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Killer Tips to Increase Your Online Sales during This Diwali

increase your ecommerce sales

There is no denying, festive seasons are the biggest sales month that helps in carrying the Indian eCommerce ecosystem to the next level. Statistical records reveal, around 40-50% of annual retails occur during the festive month of Oct-Nov. It goes without saying in order to yield the maximum benefit of this festive season, the marketplace starts competing among themselves. The idea is simple, to get the lion’s share of the pie. The online stores also start competing with each other, to arrest the attention of their target audience and to generate the maximum amount of sales during the festive season.

Proactivity is the key here if you are serious about driving sales during the festive month. As a responsible business owner, you need to adopt the effective marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition.

The start-ups are adopting seamless brand strategies in order to tap into the emerging market. As a responsible e-commerce development company and digital marketing company in Kolkata, we know what it takes to be successful when selling online. Here we’ve compiled a list of the significant factors which you can integrate into your overall strategy to increase sales in the upcoming festive season.

Come up with a dedicated landing page – This is the obvious first step. Decorate your website and create a festive mode by to help customers connect with you emotionally. You may come up with a dedicated banner on the home page and communicate your best festive offers.

Use targeted keywords – If you are targeting the Diwali time to sell more, use a few targeted keywords and key phrases such as “Best Diwali Deals”, Diwali Offers”, “Best Festive Offers” in order to boost rankings. Identify the targeted keywords with their average monthly search volume to reap the maximum benefit.

Do Email Marketing – This is one of the best and possibly the smartest ways to connect with your past, present and future customers, to increase sales and reach. Effective and targeted email marketing means more sales and more leads for your business. Communicate your best offers and deals through mailer communication, if you are targeting this Diwali to sell more. Try and incorporate the brand value proposition into the mind of your target audience.

Leverage the Social Media – Take the advantage of the social media to inform your target audience about the offers and deals for the festive season. You may even run the festive contest on the popular social media platforms for increasing your customer engagement.

Market your shareable content – there’s no secret for the festive season, content marketing stands as a valuable and viable option. To market your business in the festive season, connect with your audience through different forms of content, for instance, blog, meme, infographic, video or slides with the end goal of communicating your latest Diwali deals and offers. Create a dedicated Diwali Blog series if you want to increase user engagement.

Re-target your customers – Retarget your past and present customers who might have shown interest in your product or services. This is certainly an important element in driving sales. Focus on people who have abandoned your shopping cart before. Try to give them targeted Diwali offers and Deals through search and display ads.

Take the advantage of this festive season!!

Utilize these tips and increase your sale this Diwali. As one of the leading digital branding agency in Kolkata, we know the secret recipe to make your online store successful.

Happy Diwali!