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Is maintaining Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Necessary?

January 25, 2018

editorial calendar

The content marketing editorial calendar is the next big buzzword to focus on.

Questions still prevail – is it worth the hype? Can you benefit from adding the editorial calendar to your content marketing plan?

Before even delving any further we need to ensure that we are on the same page with some of the basics. Many a time we hear the buzz words like ‘content marketing’ and ‘editorial calendar’ without much understanding about their effects and significance. We first need to understand what content marketing is actually.

Content Marketing is something that is ultimately helpful to its audience. With effective content marketing, it is all about gaining ‘new fans’, which could all be potential customers. It is certainly not about a quick sale, but it is about building an audience that trusts you. It is about establishing yourself as an influencer in your niche, establishing your brand as the “Go to Place” whatsoever.

As a digital marketing company in Kolkata, we never get tired of stating the significance of maintaining an editorial calendar.So what’s a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar anyway?

There is no denying that content marketing is highly strategic. There is no cookie-cutter formula. As a business owner, you need to keep the following 3 aspects in mind to make a connection to your brand –

1.Get a detailed understanding of your target audience

2.Figure out what motivates them

3.Find out what they may need to hear from you

This is where the content marketing calendar comes in. It is basically a thematic planning document that gives you and your content marketing team strategic plan of attack.

1.Any effective calendar should

2.Provide a place for content ideation (post ideas and key topics)

3.Create publishing schedule for maintaining consistent presence, online

4.Help you in visualizing your marketing strategy that everyone can understand.

5.Act as a SPOC (Single point of communication) to team members.

Okay here’s why you may need a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar

Because content marketing is a strategic marketing tool: Yes; the whole idea of content marketing is basically a strategic venture. As already briefed it is all about what your customers want and how you may want to give them. This is a strategic goal, and it requires a strategic tool and the editorial calendar stands as the place where you can see a total panoramic view of your marketing strategy.

Because it makes you more consistent: Writing the plan is always incredibly powerful. It thus becomes more tangible for the content marketing team. In fact you will be more likely to stick with it as you go along. Content marketing editorial calendar thus gives you the accountability for creating content day after day.

Your audience will love it: Indeed; quality, scalable, content that is more focused on what your audience need is much needed. Give your audience what they need and they will appreciate your efforts.

It helps you to get traffic: In today’s web world, it is all about getting Traffic. Because it is after all the traffic that helps you get your brand in front of more eyeballs. Content marketing with a well-planned schedule exactly does that.

When your audience shares your content your work is validated that your content is awesome. This, in turn, gives you more traffic, shares, and subscribers, effective content marketing is the new SEO. The search engine giants are only favoring unique, high quality, consistent content marketing strategy over the typical SEO tricks. A focus on the effective content marketing editorial calendar is more important now than ever.

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