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Instagram Marketing? Here are 3 killer strategies to get noticed!

July 10, 2017

Let’s accept the fact – Instagram marketing is the most creative and the most thought provoking marketing strategy, which needs attention.

Here you are almost forced to use videos or images with every post.  This means; the video or the image is the main focus. This means you are forced to create new visual content. If you are not creating eye catching Instagram post, somebody else will

Needless to say; the best way to get ahead is to do something truly unique, innovative, creative and state of the art that your competitors aren’t doing. Also stay away from doing the social media mistakes.

But you need to start somewhere. As a preferred Digital marketing company in Kolkata we’ll go over three general Instagram marketing strategies to ease your pain.

# Strategy 1 – Incorporate hashtags

You have to use each and every single Instagram image as the ultimate opportunity for growth.  Of course; adding some general hashtags at the end of  the captions can  get you more exposure. It’s also the simple way to add authenticity to your photo.

Still there are a few obvious things to take into account when using general hashtags –

Your caption and hashtags needs to be related.  You may feel that indomitable temptation to include the successful hashtags with every post. But our experience says, you will have more success in the future if you think ahead and create images for those specific successful hashtags.

DO NOT spam hashtags. There’s no denying, hashtags are popular and there’s hardly any saturation point, still if you’re filling your posts up with multiple, unrelated  hashtags, then not only you are casting your net too wide but it may also appear to be ‘Spammy’ to the viewers.

Also, STAY AWAY from making the caption too brief. Although brief captions are great for Instagram but a brief caption which is followed by a wave of hashtags is not good for your brand image.

# Strategy 2 – Make two way communications

Instead of just posting the photos and videos and letting your followers interact with you, start interacting from your end. It’s an optimal opportunity to market your brand the way you want it to. After all your audience will be reading your comments. Remember; your comments are your personality so make sure that you pay close attention to what you’re saying. Maintain a consistent brand voice down to the last word

Posting consistently with a relevant personality and with an authentic brand voice that matches with the vibes of your audience may pay huge on Instagram.

# Strategy 3 – Plan contests and do them frequently

So you are posting good images and videos, you are also using general hashtags, you are replying to your user base, so what’s next?

Now is the time to capitalize on the Instagram users’ mindset by creating a cool content and giveaway. It is all about creating the perfect brand voice.

Guess what? Contest can benefit your brand through

1. Interaction grab – “Like,” share, or comment to win – this helps to grow your follower base due to the expansive nature of the content

2. Brand-generated hashtag – you may crate contest-specific hashtags and  ask the  users to upload photos using the hashtags to win. You may also use the social influencers in your niche to act as celebrity judges

Before you create a contest keep the following pointers in mind –

Set your goal – For instance; find out what you are trying to achieve from the contest and adjust if necessary

Determine the contest prize and its value – Remember; the prize should be related to your brand or one of your brand’s items. Also; ensure your prize is sufficient to meet your goals.

Generate the content for the contest and for the giveaway – Keep in mind; the essential factor of your Instagram-based contest has little to do with the prize  but a lot to do with the content, which is the image. The content and the image that you create must sell the person on the idea of entering your contest.

Questions? We are a call way!