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How To Deal With Social Media Pain Points? | DML

December 21, 2016

social-media-pain-pointsFace it; in order to see results using social channels, you don’t just need a social media strategy but a lot more. You also need a concrete business strategy. When you have the right business strategy in place, the right social channels, the tools for measurements the social strategy starts working.

There are more than 2.307 billion users on social media all around the world. In fact wherever we look it seems, companies and brands have somewhat figured it out rightly on social media. As with each of their new social post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, comes thousands of comments, likes and shares. In fact; this somewhat leaves us wondering, “Where are we missing the point?” What are the things which we are not doing right on social media?”

Yes; we have made mistakes, we have experimented and in the process we have learnt a bit. Based on our domain expertise, on our experience and knowledge we’ve put together a playbook on solving the most common social media challenges

Yes; a lot in fact can go wrong and of those million possibilities, of those thousands agonizing social media pain points – these are however the most common –

Let’s address the social media #painpoints

#PainPoint 1: Scuffling between the different accounts, brand voices and the platforms. Let’s not deny; having to post four times a day, may be six different types of contents on six different types of platforms to wow and lure the audience is anything BUT easy.  In fact audience is hard to please especially in this digital noisy world when you have to literally compete with a whole bunch of brand voices.

The solution:

Keep everything documented. Simply put; document your entire social media content strategy specifically for each brand and for each of the account that you manage. Also; keep in mind; the KPIs such as business goal, Mission statements, characteristics and the brand voice. Also; categorize the specific content for each brand or account for easy access and for less confusion

#PainPoint 2: Crafting, developing, monitoring as well as defending the brand identity. Okay let’s take an easy analogy – when you enter the room first and no one knows you then you build a certain power – the power of recreating yourself. You can be anyone. However that is not wholly dependent on you but it can also be the result of circumstance of what the other people in that room are thinking about you.

That’s why most of the time the marketers believe that the whole brand concept is not always created by the company, but by their customers. It is also important to mention here that you can control certain factors that may support your social media audience in forming the “brand perception.”

The solution:

First you need to identify the buyer persona of your social media audience. You can use surveys as well as secondary research to identify the buyer persona.

Next, take note of their topic of interest that correlate with your business niche. Now, create and curate informative, shareable and useful content around the topics. Also; use a  social media monitoring tool in order to catch and respond to your social media audience

#PainPoint 3: Rising above the digital noise and fighting the ratio battle on multiple social channels. Your clients or your social audience may want you to be present on all social media platforms, be it the classic ones or be it the upcoming ones. After all your social audiences are afraid of missing out on the action and are somewhat afraid of falling behind in the development curve.

Being on all the social channels is a hindrance. So one solution is to allocate the resources to social media platforms that matter more to your target audience!  Also; keep in mind; if you do not have enough content out there to share then there is no point in pushing on the platforms that aren’t worth the effort.

The solution:

Take a thorough survey of your social media audiences and as the next obvious step, pinpoint the segments or channels where most of your potential buyers are present. You can do this by creating accounts and by actually testing the platform by posting ‘test’ content

Now, allocate the most resource, time as well as the budget on the platform that promises the most returns as per the research you have done.

#PainPoint 4: Measuring the ROI of your social efforts. Yes; it can be actually frustrating when you simply can’t explain what you are working away at all the time. To make them understand you simply have to narrate the real social media story and also the true potential that it may have.

The solution: 

In reality, a well-crafted and well thought out social media strategy is rather impressive than mere vanity metrics. So here’s the way out – describe clearly your objective and goals and how your goals may manifest in reality to your colleagues, managers and clients.

Also; correlate the social media results with specific and scalable business-based outcomes to help them to relate to the process

Finally; dig out the social media goals and correlate that with your business oriented goals before sticking to any particular SMO strategy

Monitor the strategy closely during and post implementation

Sure; you can use some of the social media analytic tools like Google analytics etc for getting the social media marketing insights.

The Bottom-line

Marketing landscape has changed. With the bigwigs such as The twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Google plus, ruling the online world the whole concept of online marketing has gained a whole new facet altogether. Social media campaigns are content rich and rigorous. Our social media management service is based on each business’ unique needs, challenges and goals. We have designed our state of the art Social Media services to keep you in control of your business, services, products and business messages all across the various social networks

Tell us about the pain points, which you might have faced while managing social media. Tell us about the solutions, which you have employed to overcome them.