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Do You Want More Exposure For Your Brand And Business? Do You Want To Reach Out To Your Customers 24×7*365? Go Mobile!

In this competitive marketing landscape, Mobile Marketing Service has gained tsunami of attention. For the uninitiated; it is all about promoting your brand, product, service and business through all the available mobile channels. Yes, it includes but not limited to promoting your brand through the mobile markets such as Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows Mobile Market, and Amazon App Store and also through the mobile friendly websites.

In this ever evolving marketing landscape mobile marketing is not an option any further but has become a necessity for every business.

Mobile Marketing Agency in Kolkata, India
Global Mobile Users

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A Closer Look at the Mobile Market

There are a whopping number of 1.5 billion active mobile users and more than 2 million applications download per day. In simple terms this means, there are a huge number of online users who are using their mobile phones to look for in the wide range of mobile markets. As things stand now; this growing number is simply too big to ignore

As you can see from the above graph, more users are spending a huge amount of time with mobile devices. This trend is expected to continue in the future. Time is of essence, Get ready to embrace a foolproof mobile marketing strategy.

Our mobile marketing services

We offer foolproof strategies to get you connected with your end-users. Our mobile marketing services will add to your return on investment. Here at DML, we offer mobile media marketing and application design services. We make your site ‘mobo-friendly’ and a value-driven platform.

Our focus is simple –

  • Make it easy and straightforward to target your local clients
  • Create scope for more user-engagement
  • Trace conversions

Our Mobile Marketing service includes –

Mobile App Promotion: Worry not; at DML, our team of experts can publish and promote your android app on the Google Play Store. We help you promote your app and reach your target audience

Mobile Application Development: You have come to the right place, if you are looking for a tailored mobile application to promote your products or to impress your users. Our expert team of analysts and developers can transform your idea into a functional mobile application.

SMS marketing: We help you to locate your opted in customers and send them messages. SMS marketing is perfect for industries such as retail, restaurant and tourism marketing.

M-Commerce/Mobile Coupons: Yes, we can offer mobile coupons in various formats. Possibly you know this already; M coupons can help engage customers via direct or social platforms.

Mobile Wallet Coupons: We make it simple to send location alerts and coupon offers directly to your Apple Passbook & Google Wallet. By displaying your offers on social networks you can increase offer participation among your fans and followers.

Mobile Banner Advertising: Our team of creative designer and writer create a customized and targeted mobile banner advertisement campaign, which may appear within the top ad networks and mobile publishers

Mobile marketing services Kolkata