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How Can You Improve Your Search Rankings With UX?

January 17, 2017

Improove SEO with UX

Take a closer look at your website and answer this question with all honesty – Are you delivering the best user experience possible to your site visitors? Yes; it’s absolutely crucial to commit yourself to this as it’s a fundamental part of organic search rankings and conversions.

When it comes to the point of ‘User optimization’ or catering to User Experience it typically refers creating a memorable experience for your users. It’s all about making your website sticky so that your users read your content and take the right actions

According to Marketing Sherpa –

 “Over 80% of marketers consider increasing overall conversion a dominant priority for their website optimization programs.”

The fact is simple and straightforward – it’s impossible to undermine the significance of User Experience. A well-defined, well thought out and well-designed UX can do wonders for your website. Yes; UX has the power to set your design class-apart. To put things simply – your overall brand reputation will be hurt if in case you have a confusing and disengaging UX.  Yes; a confusing UX will also lower the conversion rate and in the long run it will effect on the website’s SEO.

Even if you have missed this kind of optimization a few years back, now there’s hardly any excuse. In this blog we are going to talk about the confirmed UX methods researched by experts or  referred by Google. These strategies are tested and proven to be beneficial for the users as well as help improve SEO .

Let’s check out quickly:-

Search engine optimization and UX are intimately linked due to some elements

Bounce Rate: It is defined as how quickly the users leave your webpage without interacting with the page.

Click through rate: The proportion of users who click your web page via Google searches.

Site Speed: How quickly your page loads.

Accessibility: How neatly your web page displays on all devices for anyone

Simply put; if any of those UX elements are not taken into consideration and optimized for, you’re hurting your SEO. Google considers UX. This means you will get penalized if you are not following it. On the other hand;  following the Google’s guidelines will fetch you traffic by your way.

Increase your click through rates with relevant descriptions

Possibly by now we all know this; Google give weightage to quality links and user engagement while ranking your page. This means; it is not enough to rank page 1 for a keyword. If in case the description that appear in your search results are not engaging you will drop like a stone

Eliminate the intense popups from website

There’s no secret; popup Ads on the site affects the rankings. For the uninitiated; interstitial Ads on the websites are a penalized by google as they make the content less accessible.

A tip? Instead of automatic pop-ups try to use content upgrades. Content upgrade pop ups also has a higher conversion rate

Enhance your web page‘s speed

It’s a known secret that webpage’s speed or site speed has a direct effect on your website search engine optimization. In case your website is optimized successfully it ought to take half a 2nd or less, and it will look immediate to the viewer.

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