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Is SEO at all relevant for Big Brands?

August 4, 2017

dml blog post 20th nov

Have you ever helped a new brand to market their services and product online? Have you helped any brand to generate organic visibility and leads? If yes, you probably know what it takes to increase sales, leads and overall brand authority online. As one of the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata and as one of the preferred choice for our marketing the  brands online, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading brands in India and abroad.

From our experience we can say, you need to build

1. Authority

2. Create insightful content

3. Instill SEO best practices for garnering the result

Let’s not deny; all of this takes time! Now let’s talk about the big brands – the websites of the giant brands are so much loaded with brand equity.

The relevant question therefore remains – is SEO at all relevant for big brands?

The answer is a resounding YES

The significance of digital marketing can’t be restricted to attracting new visitors with little knowledge about your brand.  SEO plays a big role in the maintenance of your organic online presence and the experience that you render to your audience.

Yes, big brands have realized that they too need to concentrate on SEO . This is typically because SEO best practices are basically the standard website best practices, which help in –

Advertisement of the brand

A popular TV slot helps in keeping the brand in front of the  eyes  of audience. In this digital era the online ads and the digital links help in spreading the good words across the web and direct the user to the brand’s site pages.

Providing the Much Required UX Assistance

Whether your target audiences are trying to register to the forum, or sign up for the newsletter, explore career opportunities a slow site is the biggest turn off.  Page load time is one of the biggest obsessions of the SEO industry and is also the biggest consideration of the evolving mobile first shift . Having a digital marketing partner can play a big role towards the search perfection.

Proper SEO campaign ensures that the anchor texts are all in place and are capable of guiding users down to the path of conversion.

Brand management in the SERPs

Take a moment and think –  Big brands are more likely to get a whole lot of branded searches. However in most of the cases a knowledge panel, sitelinks for the brand’s internal pages, a few domain properties are few of the things that show up during the branded search. Dedicated SEO activity thus helps in focusing the overall improvement and complete brand management in the SERPs.

The bottom-line

Digital marketing is not only about driving traffic and building a brand from the scratch. In a number of ways, SEO is also about ensuring a great UX and maintaining the brand voice all across the platform and that’s applicable for all – small, mid and big brands!

Build your brand presence, brand voice and brand authenticity. Drive sales and grow your business with the right dose of digital marketing. Help is now at hand. Partner with the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata and grow your brand online.