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Make The Most of The Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2018

Beautiful pink crystals on a neckless Love and pure

No doubt, November, and December are definitely the right months to gear up your marketing efforts. However; based on the business and target audience, Valentine’s Day can be the next big moment to make your products and services stand out. Let your creative juice flow and do something awesome to make your online store stand apart in the clutter.

It’s impossible to deny the cost of love!

The Cost Of Love

Yes, the annual celebration of love is upon us. And with just a few days time in hand to celebrate love and almost all things heart-shaped, now is the time to take a critical look at your marketing campaigns.

Like it or hate it but you simply can’t deny the fact ‘Forward Planning’ stands as the key element in all marketing initiative and digital marketing is definitely not an exception. Forward planning helps you to do your research well and then plan and execute jaw-dropping campaigns that your target audiences love. We, as the preferred digital marketing company in India, feel it as our responsibility to help you in planning your digital marketing campaign around VALENTINE’S DAY.

Here we have put together a few relevant ideas which are fast, easy and smart marketing campaigns which you can implement to make your customer fall in love with your brand!

Woo, and engage your audience with your brand – Woo them. Think of innovative ideas to engage with your audience. Leverage your social media platform to woo and engage with your customers. You may ask them to share their Valentine’s Day stories; ask them to share their reasons for falling in love with your brand, or you may even ask them to share their stories of the disastrous dates. Add some charm to this by tying this into a competition to boost the campaign further. Use suitable hashtags. Later turn all these into a Valentine’s Day Blog Post!

Add love themed images – Create simple love themed images to go with your social posts. Well; you don’t need to be a designer to create images. There are a number of user-friendly tools such as that’ll help you to create simple love themed images.

Dig out people who need some help in this love season –Monitor people on Twitter who are looking for some kind of help in deciding on what to buy on Valentine’s Day. Play your ‘cupid role’ by tweeting them your advice and solutions. Don’t bombard them with your sales pitch. Instead go gentle and try to help them in the true sense of the term. Also; check whether or not they are in the right country to be your potential target audience.

Surprise and delight your audience – Find out the customers who engage the most with your brand on social media. Find out the ones who follow, re- tweet, and share and like your post. Surprise and delight them with a free gift or discount coupon. Chances are there that they will be so overwhelmed that they will talk about this not only on social media but they will also talk about this to their friends, family and more. Yes, this will result in more brand exposure for you!

Segment your audience – If in case you have a good customer database then split your customer by gender, age, their preferred choice and more. Then target your audience with varied products based on this data.

Create a killer landing page – let’s call it – ‘Valentine’s Day landing page’.  This is the first bold step which you should be taking right now. Highlight the categories and the products on which you may offer eye-popping deals

Hyperlink snippets and products to relevant blog pages in order to increase the user engagement

Set up your marketing plan and implement it

While organic almost always provides you with the much-required branding initiative, however, for generating some quick sale you may consider –

Email marketing – Create email campaign leading to Valentine’s day sale. Send teaser emails at regular intervals for building the momentum and then one final mail right before the sale starts.

Google ads – As briefed earlier, once you create Valentine’s Day landing page start Google paid campaign to garner the maximum impact

Social ads – Create focused social campaigns on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. These 3 social platforms have gained tsunami of attention because of traffic and visual appeal, which they provide. Create graphical contents and GIFs to target them towards your target.

Content campaign with a 360-degree approach – Content sells and killer content not just sells but also helps in establishing you as the industry leader. As a leading digital marketing agency in India, we recommend you to create contents with ‘love theme’ to make the most of this Valentine season.  Not just lengthy contents but also create short snippets, videos, infographics and more. Promote these using the loyal social media following you have to create a valentine specific brand image.

Meet the challenges of this ever-evolving connected digital landscape with the leading digital branding company in India. Leverage the digital capabilities and the market advantage to develop end to end digital business strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.