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How to achieve customers’ loyalty by solving their pain points?

October 29, 2018

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Let’s not beat around the bush. If you are serious about achieving your customers’ loyalty and attention, if you are serious about wining business then there’s no shortcut.

There are few things you need to do

Understand your customers’ pain point

Solve them with customized solution

Educate them on their next course of business step

As a boutique digital marketing company in Kolkata, we agree with you- all these are easier said than done, but these are absolutely possible with the right dose of plan, strategy and action.

Understand your customer’s pain points – First get your facts aligned – the business decision makers who you are selling to these days are not interested in products. They want solutions, which can help them to overcome challenges and to accomplish goals.

So how do you sell solutions?

Through our research and conversation with our clients, stakeholders, customers and our top partners, we have discovered the fact that most business challenges fall into four main categories (we will talk about the categories little later)

First step: you must understand their pain points. Devise some killer questions to determine which category your customer is experiencing and – even better – which solutions will answer their needs.

Second step: Once you are sure about your customer’s category, combine the right products for creating customized solutions that will help you win their business.

Third step: Don’t just focus on solving immediate problems, continue to build your role as their trusted advisor. So identify their next best steps and provide them with your next set of solution.

Use this easy reference to understand your customers pain points and to provide them with the right solution:

Business Anywhere:  Mobility solution  is critical in today’s business landscape. Pervasive computing and seamless mobility solution are critical in accessing business information and in enabling better execution of strategy anywhere, anytime

The questions:

Do you have a mobile workforce?

Can your  employees collaborate and share information easily?

The Pain Points –  Mobility, access

The Opportunity: This category typically focuses on the mobility challenges and productivity giving employees access from anywhere, easily, on their choice of device.

Safeguard the Business: It’s all about protecting the business and controlling the data. Managing the sheer volume of data has become the biggest challenge for the enterprises.  Uncovering the data insight demands effective integration, validation and aggregation techniques for generating real time business value and insights.

The questions:

 Are you worried about protecting your data?

Are you prepared for unexpected challenges?

The Pain Points:  Security, recovery

The Opportunity: In the year 2014 alone, businesses reported a 34% increase in financial losses due to security incidents! security is definitely now at top-of-mind for many of your customers.

Grow Efficiently : Modern technology allows new ways for achieving consistent and superior performance. Yes, smart, agile and easy to adopt cloud technology supports business growth and innovation.

The questions:

Can your organization adapt to the change?

Are you getting the most from your technology?

The Pain Point: Changing technology, IT investments, cloud computing

The Opportunity: reveal the best way to scale business and to have your IT infrastructure grow with them. Such customers may be considering cloud technologies and may need your help to make the transition.

Connect with Customers: Businesses need a partner that not only has the technology and tool to help you get where you want to go but also has the domain expertise to help you chart out the destination as well.

The Pain Point: customer Insights, customer engagement

The Opportunity: Customers who fall in this particular category  are interested in learning how to use their customers’ data. Possibly they want to develop touchpoints, plan and  uncover  the action items. Having answers to these questions will help you avoid dead-end conversations with customers

Offer the right solutions

Once you know your customer’s category and the problems they’re looking to technology to solve, use the right tools and the resources to enable a truly productive conversation.

There is hardly any denying, buyers expect the technology in which they have invested to solve their problems. They look to you as partners for trusted advice. We are the most preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata, and it is room our experience we can say that it is by asking the right questions, and knowing which pillar best aligns with the pain points your customers, you will both serve them better and also save time, money, energy and most importantly your business reputation.