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How to make your B2B Markting sexy? - Boutique Branding

October 31, 2018

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Without much ado about anything, let us come to the point straight not all brands are same. While some are pretty much appealing some may not be appealing. This is anything but business fault as this has a direct connection with the industry they are into. But did you know; with the right voice any boring industry can be marketed as sexy. As the boutique digital marketing agency in kolkata we never get tired of saying, you need to have in depth knowledge of the brand and the target audience to market a boring brand in a not so boring way.

Let us now turn our gaze to Apple.

As a brand apple has been able to market their products is such an interesting way irrespective of the fact that Apple is not from all that exciting industry.

Look closer at their marketing tactic and you will be amazed finding the fact that Apple could market so well by creating a brand appeal. It won’t be an overstatement if said, each and every apple product stand for itself. Each product renders that ultimate feeling of “want” by the way it’s marketed.

So, what happens if you own any particular Apple product? Simply you would be categorised as “apple user”. Sooner than later you like all other apple user would be resorting to apple for all of your tech products. Why? Because apple makes it easier for its users to sync. Indeed this is a killer strategy. Apple has made their products simple and attractive and has added pizzas to the marketing effort while leaving the door wide open to Apple membership (read apple user)

Take a cue from Apple and add pizzas to your marketing effort

Give your brand the much required sex appeal. Take it in writing if your branding is unexciting, unfortunately your business may end up that way.

Brand Taglines. business should have a tagline. KISS – that’s the mantra when working on the tagline. Keep it short and sweet to build a memorable tagline to which your audience can connect.

Give your brand a voice: reduce the boredom of your brand by establishing an interesting brand voice. Decide your brand voice by studying your target audience. How do they talk? What kind of interactions do they do? Take a cue from these and create your own brand voice.

Create and personalize your brand Images: while its absolutely easy to post phoyo from the stock photos or other free sources but as the preferred digital strategist in kolkata, we vouch on personalizing your brand Images.

Create a stellar social media presence and be on the right channels

We as the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata never miss to harp the fact – Not posting regular on the social channels is boring and can make your brand appear plain and uninteresting. For a brand trying to cut through the clutter while making their brand interesting regularity on social media

Be there where your customers are. Design interesting visuals

  • Create interesting blog posts
  • Create how to guides
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Make relevant Infographics

Marketing is an interesting stuff and all you need is to think creatively to make your not so exciting brand sexy.