatively and do not make your infographic just a graphical presentation of statistics and data. Don’t just share stats just
because you have them. You should have something to say to your target audience which they will love

Is Your infographic is too much predictable?

Take a closer look at your infographic. Is it lulling your target audience to sleep? The fact is undeniable – all you have to do is to make your audience pay attention to the little piece of graphical presentation that you are sharing.

In order to arrest the attention of your audience you should:

Avoid being monotonous

Stay away from sharing obvious information Find unexpected facts; Present the topic from an unusual angle

Avoid these 4 Mistakes

  • Your infographic is unnecessarily lengthy: We never get tired of saying that the attention span of your viewers isn’t endless, so stay away from going on and on and limit your infographic to 8,000 pixels. The graphics simply sucks: Guess what? You just can’t turn a blog post into an infographic so develop an eye-catching design and create a logical flow to the idea that you are sharing. Also; adapt your design to your target audience and target market.
  • Stay away from choosing poor fonts: Stay away from choosing all of your favorite fonts, because it will simply make your infographic look messy. Limit your font choice to two types; and pay attention to readability:
  • Don’t mix too many different design styles: Stay away from matching and mixing different design styles instead make sure that your graphs, color, style and fonts all match with the tone of your infographic Honestly; a striking infographic is not just about good looks and if you want people to pay attention to your infographic then you also need striking subheadings. Keep the heading and subheadings short to attracts attention. As the most preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata we never get tired of saying that our infographic needs to promise your reader that they will learn something from your infographic.
  • Remember; your headline should include at least one power a strong, emotional power word. You have to find the right balance between words, images, stats and graphs. Be innovative. Generate ideas. Create wonderful designs and write well.Finally; focus on your target audience. Be useful to them.