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'Like us on Facebook!' suggests Digital company

October 11, 2018

Like us on Facebook

Hello friends

You all know about Digital Marketing Lab Facebook page, right? If in case you don’t, we then cordially invite you all at at our Facebook page and suggest you to “like” the page.

By doing so, you can keep yourselves updated with al our corporate inner but you will also find a number of entertaining stories, digital gyan, tips and tricks about the ever evolving world of digital branding

Let us harp the reality here, for corporate reasons we won’t allow direct sharing or direct tagging on our page. Hello spammers, it’s time for you to stay away from us therefore! –

But please our awesome friends don’t stop from sharing your reflections. You may message us your views, tips, tricks and more. As a boutique digital marketing and branding company in kolkata we know what it takes to craft a phenomenal brand presence.

Wait no more.  Get social! Like our Facebook page