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Market Your Business Locally – Here’s Your Local SEO Guide

July 31, 2017

With this blog post we aim to dispel the misconceptions and myths regarding local SEO. As the most sought after digital marketing agency in Kolkata we intend to go through every part of the process.


For many businesses, digital marketing still remains as a DIY effort. Little do they understand they are making a costly mistake by compromising their Brand Voice and Brand Authority!

A lot of ink has already been invested to write about the significance of hiring a professional digital marketing company so let’s not beat around the bush and repeat things that are already known. Instead; let’s talk something important.

Let’s talk about something more relevant in today’s competitive business landscape. Let’s talk about how to market your business locally.

Misconception and myth about the strategy and tactics regarding local SEO makes it a tough nut to crack. With this blog post we aim to dispel the misconceptions and myths regarding local SEO.

As a responsible digital marketing agency in Kolkata we intend to go through every part of the process

First things first; DO NOT approach local SEO with the mindset of playing smart with Google. Holistic optimization with a white Hat approach is the best strategy for local SEO.

Without much ado about anything,  let us get to the topic

Competition Analysis

Local competition analysis stands as the most important factor, which can make or break your campaign. From the findings you can tweak your local SEO strategy. In fact the factors, which you analyze in the local competition analysis, will aid you in creating your winning strategy.

Factors to Include in a Local Competition Analysis

You need to focus on your market, on your niche and most importantly your locale in order to perform a deep competition analysis. Your local competition analysis should include the following

1.Local SEO Directories

2. Niche local sites

3. Editorial local links

4. Local .GOV links

5. Local .EDU links

Take a closer look at the content and try to find answers to the following questions –

1.What is the content theme?

2. When the content has been written?

3. What is the focal point of the content?

4. How many social shares is the content getting?

Implement Locally-Optimized Title Tags, descriptions, alt tags & URLs

Keep in mind; for optimizing your local business you should implement Locally-Optimized Title Tags, descriptions, alt tags & URLs. So, what does locally focused actually mean here? Simple, use your city name in your target key title tags, meta description and other relevant places

Write locally optimized On-Page Copy focusing the topic and the local keyword. This point is pretty much self-explanatory as you simply cannot deny the significance of focused on page optimization.

Keyword Research

This is yet another vital important aspect. Start with locally focused versions of Keywords for your target audience. Consider the size of the market when doing your keyword research; also target niche keywords and keyphrase that have good search volume and lower competition

Create interactive content that is scalable, scanable and saleable and which can bring traffic to your website.

Create content with your local focus in mind

Your content should be highly targeted and specific. Your content should be tailored with the SEO goal in mind. You wouldn’t want to create informational text-based content when videos are all that’s necessary.  Also; create unique content per page, and per site. Stay away from creating bland, uninteresting content where you simply keep on changing the local keyword and phrase from page. No, that strategy won’t work anymore

Local SEO ranking factors

Keep in mind; the local SEO ranking factors are typically centered on the ‘on-page and off-page factors’. Just like the content, links are equally important aspect and undeniable factor of local SEO ranking

If in case you have some of the local citations already then you possibly know what are some of the other platforms where you may need to be present.

Include the exact and correct N.A.P information everywhere and every time

When obtaining local SEO citations or let’s say when claiming your profile, it is of immense importance that you keep your NAP info (Name, Address, Phone number)  exactly the same.

So, where do you start?

Ideally, sift  through the competitor research and take a closer look at your competitor’s link profiles. Try to figure out the local sites your competition is using.

The bottom line

The bottom line is however simple and straightforward –  Local SEO is not much different than organic SEO. The difference only comes when you ty

At the heart of it, there is not much that is 100% different from organic SEO. You still have keywords, content, and links at the heart of optimization strategy. The difference comes when you consider the part of local SEO where the local focus comes into play.

Focus on –

1.Link acquisition

2. Delighting your target audience

3. creating compelling ux

4. Building your own brand story

Finally; build it with quality, patience and focus to lure and hook your audience.

Don’t leave the popularity, ranking and credibility of your website on chance.  Take the simple and smart route to success. Outsource your marketing to a reputed digital marketing company that comes with the promise of perfection, support, accountability , flexibility and on time delivery. Outsource to improve upon activities that are not core to your business.

Good luck!