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How to create an incredible customer experience?

October 26, 2018

stay consistent in customer satisfaction says best digital branding agency in kolkata

The digital age has ushered in a new era in e-commerce and digital branding. Almost as the next obvious result, a new set of customer expectations have also ushered in. The fact of the matter is; how we shop, when we shop, how we make the purchasing decisions has changed completely. As a boutique digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we can feel this sea change. With a number of clients dotted all across the globe we have this ultimate opportunity to understand the digital landscape to the core. We can see that this digital age has practically changed the traditional passive custom er into a digitally equipped active customer. The customers are now more informed.  With the proliferation of the digital age, the customer can now find information about your products, reviews, service, company mission, and actions. Not just this, it is through social media, two-way communication between the customer and the brand is expected

This new era has reshaped the customer journey and our expectations of the brands. Now is the time to cultivate customers instead of selling products in the same pattern and within the same grooves. Now is the time to re-align your goals to match with the psyche of the digital era.

Needless to say; customers  now  are also influenced by a broader set of factors such as –

  1. Your brand message
  2. Your brands’ social media
  3. Your Brand Ambassadors’ social media
  4. Customer reviews
  5. Digital word-of-mouth
  6. Technical product information
  7. The customer post-purchase experience

As things stand now, you need to create a customer experience strategy to align with the digital era. Here are a few killer tips to create a great customer experience strategy that helps you in

  1. Improving customer satisfaction
  2. Reducing churn
  3. Increasing revenues

#Tip 1. Have a clear customer-focused vision. This is certainly the very first step in the customer experience strategy. Leverage your  corporate principles and embed them into your corporate culture.

Deliver incredible service

Stay humble

meet deadlines

stay flexible to  embrace change.

#Tip 2: Understand your target customers. This is the most important aspect which can never be ignored. The smartest way of understanding your target customer is by creating customer personas and by rendering  brief description to each persona.

#Tip 3: Create and leverage the emotional connection with your customers.

#Tip 4: Try and capture customer feedback in real time.

#Tip 5: Finally track and measure your ROI from delivering incredible customer experience.

The bottom line –

Customer expectations are higher and customer experience is typically an area which nurtures a greater focus on customer experience strategy. As the leading branding and digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we would advise you to stop taking your customer experience for granted! Remember; it is only by creating an incredible customer experience, businesses will be able to  realize positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention & Increased revenues.