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Pay per click is just the beginning.
The next stop is pay per action!

Achieve exponential growth and expansion with maximum return on every dime you invest.

Paid marketing is nothing but a small cost to bear to beat the competition at grassroots level. The traffic count of your website goes up and lead conversion rate also increases as paid marketing pushes a majority of the audience crowd to your website. A good PPC marketing agency in India with the right investment can take your business quite a few notches higher.

Paid Marketing Services We Offer

The paid or ppc marketing services of Digital Marketing Lab start at understanding your business, followed by drawing up a brainstormed strategy as per your requirements and budget and end at getting you maximum ROI by investing in the right channels of marketing, with a  follow through of quantifiable analysis of the campaign.


Probably the biggest tool of digital marketing, PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a very important pillar of any only advertisement campaign. Its popularity and effectiveness lies in the fact that you only have to pay for it when a user clicks on your ad. At DML, the PPC advertising agency in India, we focus of four key areas while implementing our PPC solutions – keyword research, keyword grouping, advertisement text content and landing pages. With the help of Google AdWords, the largest PPC platform available, we help your business reach out to your target audience and probably more.

Social Media Advertising

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have options of placing ads and promote your business by paying a certain amount to the platform. Social media is anyway a great place to initiate your organic, mouth-of-word and cost-free promotion. Paid marketing simply helps you cut through the crowd and push yourself into the line of sight of social media users scrolling through their feed and stories.

Affiliate Advertising

Traffic generation can be significantly increased with the help of third-party advertisements. Digital Marketing Lab helps you connect with other websites, blogs and online publishers who are targeting the same audience as yours and form a reasonable three-party advertisement agreement on the basis of a set commission rate for each sale that takes place.

Display Advertising

Once a potential customer is on your website, what more can you do to convince them of your plausibility? The answer is display advertising. It shows up with both images and texts in the form of a banner or a popup on the website to redirect the user’s attention to a specific something that the company wants to promote – a core service, a new product launch, discount on a certain service, and so on – to engage the customer in an immediate visual appeal. Display advertising does not show up in search results as they are intrinsic to the website, but their lead conversion rate is almost 70% on an average.

Video Advertising

With YouTube and other online video streamers becoming major online sources of content consumption, utilizing the platform’s PPC marketing services is a great addition to any online marketing strategy. We help you create the right content for video ads and publish it on the right channels, so that your audience does not ‘skip’ your ad when it shows up on their screen.