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Latest Web Development Trends? Here’s A Quick Look!

June 27, 2017


Look up and around and you will be pleasantly surprised by how the web world has been getting ingrained in our daily lives. As things stand now; we use the web for everything ranging from shopping to banking from reading our news.

The demand for web Development Company is high as ever. The scope of what the web developers can do is also huge!

With this comes the next point – will the web world be able to weave its way into other areas of our life?

As one of the leading web development company in Kolkata with happy clients dotted all across the globe we thought of taking a closer look at this question.

In this blog post, we will talk about the latest web development trends and the main players that we think may reshape the tech landscape in future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for web development: Yes, AI is completing our lives. In fact most of the Ai developments are focused at making the whole idea of consumer processes easier and smoother. AI is smoother, faster and not to mention a rather practical and affordable process

The biggest reasons behind the immense growth of AI development are cloud computing and access to more data. Cloud computing has become more available and efficient than ever before. Giant tech leaders such as Google, Apple, and Amazon & Facebook are all seeking new ways to incorporate AI technology.

Bots and conversational UI:  These are designed to make our life simple. Since the language of human beings and computers are different, tech people typically depend on the graphical user interfaces to make interaction possible. The bots and virtual assistants which reside inside the app thus helps in assisting in doing banking, shopping online or even arranging a trip

JavaScript in 2017: JavaScript is yet again in news due to all good reasons such as for its ecosystem and vibrancy of frameworks, libraries and technologies.  There are a number of fundamentals of JavaScript, which developers need to grasp, for instance,  ES6, closures, Built in methods, Functions and pure Functions,  Callbacks, Classes,  RAIL, Node and Express and more.

Motion UI: This is basically a SaaS library which is typically used in creating custom animations and transitions. For the uninitiated; Motion UI has a whole range of animation classes and built-in transition that make prototyping easy.

Parallax effects: It is perhaps the best ways of adding an extra dimension layer to the website. It helps you in adding beautiful 3D effect.

Single code across platforms:  A number of attempts have been made by using tools like Cordova or PhoneGap for recycling the mobile codebase for building apps still the developers failed to achieve responsive results as Native apps.

These are a few latest web development trends, which we thought of sharing with you.

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